Problems Of Hatred

So there are often problems in our life because we hate someone so much that we are just stuck in our life and whenever the name is mentioned or anything related is mentioned, we lost our interest in anything, we are doing or planning to do and our internals  heat like a worn-out busted machine and we can think about nothing else but that person or even upon which our hatred increases every minute and we hate even more but what we don’t know or don’t want to know or maybe we know but don’t want to understand is that the person whom we hate and have so much hatred for doesn’t even know or care and probably has already forgotten and is living life peacefully but we are here stuck thinking about the same person and cannot move on because of the things they had done to us and tame hatred inside for but the truth is that we are doing nothing but hating ourselves and bringing destruction to ourselves and making our soul bleed and our mind dead and wounding the human inside with continuity and making our life in the present and future hell just because we cannot move on!
Let me give you a back story of my own about my time in an institution in which I was forced to study and I had to study there something that I had no intention nor interest and nor focus on and my personality was not meant for that type of study as I was a creative mind and could not just mug up the things word to word, I was not made for that thing but I still am human so I tried very hard and became better but the teacher I had was so strict that he hated me or at least his action showed that I was a little cute boy but that teacher never cared about that and gave me so much physical torture and mental torture that my throat collapsed and my vocals became like empty steel box and my fingers tilted right and my knees started to not feel anything and I couldn’t touch things because of the intense pain in my fingers, with time I lost my eyesight because he used to hit very hard on my head and  never cared about my age yet I couldn’t do anything I was trapped and every day I tried or at least hoped that I don’t wake up in the morning and gave a hard time to my parents every morning because I just never wanted to see his face again! trust me when I write this I just want to abuse and just call him with so many bad words but I know that it won’t change a thing and won’t hurt that guy and even if it hurt him it won’t bring anything to my life now as I am an adult now and have my life in another but I could have been more successful and could have a better life if It was not for that teacher and he was the reason I left that institution and gave a very hard time to my parents and then by any means I still completed that type of education from another institution which was a little less strict at least after the torture I went through I got used to it and the new beating were nothing for me!
So I hated that guy and tamed hatred inside me for him and that continued to wound me inside just till the day when I learned to forgive and forget and there were many people and the healing passage of time which helped me forget him and his doings but I still hate him deep inside but have learned not to care because I hate, for the sake I hate him I don’t let his memory make me a monster and make my life hell and influence decisions in life and for the sake of that hatred that I have for him, I don’t hate him because it is just going to cause me damage, even if I get him one day and have the opportunity to hurt him or torture him, I will not because it doesn’t matter anymore because I can nor change the past nor the future so why should I waste my time on someone I hate so much why? I just hate him so much that I won’t do any harm to him nor think about him nor let the hatred inside me for him live I will let it go and I have let that hatred go and have moved on and am living a happy life, I still remember him because of something’s or happenings in life and still struggle to forget him but for a second or 2 then I remind myself the truth and the hatred is just gone now and only an anger type of thing is left for a second and I am sure with time, I will let that go and I wish I can remove that part of my life from my memory but it is not possible as it is my legacy, my story and my an identity that I have been through and survived and am still living happily having goals and dreams in my life which I do want to accomplish and create what I love, do what I want to and walk on the path I want to and make a community around me and help people with my experience and the ability to understand the deepness and spread love and that positivity which I lacked during that period of my life when darkness was around me on the brightest day and colours were out on the most colourful day!
So now I will enhance the colours and will become a creator, a helper, a friend for my community and will try to levitate the internal hardship and will help people understand things that our hate or immaturity don’t let us or sometimes our ego or many things but I am still a learner and a student of that path!
So Just forget about that person you hate so much and start your life without giving a **** about him or her or that event you had in life or anything that the anger you just do it for the sake of hating him or her and just forget him or her from your soul and detach the connection that influences your life in a bad way!
So I hope my experience and understanding helped you in some way, so if you want to be a part of the community that I strive for and am trying to create and be my friend just follow me on any social media account like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!