How Humans Become Evil?
So have you ever thought about people, who are evil?
Have you ever thought that why are they evil?
How they became Evil?
Maybe yes! Or No!
But I am sure you never had an answer at least most of you  never even thought of having an answer but I think that we should know and why should we know?
We should know because it will provide us with an understanding of the cause of evil and if we know the cause of becoming evil, then we will have higher chances of saving ourselves from becoming evil even if we have that strength in our life.
So the reason behind becoming evil is simple but you have to understand it.
The person become evil when they have extreme power and no one is there to ask for their actions so basically when you can do anything you want and you have the power to do it then a mentality of Greater Good comes into your mind and you do things for greater good either they are good or not it’s just the person mentality and he or she thinks that whatever they are doing, it is justified and there are many things that even don’t justify even in their own mid but still they just make some answer for it and till continue to do it and they start to think of themselves as they can do anything and anything ad they have the power and justification to do, so when they do the first bad thing they feel bad but their mind justifies it and then again they keep doing it after some time their mind and heart and their soul become dead and they become blind and then whatever they do is it doesn’t matter, is it justified or not it doesn’t matter anymore they stop thinking the way humans do.
So this is how people become evil but don’t think it is just a speech and assumption because it was an experiment which was observed in Stanford Jail where they gave autonomous control to the guards over 12 of the prisoners and they observed what will happen and only in six days the situation became so bad that they had to close the whole experiment because the guards started torturing the prisoners both psychologically and mentally for the sake of a greater good and did disgusting things to them and the answer to all their doings was a greater good they wanted to make them obedient ad disciplined so they become good persons at least it was all started with this greater good but what happened in the way to do that was not known because human just forget what was the greater good and just does what feels good, that’s why there are two parents, so only one don’t have control and Jewry in judgment  and high court and the supreme court because if the power is autonomous and extreme and there is no one questioning the actions then no matter who the person is they make the mentality of greater good and even forget about that greater good with time and then we call those people evil!
They are not doing anything bad in their mind, what they think is that it is necessary as it is for the greater good! So now you know why humans become evil
and how they become evil.
So you should never believe in one autonomous power because a human cannot be autonomous only God can be!
It is a godly thing that’s why when people have such power they start to call themselves God as there have been many people in the history who were so strong alone with resources and power that they started to call themselves God! But what they did was insane and that concludes it and that also proves that only God can be 1 and God is rightfully one!
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