How To Become a Hero
The word hero is mostly miss understood because people think of a hero and imagine some cartoon or movie character or some comic character which is not something called a hero in reality because you cannot become that certain person because it is far from reality and if your imagination stakes are that high and you have not taken what should be taken from the cartoon or movie or anime or some comic you read or even a novel then you cannot become a hero as you will never have that special power if technology advances then that is another story but for like next 200 years or more no physics laws are changing so you will have to find another way to become a hero and prove yourself because every a person can become a hero for someone either it is your family or friend or just someone random passing by the street and trust me you will get an opportunity in your life not once but many time you just have to strike it fast enough and with the rite intention because if your intention is not rite then you do whatever you want you will never get that personal feeling that makes you a hero because without that, your deed will be as empty as a box and as weak as an empty tin and as sharp as a tin too but it will cut only you or people whom you love so having the rite intention is the most important thing even before becoming a hero because it is an integral part of becoming a hero and what should be that intention? Well, everyone has their own but let me guide you through the basis of it.

Intention of a Hero:
So the intention that a hero has been pure and the brain or heart is clear and they expect no reward from the person they are helping and they don’t differentiate between anyone either the poor or the rich well or ill, evil or good and they give a chance to everyone and they love everyone but if they strike It’s with all might.
These are the basics the structure must be built by you because you are the one who knows the limits and bounds and the power and the will that you hold and the feeling that is dear to you.

How To Be a hero?
Well, you may be a normal person but the thing is that you will have the choice to help others when someone needs it and you feel it! You don’t need to ask them all you have to do is just help and if someone hates you just reply with so much love and affection at the right time that the hater has no choice but to love you back but you must walk away after your job! Don’t wait for a reward, just walk away and forget, the reward shall follow and you will have already got it in your heart.

So there are only these things which you need to follow to become a hero and you must wait patiently for the opportunity and strike when you have it and don’t wait and don’t have a second thought because you will waste the time or the opportunity in the next second of thought you have.

I hope this article was helpful and informative for you and you got something from it and now you can get ready for the future.

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