Perception of reality

Have you ever think of such questions, what is your perception of life? How do you see yourself? What perception do you have of being a citizen of your country? How is your perception of situations around you? Do you have the perception that there is a solution to every problem? Is your perception showing that despite your best efforts you are destined for failure? Have you given up on yourself? Have you passed an unfair judgment on yourself and your community based on unchanging perception?

            How we perceive reality, really affects our course of life. Our perception of life has a great impact on our actions, thinking and most importantly on our career plus our dealing with our relationships.

            Person’s perception, built about himself and life due to his surroundings- parents, siblings, peer group, media etc. The major problems in our life are due to the wrong perception. The issue of perception requires constant revisiting because it provides the opportunity for continuous and fruitful life renewal. Have you ever heard of the story of a young cub which got separated at a tender age and ended up co-habiting a herd of goats, imbibing their herbivorous way of life will be instructive for us to clearly understand what is meant by the perception in this piece of writing? One day a male lion came across a herd of goats and it was astounding for the lion to find a cub among meek goats, docilely eating grass. The lion tried unsuccessfully to convince the cub that it was not and should not be a member of the herd. As the last attempt of the persuasion efforts, the lion took the cub to a riverbank, and there, looking at its own reflection in the water the cub finally realized the fact that a cub, truly, couldn’t belong to a herd of goats.

The reality seen of itself by the cub immediately changed. Its perception changed. Whereas, the practice of change of perception is one of the capabilities humanly possible to do consciously and purposely for attaining positive life experiences, many people take this life-changing opportunity for granted.

            Person’s perception is greatly affected by two factors- his parents and media. Parents who since our childhood show us high dreams of life, they want their children to achieve such goals which they themselves are unable to achieve. Second factor is media, which shows life in a much more glamorous tone taking us away from the actual facts of life.

Wrong perception is creating a disastrous effect on our lives. The unattainable goals of our parents are usually not the goals of their children, as every individual has its own unique personality, so every individual has different qualities and passions. When children try to achieve such goals which are actually the goals of their parents, most often they are unable to attain it because of not having the capabilities according to it. Consequently, they get frustrated, feel themselves a failure in life and in extreme cases commit suicide.

            Second, an even more harmful effect is of media on perception. Media which shows us life as a romantic tale, making a web of romance around us which in result indulges people in immoral activities taking them away from the actual facts of life. And when they face the reality they get frustrated plus not able to fulfill the demands of life.

            In order to clear our perception of life, it is necessary to look at life with broader perspective. Imagine sitting on the ground looking out of an airplane before it begins to take off. When the plane is on the ground, your perception is limited; you can only see a few people, buildings and other planes. But, as the plane begins to soar into the sky you begin to see more and more planes and buildings and roads that you never even knew existed. As the plane reaches thirty thousand feet, you can even see a bigger picture. The area didn't change-nothing changed but your altitude and view. You saw a better view of what the area looked like.

            We have all been taught and programmed and conditioned to look at life from the ground level, a narrow, shallow and limited viewpoint. This shallow perception of reality and lack of knowledge is causing you to think and believe in a way that causes you to make choices and decisions that don't cause your life to be truly happy, healthy and fulfilling. In other words it's causing you not to reach your God-given potential in each and every area of your life. Your elevated view of the bigger picture gives you a better understanding of life. Your reality of life is no longer solely based on what you literally see and hear. You realize spiritual things that you didn't realize when you were bogged down. You realize that behind the scenes God is in control and there is more to life than meets the literal eye and ear.

            The demand of life is to see on every aspect of it whether it is nonsense or a sense one side because what we call nonsense is that which does not fit into the prearranged patterns and which we have superimposed on reality. Nonsense is nonsense only when we have not yet found that point of view from which it makes sense – Gary Zukav

Article by:
Yusra Raees
[email protected]