How To Channelize Your Anger?
The word anger is made up of 5 alphabets and these 5 alphabets are collectively used in a certain pattern to represent an emotion which makes a human wild and if we elaborate this word of 5 alphabets we will find five ways to deal with it from which one is going to be explained in this article.
We always hear that manage your anger or just drink your anger inside and some people tell us to control your anger which in my opinion is the best word but there still, remains a question that how to control your anger? Some will again say just drink it like water but we still have to release it somehow because the thing you drink or eat cannot stay within your forever and you have to release it one way or the other after getting diseases or out of frustration or loss of control which will damage you both internally and externally, so that’s an option as a well-wisher no good person will suggest to you. There is another way you will hear in the name of control which is “manage it” but when you will ask how? You will be answered by drinking it but later releasing it in anger rooms or shooting games which are an absolute non-sense because experiments prove that once you are addicted to that you will be keeping losing your stamina of control and you will gradually lose your mind and become an animal because when you start to release your anger raw, it creates an urge of hunger which is not for food but for destruction and when you are hungry for destruction in any way you become evil and you are out of your own control, So that is not an option either. The last option that every great person has used or anyone with a successful life has practised Is Channelizing your anger into something constructive rather destructive which is not an easy task if we look at many things but if you start it from small things with a pattern you will be able to start your practice and later achieve stability in many areas of life.

Before we continue on how to channelize your anger we shall first truly understand what is the channelization of anger living within you?

So if we talk about some examples, you will see them around you as you know it but you just have to see the path towards it and an understanding to walk on it like you that guy to whom someone told that you can’t do it and at that point in life, you that was the truth and his or her ability was far away from achieving that one thing and they got laughed because of that and they got angry on those words that you can’t do it or it’s not your cup of tea or you are too weak or you are not made for it or you can’t do it hundred years or just leave it or get lost or you are not good enough, there is no limit to things people say but you know that this guy or this girl one day got angry on that sentence that he or she can’t do it and worked so hard that she was the one does it better then everyone and even if you don’t know any of them you can look at so many successful people in history who did great things and if you look at the reason they were able to ignite that big of an engine, there are only two which are anger or love, which are the most powerful emotions within a human. So with this example, you will easily be able to relate to someone or at least understand what channelization means in extreme cases of great people something just hits a person and they are like “you think I can’t do it! Mark my words I will do it far better than anyone ever did” or something similar and some just say that in heart and silently work hard in shadows of the night or behind the scenes and just make it to the top with a big blast and everyone is just shocked and those exact same people who used to bully and hate and laugh are the ones trying to reach you and get close to you and tell you how good you are and they always believed in you and this or that but now you just don’t care.

So after we get this basic understanding of what channelization of anger is, it is the best time to see how you can start to practice it and believe me when I say it is going to be very easy now if not it is going to help a lot more in your life.

So for start, if you have a want to channelize your anger you must first understand what makes you angry and after that discovery or in the process of that the discovery you must start to remember the times when anger gave you a hard hit and you couldn’t control or you had to control it by drinking it but you still have hatred for that person or situation, so remember that time when you are doing something physical for instance you work out like for me I use it while running and that helps a lot and this is only the start, what you can is to build up this practice to more areas of your life like when you are trying to learn something use it as a fuel of your brain and keep on working, use this anger when you are studying late night and feeling sleepy to wake yourself up and with this, you just have to observe that where you can stick this channelization of anger and you will be ready to have a faster growth rate in that area of life.

Anger is like a flood you just have to build a dam and maintain it within you to use it productively.

                                 Anger is Fuel To Ignite The Engine Of Productivity”

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