How To Control Your Anger
So this is an issue which many people have and some don’t know how to control it so they express it and that is something which creates an issue not just for people around them but for them and some people you will find saying that you must not hold your anger inside and release it whenever you think you are angry and in some countries, even anger rooms are constructed to practice that but the truth after an observation was found that this is not the way  because after the research on the anger rooms came out we came to know that it has been observed that the people whom release the anger when they are angry by destroying things or shouting makes them more disturbed internally and they want more of that fun of destroying things and they are more pumped to destroy and are more into destruction than before and after that report an experiment was done and they observed in it that the people who were asked to sit and relax when they are angry had calmed and were free of destructive urge whereas the people whom released their anger by destroying or shouting or indulging pain to someone, they were more aggressive and wanted to destroy even more and were focused on destruction way more than they were before.

So after this experiment what we learned was that it is better to control your the anger inside then to release it raw by destroying things because what we normally do is destroy things at our home or hurt someone or ourselves when we are angry and we think that it will calm us and we are expressing it for the better but in reality, it is hurting everyone including you because with time you will be no less than that of an animal as you will just have the urge to destroy or indulge pain or something similar when you can and when you want and when you feel like it and you will be less of a human than before but the thing we can ask for now is how to control our anger? This question has a simple answer yet many people don’t get it.

Whenever you think anger is striking you just follow some rules of anger which are written below as they will help you get better with time in anger issues because they are pretty good at working.

You shall not let a word of your mouth and start to think about the impact of your anger and the promise you made yourself to stop releasing anger and in short:

                                                          “Adopt Silence In Anger”

Some people have got a very bad habit of adopting stress all the time and about almost all the things, first of all they should start to see joy and fun in the day and activities in their day or future success or activities and the smile on them and that will help you in staying away from stress and if that doesn’t work take breaks during the day to calm your brain by drinking water and sitting down while closing your eyes trying to clear your brain from thoughts.

                                                   “Stress is The Enemy Of Brain”

This word humour is very important in life to make your life free of anger, stress and anxiety.
If you start the practice of finding humour in everything and especially in every the situation you will always be mentally relaxed and a person who is calm inside with a happy brain and heart owns a happy healthy brain and insides.

                                           “Birth Of Humor is The Death Of Anger”

So these were only some of the things which you can use to get your anger in control but there are more like just take a glass of water or sit down if standing or think of solutions rather on the cause of the anger and many more but there is another question that needs an answer which is about the internal causes of anger and what is the internal effect and what can it do to a person?

So if we look at the person who is just drinking anger inside and putting up a happy face in front is a person who is in the risk of internal issues because human is an expressive being and if you hold that steam inside you will end up bursting like a pressure cooker and by that, I mean that after a certain age you will start to get diseases like Blood Pressure or Sugar or Complete Intolerance or heart diseases which are things which will disturb your life pretty badly and not only your life but the life of the people connected to you and as an individual, you will become a problematic person to be around and that will make your life pretty bad because you will become a problem not just for yourself but for others and that will further infuriate your anger and frustrate you and you'll end up in the house of more diseases and will either become more intolerant or just go silent which is even more dangerous for you and your family or anyone connected to you.

                                     Anger is a Fuel To Power Your Productivity”

So the solution to that is Channelizing your anger and that is the easiest words can be described as using the emotion of anger as fuel to power the engine of something productive and It is a topic of discussion if you don’t understand by just this because this is a very important thing to learn and without it both things will hurt though one of them which is expressing drastically is something which will completely destroy your life and very risky.

I hope you learned something from the article and if you want to learn about the channelizing of your anger more just read the article about, "How To channelize Your Anger?

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