How To Do More In Less Time?
The time is limited in your day, weak, year or life and you only have one life and in that life you have way too much to cover but that’s only if you are an active person, whom have ambitions in life as lazy people never have anything to begin with so they end up just being good for nothing in a wrecked life, so if you want to work hard in your life and have things to cover in minimal time you will need these tips and tricks in your life to help yourself to do more and more in less amount of time.

If you are a creator or anyone who works in a creative way or someone whom has a daily or weekly to do list which keeps on getting longer and longer but it needs to be completed in that same amount of time weather a day or a week and in that time they want to add up more stuff, which are some more activities but they are failing to do them to too, so if you are someone similar to that this is going to help you a lot.

So what’s the solution? That you seek.

·       Priorities Your Tasks
So in our daily life we have many tasks which we have to complete out of which many are very important for us and many are less important for us but have an issue differentiating between them, so first of all you should start to practice the skill of prioritizing the things which carry the most importance in your daily life and you can do that by considering the impact of it on your life directly and in directly in a bigger picture and its advantages and dis-advantages if you don’t do it and the power of constructive impact on your life if you do it and the opposite side if you don’t do it.
After you are done prioritizing your tasks in a constructive way then it’s time to move further.

·       Increase Of Mental Speed
If you are going to take up more activities which you love then the tasks need a faster done sticker for which your body and brain needs to be active all the time and should have increase of speed mentally and obviously you will need an average physical state too if not good but a fast mind is the most important thing and that you can achieve only if you have the ability to focus in the task at hand with complete attention to while having no or very less attention to other tasks or there is another way in which you can you can polish your ability to multi task and from both of these you will have to choose your type because most of the people naturally are single task focuser or multi taskers so if you think you can do one task at a time with focus, you should start practicing the process called mind clearing whereas if you are a multi tasker, you shall practice change of focus while an eye on the bigger picture which is going to be difficult but there are some ways you can do it, like meditate and try to think of nothing but focus on one thing like imagining a blue dot or light and on the other hand if you want to practice focus shift and the continuous eye on the bigger picture than you should try to practice the activation of sixth sense more and more like trying to process faster by listening to your gut more and more and try to remember your dreams and sometimes just sit on your desk and write stuff freely without bounds and later try to make sense of it further try to become a good observer like checking out and focusing on details of the picture faster and faster and keeping in mind each detail with fair amount of context.
There are many things which you need to work on if you properly want to activate it but I will let you know about another basic thing to practice which is to stay attentive with your all senses even other than eyes like on your hearing, smelling, feeling and more.

·       Peak Productivity Time
There is a time of the day where you feel more energetic and focused and most of the time you will hear people saying that it is the morning which I agree with but some people are raised in a different life style and are completed transferred in being night owls so I would definitely not recommend to change your life style all of a sudden.
SO you should find that period of time in your day in which you are at the peak of energy and productivity and utilize that time to do the most difficult tasks of your day and use that time to clear up your head because it is going to be the most easy part of your day even if you are working on the hardest task of your day as that is your up and running part of the day and you can easily practice expanding that time by focusing more and more on the list of tasks that you have decide on that time. This is a trick which I have been using for a long time and I am personally a night owl but I have tried to shift to morning and when I am successful at waking up early and being fresh my tasks happen much faster and better so it is good if you become more of a day guy or girl and work hard after you have taken a good amount of sleep.

These things are not all but some of the most important thing you should consider if you want to work more in less time and thee will help you out a lot if you correctly practice them and try to learn them with a good understanding and proceed further and further with more research. There is another way which you can use to become more productive and that is channelizing your anger.

I hope this article was helpful for you and you learned something from this, you can leave a comment in which you can express your thoughts and suggestions.

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