How To Handle People? Three Principles To Handle People!
The main thing you should understand before even thinking about the ways to make friends is that you first need to become a psychologist and now you should not get the wrong idea of a psychologist as you only need to learn some aspects of it to handle people in a better way in your life to live a happy life with people around you in a way that is better for you and for others.

Now if we think about the psychology of a person in his or her social life you need to understand some things and these things are going to be the three principles to make friends or to handle people with ease to live a fun life of ease.

1st Principle
Now let’s say that you find a person who is famous for his or her bad deeds and is well non for being corrupt either on an individual level or general level, if you want to handle that particular person and you go to that person or see him and just criticize him how bad of a person he or she is and how many blunders he or she is doing in life and how much they are making people suffer because of their doings either at an individual level or collective general level and just blast with criticism in general thinking that they might realize and become a good person because you criticized them is something not less than a dream as you are not the first person to criticize them and not going to be the last and there are many people who already hate them and they know it so they will generally come up with two things and one of them is a natural defence system and when that system will become active they will start to defend themselves and 99 per cent chance is that they will senselessly defend themselves regardless of logics, you give because you activated their defence system yourself and another branch of the same defence system which is the second thing is violence which the mafias normally do for example if a killer of 99 people come to you and confess in front of you secretly and tell you that he or she wants to change the life but you start to criticize that no you must go to jail or be dead how dare you even think of changing after killing 99 people then for sure, he will complete the century by killing you as you cannot change the minds of the people by criticism.

The second is that if you know that someone is addicted to a certain bad thing like weed or smoking and you want them to stop that and you start to condemn that act, again and again, that person will not leave the activity but will start to either hide it or just stop being with you than to leave that bad activity as that activity even if is bad is more charming and attractive to that person so you must stop condemning about activities directly.

The Third is that if you are with someone or want to be with someone and you start to complain about their habits or beliefs and make them uncomfortable they will still not change but you will be affected in some way or you will trigger them in a bad way which will not be helpful to you or anyone.

So what we understand from this is that you have to stay away from this thing if you want to make friends or handle people and these are:

                                             Don’t criticize, condemn or complain”

But there is one thing that I want you to know:
do not criticize condemn or complain directly but showcase the results after you are close to them in some way according to the mood and time by showing them the results of the things they do indirectly and before criticizing do tell them about your mistakes and before condemning do tell them how you will feel and showcase the cons of that issue indirectly and before complaining make sure of the mood and time with respect to your level and then make ground for the complaint indirectly and then complain indirectly or directly according to the situation but that’s only according to the situation later in time not at start and this is more accurate if you want to handle people and in friends don’t be emotionally influenced so you can execute the plan and if you can’t then stay away from the company of people involved in bad activities and if you are distant yourself because either they will pull you in or you will pull you out because never even think that you will stay neutral for example if you have the habit to use abusive language and jokes which are abusive you will practice them only with a company suitable you will not start to use abusive language when you are alone in-home or in front of authorities in a normal  situation but you will only practice them when you are around people who are already indulged in those activities so keep a distance if you don’t have the ability to control your emotions and see your goals clearly with motivation or if you have an issue of controlling yourself because if that’s the case you will only indulge yourself in them or end up being hated by them so be careful if you have any of this issue just keep a safe distance and if you have to face these people then only use this tactic to handle them with ease and that will work for you fine but remember just to look good don’t become someone you are not.

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