How To Lead A-Team?
The main thing you should know before becoming a leader is why do you want to become a leader? You should know the reason before searching for ways to become a leader.
If you think of yourself as a leader or someone who wants to become a leader there is one thing you should have and that is a goal or an ambition. The most important thing to call yourself a leader is your ambition, A leader is a leader and can only lead a party if that leader has an ambition, a goal and he or she has a reason behind that goal and that reason should not be private or for him or herself but the reason should be for all the people he or she wants to lead and the reason should be easily understandable for everyone.

The second most important thing you should do if you want to become a leader is that you shall build a team, you should be a team builder and to build a team your communication skills should be good and by good, it means that when you speak your enthusiasm for the goal is felt and when you talk your ways are clean and easily understandable by everyone and to build a team you should be able to have a clear thought about the ambition and its reason and a basic map for it and after you have built a basic team you should be a man of justice. And rather breaking you should join people.

The main thing a leader should be able to allocate tasks in your team and that you can only do is if you understand the psychology of the other person and the easiest thing to do that is to face people rather turning away or running away and both are the same things, people just give them different meaning in order to getaway but the basic is that you should face people and know about their values rules and the most important knowledge about someone to get to their psychology is to know their want and after you know someone’s want you should use that want and connect to the personal qualities so the person focuses on the task him or herself rather you running after or around them and double-checking they but you should derive an enthusiasm enough in them that they do their own work because the basic team is only successful if they have a strong focus and enthusiasm and they are motivated for their tasks themselves and you can use psychology and derive that motivation and enthusiasm out and connect it with their want and if you can do that you have to successfully allocate the task with their ability.

Now it is not something that you will just find people you need and just use they but team building is something in which you develop people so they can have the quality to perform if they are motivated to perform and developing the the team is very important and you should be able to develop the people rather trying to find the best man ready for you somewhere and waiting for you because that’s not a reality and you have to find the best you can and develop them to be at the level of the task and if you polish and develop that ability and later polish that quality using the want inside them the team will want the same thing you want as you will catch their mind by hooking their want as bait.

Now you should be able to motivate your team or followers and if you have that ability built inside you which is not something everyone is born with but it is something you get if you have the goal with a strong reason and it covers a broad area of mind not for you but for the majority and only then you will be filled with enough enthusiasm and motivation yourself to spread it and share it with everyone and yeas, you need basic communication skills and polish them time so you can be a better motivator and not become someone who motivates people by asking them to motivate themselves but spread motivation with their own enthusiasm for the goal.

These qualities are only going to work if you are a role model yourself and a role model is not someone who is best at everything but a role model is someone who has the ability to face everything and not try to face everything using others because if you use then the team will break sooner or later and for the example, you should be the one working with people hard and being on time yourself if you want others to be on time and that’s how a person can run a team but don’t overdo it and become a regular person by losing your title do everything in limits.

I hope this article was helpful for you and you got something from it and remember that one can only be a leader if that individual can walk with people rather asking people to walk with him or her but make people walk the path they want by utilizing the want of your squad. This is how you lead a team.

Thank You

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