How To Be Happy?
So there are many people in the world who wants to be happy or actually there are hardly any people who have an urge to not live a happy life as it is the basic natural desire to reach for happiness and grab it but it has often been observed that the thing which we worked very hard for or strive for and did our best to get it after we have achieved the liberty to hold it in our own hands, it loses its value after some days and we are in search for some new things and after that new things so that give us a small clue about happiness which says that happiness is not something you can attain by reaching out for more and more material as it is something which internal peace grants as an effect of calm brain and heart.

Now to understand happiness we must understand the three ways we negate happiness and those steps in our life are anti happiness for sure but we don’t even realize it. These steps will not be all but these are the basic steps which connects with other things later in time and after unifying they make big chunks of anti-happy material.

There are three different ways we react to negate happiness in one way or the other and obviously miss using those ways.

So it is very nice to want but the thing is control and realization and knowing the difference between goals and imaginations for them or just setting an ambition for yourself but that should not be a new I-phone or a new car or something that is just materialistic and by that just being materialistic it does not mean that wanting to get something is wrong but making something such as a new car or bike or phone be the cause of your happiness is definitely wrong as this will not let you feel that feeling of happiness.

When the material becomes your happiness then you will start to realize that once you get a new car or a phone you will attain joy just for the time being but very soon in the future, your want will frustrate you again and you will start to need the fulfilment of that to want to keep living but only with the less money in your wallet and more wrinkles on your skin.

So this ends the discussion about want as we understand that happiness does not live in the house of such want as it is only something which will make you unhealthy and unstable both psychologically and physically.

The act of complaining is something which is not bad if you have not made it the major of your life. For instance, if you wake up in the morning and complain about school or university or going work that why do you have to go there and do that or anything similar like complaining about the people your meet and just reject them by complaining about them like “ what an ugly guy” or  “ why is she so weird” and so on but this is the behaviour which will lead you to feel unreliable and unhappy no matter the state you are in and people like that never ever can do anything in life as they are never done rejecting others and complaining about situations rather finding solutions and implementing the reforms and learn the habit to live with things. If you are never able to do that you will just go on with your life and end up depressed in the most part being good for nothing, not even yourself.

So the solution is to stop thing things like why am I out of shape? I look so weird and stuff like that but do the right thing and start an exercising routine and work so hard with smartness that you get into the best shape of life and yes that is the solution that you need to find solutions for the things and enjoy every moment of life by just thanking for what you have and working for what you don’t and living with what you can’t change like if you go to a mall and at groceries if the cashier is slow, you must stop getting angry about it and getting frustrated but start to live with it and get yourself some amount of patience.

Over Thinking:
This thing is very important because there are people who never excel in life because they can’t stop thinking about their past and thinking about the problems they had faced or thought about someone who said something to them or just zoning out in sadness because something bad happened in the day. Now this over thinking also have a side in which you become a daydreamer like you are in bad condition but you think of solutions and reforms but all you are doing is to achieve them is daydreaming about them and just making yourself slow enough to never achieve the completion of that solution.

The important thing is that you start to think about the matter you are handling and start to focus on current things and if you think if someone said something to you just ignore and if you said something bad to someone just call them right now and say sorry and become a courageous person and if you think you took a bad decision in the past and if you hadn’t done that you would be earning a fortune or have this or that then no problem just forget about past and focus on the future and think for ideas and plan for the reforms. That is the only thing that can save you from overthinking or else you will just end up for nothing but a failure for life and you will keep thinking about that for life.

These were the three things which take you away from happiness and solutions for them. I hope they were good for you and if they were! consider subscribing for latest updates and you can do that by entering your email in the subscription box.

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