How To Deal with Failure

So if you want to deal with the failure, the first thing is that you understand what it is? Failure symbolizes hardships, misfortunes, trials and tribulations which overpowers a person to the point where they just see no other way but the easy one which is to give up.

 The true strength and formula of success is behind staying steadfast and facing all that suffering and coming out even stronger and more determined after every single failure with a new game plan to excel towards your ambition. Failures are not the things which will make a determined and strong person cow down from his or her ambition as they are just bricks to make the tall stage of struggle upon which the glory of success lies.

The true value of success is realized when one has reached the summit of their ambition because the value of glory is measured by the legend of struggles which one overcomes with the power of “ Never Giving Up”. Remember inspiring and long remembered legends are made when the stories of struggles are over the board of an average person’s imaginations.

Failures are blessings for those who have ambitions of eternal glory as only the person who is determined enough to bear the taste of those bitter fruits has the strength to control the power of glory with righteousness. The true formula of success is to become the person who has grown the ability to surpass his or her limits when they face the failure.

If I give you an example then it will be of the King Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi who fought 17 times and finally won and he learnt from none other the ant whom no one even notices but a truly ambitious person learns from even the smallest event happening without any discriminations.

Thomas Edison, who invented the bulb was asked in an interview that how did it feel to fail for 1000 times and he replied that I didn’t fail once but the invention of the bulb required 1000 steps.
From this, we learn that greater the glory greater will be the struggles and one will have to face failures and every time they will have to learn and surpass their limits with innovation or evolution in order to truly get to the level where you finally deserve success and the seat which will give you the power to control glory.

If it is just given to you with ease then it is just not worth it as it will become a play for you and you will never be able to understand its true value and the importance will lose and success will become a word with no meaning for and if that happens you will lose the way of righteousness and wonder towards what will be called evil, so a true righteous deserving person of success understands the value of it and the true meaning behind the word success and understands the responsibility of that glory and positive use of that power.
If you want to overcome failure then overcome your anger and frustration by channelizing these emotions for the better and make use of them in a positive way. If you want to achieve true success then you must be able to learn from every other failure you face in life and finally develop the ability or more like a sense to continuously evolve and innovate with time by learning from your surroundings without the discrimination of a single thing.

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I hope this article was helpful and you learned something important from it and now you are ready once again to deal with what life throws at you because in the end never giving up is what you will follow to attain success and to overcome failure as there is no problem you can solve, no mountain you can’t reach, no wall you can’t breach no level you can’t exceed and no limit you can’t break. Just remain calm and give it your all.

Thank You!

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