How To Break Your Limits Using Stress?
So many people feel stressed and almost every single one feels stress and is always complaining about it. The problem with stress is that it just comes to you and makes you feel under pressured and when that happens everything feels un comfortable and you overthink and can’t even do the tasks at hand and just want to go run away from everything and quit.

This stress is the thing which makes you feel unpleasant and because of that you make others feel unpleasant and just after some time you become a smelly thorn, who is an issue for those close to them and for those around them as they have a brain full of worries and thoughts and have big problems in life which they think that they can never handle or are too big for them or are way too many to be solved by a single weak person like them.

The question is how to break free from stress?
If we try to look into its answer we won’t find any except for people saying comfort yourself or go see a doctor because you are developing mental health issues and so on the book of solutions go but none of them will work or even if some work, you will have to give away some things which are going to make you a pathetic person anyways.

So now what to do about this stress? Should we just get into mental health problems and keep the stress to get into depression and walk towards a path of self-endangerment or just stop walking in life and sit down but everyone knows that is impossible to do because humans are social and a stopped person is just alone and with time will be found under the bridges or in holes or just dead from the soul, as a stopped person has nothing to take or give.

So that’s a no go area and we know it for sure. What should we do to eradicate stress?
The answer is simple but people don’t like it because its implementation is complex and otherwise is easy, like blaming the situations or life or things like that but actually understanding the simple answer and implement it even if it is complex to implement.

Now the solution is in your life, look at your past when you were born or if you have seen a baby, have a look at when the baby starts to walk, that baby first starts to crawl which puts pressure on its arms and legs and sometimes that babies legs or arms get damaged as it is hard to use all that body just to walk and it is very un-pleasant to not see the things above him or her and that empowers the baby to stand by the table and so on because of the pressure the baby tries and fails and tries and because of that continuous  pressure the baby grows, now think of it as when the baby tries to walk or crawl and gets a hit, if parents would comfort the baby and stop from taking that pressure of moving, the baby would never move, never walk and never run.

So where do we get? Pressure? Yes, the pressure is important for you to grow.

If you want a better understanding, you can look at the lobster.
How does the lobster grow?

Lobster lives inside a hard shell which is for the safekeeping but as the lobster grows that shell becomes small for the lobster and the lobster grows bigger, so this shell now is very uncomfortable for the lobster, thus the lobster goes under the rock formations to protect itself from its surrounding predators and discards that uncomfortable shell and works hard under that pressure to grow a new one according to its size, now when the lobster comes back with that bigger shell, just after some time, even that shell is no longer enough for the lobster and it needs more space, so it repeats the process again and again until it lives and gets into discomfort and pressures itself to get out of the pressure and discomfort and again when it feels uncomfortable, it goes into the pressure, into the deeper discomfort for security and works hard to make a new shell.

Now if you were the lobster and you were feeling uncomfortable if you chose to stop or blame or complain or just go to the doctor, imagine what would happen to you, you would never grow, thus without the discomfort and pressure the lobster would never outgrow itself and remain just the same as it was when born.

So you should understand and implement this solution in life because you can never get rid of the stress as long as you don’t work hard, get into discomfort and get stronger, because if you want to break your limits you will have to feel that stress and if you want to grow, you will have to face this discomfort and fight it or just carry it along, to get stronger, to achieve growth.

This is the only best real solution.

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