How To Deal With Disappointment?
The problem with the feeling of disappointment is that it has way too many kinds but here we are going to talk about the very common so-called disappointment and learn the way to deal with it.
So disappointment is often something which splits a person in half because it has shame with it, which scars a person way more than any kind of pain does as a disappointment comes when you start to feel worthless or it comes with the feeling of imperfection.

Now worthless is something you can be and you need to understand that being worthless is not a problem but staying worthless is a big problem because then you are a deadweight for yourself and the society as you have no sight of growth of self-improvement and in this selfish world, no one has got the time to play with a worthless person.

Now to help you get over being worthless, you need to understand that you should have high goals and practicality in your personality which comes from thoughts provoked by observation and practice, which should be exempted from giving up as we know that, No man on this earth has ever existed who has done it in the first attempt, except for hard luck, so if you want to achieve something set high goals and work hard for it but stop caring about perfection in your goal because no one has ever achieved that and no one will as it is impossible for a mortal to achieve that and that’s because we learn with time and from time.
When you think about things as goals and you take the standard high, you will be able to see a wide view, which will give you awareness and observation, which will lead to ideas to excel and you will achieve more then what you would have gotten if you would have set a small goal and remember, the top should be the aim but the ways can be different, so if by any chance you were not able to get admission in any university or college to think that about your ultimate goal and find ways in the existing situation rather looking for a perfect situation because you will never get it and even if you do, you might fail to be practical in it.

So the thing that you should start learning is that, setting a goal and failing isn’t something which will lead you towards disappointment but setting a small goal and not being able to achieve it and then weeping because you couldn’t do it is something cowards do and that is the real worthlessness which no one is, so if you have lost found a new way, new situation and work on that and if you lose again, don’t lose hope and try again using a different approach or time.

if you want to get rid of disappointment, you have to make sure, you get rid of perfection and the phrase “it is the only way” because it is going to drop you dead as humans and incredible species and we can be good at many things at the same time, so if one thing isn’t working for you even after you have given it so much which no one in history has ever given, you can change your ways and try to find a similar goal according to your personality because if you do the opposite and resort to sitting down and weeping and drop yourself in the dark hole of disappointment, then you are done for and you will be shredded to pieces, so being optimistic is very important and to be that you should be a problem solver then being a weeper over the problem because problems are part of  life and you can either get of them or bear them and move forwards because in life you will face problems which will stick to you, like a failure to save your friend or family and the resultant is something you can’t take, then these long term problems are the problems you bear and change your approach while walking with those problems lifting them up but towards your path of success.

Disappointment will be a funny word for you, once you understand the glory inside you, because no matter who you are, even if you are an orphan, poor or disabled, the only thing stopping you from getting yourself in the light of glory is nothing but strings you created to tie yourself according to what you had heard people say about you because no one is your master but your and only you as the mind is the master of the body, not heart nor anyone or anything else.

You should forget about your limitations and have high standards, great ideals and absolutely humongous visions but remember that perfection is not an environment you live in, so give room to that sloppy achievement so you can have enough space for that glory, you will experience in future because you didn’t give up and you didn’t lose hope and found a new way, a new approach and broke through the shell of “I can’t do it” Because this is life.

So you should work hard to move towards perfect but you can’t become perfect so if you already know that there is a chance of failure then why should be there a disappointment? If perfection doesn’t exist then disappointment shouldn’t exist either.

It’s all you because disappointment was never something which entered you but something you created and what you created is something you can eradicate instantly because the bounds set are yours and it’s all you the creator and eraser of these emotions.

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