So in this world full of distractions, we often have to face issues in our life just because we can’t focus on our work, studies, chores or any task at hand especially studying or trying to do something creative like writing an essay or drawing a painting or just making a program or doing something for the enterprise you work for or just doing a project for your work, school or yourself. To get rid of these issues all we need is focus to concentrate on the task at hand but many time we have to deal with failure as we couldn’t focus and that leads to mental health problems like stress, anxiety and many other including depression, which not only makes our life miserable but the life of those who are around us and care about us and because of that we hurt people whom we don’t want to, we make others unhappy and that leads to so many issues in our life.

So to deal with all these problems we need to do one thing and that’s developing focus in our life for different things according to their priority and for that to be possible you will need to learn some basic techniques of focus.

These are the steps you need to follow starting from rite now as you read this article to improve your brains' ability to focus.

Clear Your Desk:
Now the first thing you should do is to sit down on the desk you use to work or study or something similar and clear everything from this desk except for what you need to write down these points to improve the ability to focus.
Once you have cleared your desk from all the unnecessary things, you need to sit down and take a deep breath and you take that air inside try to clear your head and start to exhale slowly by clearing the thoughts from your brain.
Once you have done that, you are ready to proceed towards the next step.

Write Down Your Schedule
Now once you have a clear brain, start to write all the major things and semi-major things which you have to do on your average day.
When you will do that you will learn the number of tasks you need to accomplish in a single day and their order correctly.
When you will have that schedule right in front of you, you will be able to move towards the next step to improve your ability to focus.

Now once you have every major or semi-major thing you have to accomplish in your day, all you have to do is to make a plan, a structure or a manner in which you are going to accomplish them and make sure you use the correct order for each and everything like your chores, work, study and something else you want to do like, give time to a hobby.
When you will be done making a structure, now you will be able to see a work flow in front of you and now you can move towards the next step to improve your ability to focus.

Prioritize Tasks
Now once you have a workflow in front of you, mark each task by giving it a score out of 10 as per its priority. Once you have prioritized your major and semi major tasks, now you can easily understand the worth of each task and maybe restructure it in your day by making another flow chart.
When you have prioritized tasks in your day, you will be clear about many things and it will make your brain a bit stress free as it will already have an idea of what’s coming next and with what sequence while knowing that tasks importance.
Now You will be able to move towards the next step to improve your ability to focus.

Limit Time:
Now once you have prioritized everything and have a structured workflow in front of you, you can easily predict the time you need for each task but make sure to limit the time only for non-creative tasks of your day, like some chore you have to complete or something similar which does not require your brain to think and process too much.
Once you have set a time limit for each non-creative task, make sure to keep it in mind or carry these notes in your smartphone and activate alerts for each task.
Once you have done that you will be able to move towards the next step to improve your ability to focus.

Golden Time Of The Day:
Now once you have limited time for non-creative tasks, just go ahead and think about that time of day when you feel healthy, alive, ready, quick, efficient and creative.
This is going to be your most efficient time of the day, which you can change if it doesn’t suit you because of reasons with some conditioning and practice.
Once you have found that time of the day make sure to do the most important tasks of the day at that time including tasks which involves creativity or is relevant to your study, work or self-learning.   
Once you have done that you will be able to move towards the next step to improve your ability to focus.

Stop Multi-Tasking:
Now you have read it right, stop multi-tasking. When you are doing important stuff you need to get rid of things which distract like your smartphone, something to eat or something very flashy and similar stuff which distract you like your kids or family and by getting rid of distraction, it is not meant to get angry on your kids or family but just separate yourself from them or if that is not possible just wait till they sleep or are away or are busy.
Once you have done that you will be able to move towards the next step to improve your ability to focus.

Take Breaks:
Now once you have stopped multi-tasking and have nothing to distract you but only the task at hand which you chose to complete, just try to clear your brain by deep slow breaths and try to figure out the amount of time which your brain gave you to focus because in the start you won’t be able to focus for an hour or even half of it, so when you feel like your brain is getting frustrated or tired and you can’t resist having thoughts make sure to take a break and do something fun for 5-7 minutes or maximum of 10 minutes and return to your table afterwards.
Now by practising this technique again and again you will be able to achieve more and more time of focus by practising to clear your head, as you practice that regularly, you will be able to free your mind for more and more time.
Now with this tactic, your focus will increase and you will go into more depth of concentration than ever before and slowly, you will become efficient enough to use less time and do more stuff.
Once you have done that you will be able to move towards the next step to improve your ability to focus.

Sleep Well And Eat Well:
Now to achieve focus there are some very important things you seriously need to consider such as getting a good amount of sleep and that doesn’t mean to sleep for 8 long hours because in this day and age, it is really hard to do that as we have so much to do in our average day that 8 hours of sleep is just a dream, so to give your body more rest in less amount of time you need to fix the time of your sleep but with that, you need to take care of your diet and start using a healthy diet plan and yes plan everything you eat so you don’t have to face issues daily and think about an extra thing.
You have to change your eating habits and go for simple yet more nutritionist food in your average days but don’t waste the taste in your life, so make sure you plan out cheat days for yourself.
when you will eat well, you will have more energy and because of that you will needless amount of sleep and you can get more energy by adding exercise in your day and the easiest yet efficient exercise is to walk for some minutes or run according to your physical condition and don’t forget to stretch your body on daily basis.

Happy Ending:
Now when you are done with everything you do in your day and have completed your tasks, you need to sleep happy and if completing very task is not sufficient, start to either develop hobbies or practice the one you have but they must be something which makes you happy.
One suggestion on this regard is that you should try not to choose a hobby which involves your smartphone or something similar as it is better if you give your eyes some rest as they have already taken a lot of stress.
How To Focus?

  1. Clear Your Desk.
  2. Write Down Your Daily Tasks.
  3. Plan Your Day.
  4. Limit Time For Each Task. (non-creative or major)
  5. Find Golden Time Of Your Day. (most efficient/energetic time)
  6. Stop Multi-Tasking. (while doing creative or top priority tasks)
  7. Take Breaks. (while doing focus requiring tasks)
  8. Sleep Well, Eat Well. (condition your body)
  9. Happy Ending. (end your day by doing something you like)

I hope this article was helpful for you and you were able to learn something from it, if you have better ways, consider presenting them in comments and you can ask me questions regarding the subject too. If you like my content subscribe for email updates to get notified about the latest articles.


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