How To Focus? Practices To Condition Your Mind And Body
So we often learn about various techniques to learn focus but they don’t work as we are told.
After we experiment and they don’t work on us in the manner it was mentioned in videos or articles we go into stress and sometimes even in depression because when we lack focus in life, it takes us closer to many problems in life.

So here are some practices to condition your mind and body to focus and concentrate:

Eat Well:
So one of the most important things to get closer to your ambition of focus and deeper concentration are to start eating well. When you hear about food, you should understand that it is to get you energy and benefits and not it's opposite when you make a habit of eating healthy and nitrous food, your the brain starts to feel free and body as a whole start to feel light and fresh which is a sign of energy in your body with efficiency which leads to better breathing and helps in staying calm as well as making your mind and bodywork together with greater efficiency and speed.
Now this doesn’t mean that you stop enjoying your life and take away the blessing of taste from your tongue but it means to eat healthy for 10-15 days and then enjoy a cheat day. If you can take the break from unhealthy food up to a month, then you will be able to actually get more and more cheat days in that month as your body will be conditioned to take it without disturbing your insides but it is better to stay away from unhealthy food for as long as possible and trust me, if you start to stay from unhealthy food, you will learn to develop an invisible zone around you and because of that you won’t have a problem ignoring unhealthy food but it will become easy for you.

Sleep Well:
So we always forget this important factor in our life because we sometimes don’t understand its importance. Now when you don’t sleep enough for your brain and body, it becomes weak both from internally and externally and when that happens your brain loses focus and everything like your thoughts and structures of your tasks and life is mixed up with each other, which creates panic in your brain and you start to feel anxiety and stress and depression and less energetic because of which you are always thinking about everything in your life or are always scared about somethings happening or it is stopped. So as a result your abilities become fragile and nothing is useful for you no matter how hard you try to go forward in your life.
So we should understand the importance of sleep and get a good 8 hours sleep but if you want to make that sleep timeless but want the energy to rise from you with a larger volume, then you should condition your body and these are the practices which you will need to do if you want to condition your body.

So meditation is very important in our life if we want to get closer to focus and concentration as it is the core of focus. You need to start practising meditation as it is an important part of our life to relax our mind from the distractions of this world around us.
You can take deep slow breaths and pull your stomach inside when breathing and push it out when exhaling but do it slowly and try to maintain and relaxing yet attentive and straight posture while sitting down crossing your legs or putting your legs on each other.
You can read books on meditation or just watch videos on YouTube about this topic to get in more depth but make sure you wake up and go to an open place in your house in the morning and practice breathing to release toxins from your body and refresh your mind and body.
You can read this book to learn more about meditation: “
Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Awakening

So playing games is a fun thing and you use them to condition your mind and body to improve focus and concentration. You can play games like scrabble, monopoly, chess and many others to improve your ability to focus. When you will play these games your brain will learn to concentrate more and more on a larger scale and increase your focus on the current task.
Playing games is very important in life because they exercise our brain really well by making us focus and because we practice focus for so long we always end up improving it and that indeed is very good for us.

So sports is one thing that you should never leave in your life because it will not only keep you physically active but it will help you make your brain strong and will help you a sense of strategy which will help you move forward through thick and thin by a good plan and implementation and will also make you calm and quick while making your tasks easier for you.
You will also learn to improve your concentration form sports like tennis, hockey, football, squash and many others.

So doing daily exercise are also very important as your body needs a stretch and increase of heart rate to make your body and brain cleaner, stronger, quicker and more efficient in general.
You need to run and stretch every day right after meditation in the morning because it will make your day go smooth because you will be full of energy and this habit will help you become a focused and lively person.
When you will wake up every morning and start your daily meditation, stretching and running your heart will exercise with you and it will reach a heart rate which is 80% higher than your normal, which will run your blood quicker through your veins throughout the day and will release toxicity from your body and clean your blood.
These exercises will condition your body to increase your focus and energy.
Learn New Skills:
So keeping your brain knowledge-hungry and in wonder is very important if you want your every tomorrow with a better brain. Learn new skills to improve not only your muscle memory but your brain memory and its efficiency. When you learn a new skill it brings your brain happiness of achievement and satisfies it which makes it function better and make it hungry for more which helps in making your brain healthy and efficient.

So to condition your body and brain to focus more and more you will need to be positive all the time and develop the practice of never losing hope which will help you achieve more and more in life as you will be able to bet even on that 1% chance and will take the risk which leads to success.
This practice of positivity will make you gentle and calm which will help your condition your brain and body to focus.

Problem Solving:
So in order to condition your body to focus more and concentrate for a longer amount of time in more and more depth, you will need to become a problem solver. You can become a problem solver by learning to solve differently sort of puzzels and when you do it your brain will learn to focus and will be able to focus for a longer period of time than usual.

So in order to condition your brain to focus more and more you need to read, you can read any type of book or magazine or anything you like but make sure to add up some self-help book to your reading schedule. When you will read it will stimulate your brain and you will be focused on one place in one thing for long periods of times and you will not even feel it.
You can become more creative and start to write what you think and want to do, because with that you will put pressure on your brain to remember and create which will stimulate it to become more creative, productive and efficient.

How To Focus? Practices To Condition Your Mind And Body:
Eat Well.
Sleep Well
Play Games. (Like Chess)
Sports. (tennis)
Exercise. (stretching/Running)
Be Positive.
Become a Problem Solver. (solve puzzles/riddles)

I hope you were able to learn something from this article and it will help your condition your mind and body to improve your ability to focus. If you want more content form me then subscribe for email updates.

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