How To Make Close Friends? 10 Ultimate Tricks To Find Real Friends
So Lots of people struggle from loneliness because they don’t know how to make friends and some don’t make friends because they think people are selfish, waste of time and they will hold them down which is true but only to some extent because if you make someone your really close friend, there is a huge chance that they will stand with you in the time of need and especially if you have whom you can trust then your life will be a lot easier as you will be able to deal with failure, stress or depression in a better way because at such times having close friends around is a blessing indeed and you can only make people your close friends if you know how? 

Some people have it built in them because of their past life but some people don’t have that and they seriously need these tips. So here are some worth trying tips for you to make close friends.

1, The Best Friend Protocol:
According some researchers, you can easily make someone your close friend just by talking to them in a questioning and explaining way. In this protocol, you can easily make someone your closest friend. All you have to is to ask people a simple a question such as what’s your name and tell them about your name but after that ask them something else related to the current issues and then something about their own selves which should be very slightly personal and you can go on about talking something general like football or about their office work or your office work and then as another personal question and then another after some break and so on your question goes and your friendship goes with it, either you can do it in a sitting or in many sittings or online chatting’s and according to the personal behaviour take some time but if you start to feel that this a person is not your type, please drop further discussion because that can cause you or him/her mental harm as you are not into them but just trying to make them your friend to weep on their shoulder when you need it but trust me when I say that it isn’t worth it as the connection itself is very important and if you feel that the other person is not having a good time with you, then leave him or her alone or if you yourself feel that his or her aura isn’t friendly or comforting for you, then make sure to drop the conversation gradually and try to find new people and try the same trick because this trick is a working one and you can get into people pretty quickly if you try good enough, make sure you have got your queries ready beforehand because if you meet someone whom you cannot make an emotional link to is a formal person and can only become a friend which too can be very good at points but if you want to make someone your close friend then make sure to use the best friend protocol and get closer to them using discussions, questions and time by opening up yourself just to make them comfortable.

2, Be Close To Reality:
If you are someone whom puts a lot of filters on your personality and try to showcase what’s not you at all, then you might get people around you but you will never get real friends which will lead you to depression and stress, I am mentioning stress and depression because when you have a filter on yourself then it’s a temporary thing you can put on but unfortunately, you won’t be able to maintain it and in very less amount of time you will have to put more and more filters on you and with time they will become so heavy that you will just collapse and things will just stop working out for you and people will creep out from your very existence and in the long run, you will be left alone even after putting that hard work on maintaining your filters.
So make sure when you meet someone you put on a filter which you need not the filter you want because you cannot maintain a wanting filter but the needed the filter isn’t required if you get close to someone as you just have to open up gradually and that filter just vanishes without anyone noticing.
If you are not close to reality then people will look at go away but if you look real along with you and your expressions you will get in peoples memory and that memory will keep on popping up in their mind and they will not want but need to see you again and talk to you and be with you because you have a real story to tell rather putting up that fakeness because love is real and friendship is all about this emotion of love and if you don’t have that emotional connection, you have failed as a close friend and no matter how much you say that he or she is your closest friend, it is not true until your guys are real with each other as a real strong bond is always on the basis of real love which again is based on the reality of yourself now don’t take it the wrong way and end up telling someone your dark weird secrets on the first meet up but as I said before that it is a gradual process and you must take of your filters in accordance with the situation while respecting the time spent with someone because if you fail on that and start off with hard reality then you will creep others out and no decent one will get close to you even if they are similar to you in reality and it isn’t because they hate that idea, habit or want but because you were too open about it like its nothing for you, then it’s a word on your decency because if this weird thing is nothing for you then what is weird for you? That question mark can creep someone out and unintentionally or intentionally you will lose that person, so make sure to stay close to reality if you want to make close friends but don’t forget the situation, time spent and limits.

3, Don't Be Overly Positive:
Some people are very optimistic which is a good thing but in some cases, it isn’t because it’s over the board and anything that is over isn’t good. Imagine you are pouring water in the glass and you get so excited by the good things that are coming with water that you don’t stop even after it spills over because water is too good then ask yourself this question: “am I crazy?” and let me answer it for you, yes you are! Because you are wasting water and just like the water you have to stop wasting your positivity and once you do that you will come in the state of balance and the state of balance is the state of peace which leads to success and now in terms of people you must understand that people like positivity but imagine if someone asks you this “bro a bomb exploded in California” and you reply with “don’t worry bro its good because if you look at it in a good way we will have a lesser population now” just imagine saying that and thinking someone’s reaction, now this is an exaggerated form but if you are overly positive you do these kinds of things in your daily life without even noticing in different scenarios and this creeps out people and you fail to make close friends which again may lead to stress, depression or something similar like loneliness.

To solve this problem you should start thinking before you open your mouth to speak or answer to someone’s question and think about the words that are going to come out of your mouth and if you fail to do that, just do yourself another favour and try to think about your day before you sleep and think about every the conversation you had and you will understand where you were overly optimistic and then you can correct yourself by changing how you react at some points in time while speaking to someone about general things in life or about life.

4, Don’t Be Negative:
Some people have this bad habit of staying in sorrow no matter what they are doing, who they are with or what is going on they will be the most hopeless people in the room, building or even the whole world because if you call them and ask them how they are doing they will reply by saying only negative things and even if you give then some sort of hope they will only discourage it and even in the situation where there 99% hope and 1% chance of failing they will make sure to rebuild that 1% chance and make fit for 110% and carry it and because of that people don’t like them and only thoughts that come from such negative peoples though are negative and no one likes to add more sorrow in their life as there already is a lot they are currently dealing with and that is enough for what a single person wants.
So if you are in contact with some negative person then make sure to distant yourself and if you are that negative hopeless person then learn to bet everything you have got on that 1% chance rather weeping why there isn’t 100% chance of success because the person who can’t make use of that fraction of glorious hope can’t taste the victory even if that person gets 100% hope of the glory they will stop their feet thinking that its some kind of game or trap or something else and because they are so hopeless they surely lose that window of success.
So learn to be optimistic and not just optimistic but learn to create a balance because anything above a certain level is too much and too much emotion or material leads to instability and an unstable person is a person no one wants to get close to, so make sure to change your speaking habit and stop talking in hopeless manner but learn to become a problem solver.

5, Me Too Conversation:
So many people struggle with talking and are out of questions pretty soon or they ask questions in a way which might be uncomfortable for the other person, for example, they will ask questions like they are taking an interview. So for them you have this “Me Too” solution, which you can use to turn a talk into a discussion and it might help you a lot if you are trying to learn about a person or if you want to come close to them because when you fall into personal discussions then soon people start to build up a connection around each other which later leads to close relationships.
So when you want to talk to someone, you go to them ask them how they are doing and stuff and later when you ask them any kind of question(which must be related to your topic of interest or knowledge) then in that answer start to tell about your story or what you think about that topic and then take the conversation to the 3rd person associated with that topic like a celebrity or view of the general public and once references start to come up, you guys will be talking like old friends met after a decade and have a lot to catch up and in these situations if you start to experience and learn the balance of opening up in accordance with time and mood, you will be able to make people open up to you and sometimes people will share their weirdest darkest or the most personal thing with you which will later lead you to years of strong friendship or at least close friends for quite some time. This trick will help you get close to people thus, help you make a close friend.

6, Be Genuinely Interested:
So if you learn everything but you don’t have this skill, then I am not sorry to say this because it is the most vital skill to exist if you want to make someone get close to you because if you are not interested in someone in the way which they too can feel then they won’t feel comfortable sharing stuff with you which will lead you towards failure in the path of close friendships as you need to listen to someone as you are genuinely interested in their thing and you are feeling each and every emotion of theirs and when that happens, you will see for yourself how people start to love you because every human deep inside wants attention and if you are giving that, then people will love you and if you are giving perfect attention but you don’t have anything to say back to them, then it won’t last long which is another bad thing because you want a strong bond for a close relationship with someone and for that you need to be able to respond to their words.
Let’s understand with an example of two people talking:
Ash: Hey! You know I went to the supermarket the other day and found a purse right on the floor and I could have kept it but I gave it to the security personal and saved someone’s day, which eventually made my day.

And here you are saying:

Moshi: hmm, you did a good job, I would have done the same.

Now look into and see that even if you were showing your genuine interest but your reply was like this then you are not getting that grip over the other person and he will think of you as a boring person or even if he or she continues to talk, even then soon you will run out of things you guys have to talk about because you have already talked about each and everything, you won’t have talked about each and everything because that’s impossible but you will feel like, there is nothing left and that’s because you didn’t know how to reply.
So when someone tells you their story, you need to respond by your personal experience or if you don’t have any personal experience, then talk about the emotion associated with that story or talk about the pros of that doing or cons, according to the topic and the situation.

7, Share Your Thoughts And Ideas:
So many people who struggle with friends are the people who don’t know what to say to another person and because of that, they lack that skill of communication. The best way to overcome this issue is to present your thoughts and ideas about different things and if you want to do that in a way which has some value, then you will have to produce thoughts about things which are logically correct and are close to reality with some strong sensible weight in them.
The production of ideas having these values come from knowledge and logical thinking and that you can inherit from the books you read or people you listen too, for example, if you want to learn about the tactics of winning friends, then you should read a book about this topic and this type of book is written by Dale Carnegie, who is a famous writer and his book about friends is pretty famous and hundreds of thousands of people like his book about friends. So I will tell you a little trick if you want to gain access to knowledge because there are many people who don’t have time to read full books or the just can’t read books, then you can easily go to YouTube and search for the book you want to learn about and you will find the pure essence of that book in just 5-10 minutes video and you won’t need to read the whole book and you can keep on going in the hunt for knowledge and you will find pretty much everything in the very short amount of time but the real problem in this kind of knowledge is that you have not digested it and because of that you might not be able to get something out of it but yeah, you will be a different person then the person who is completely blank about certain things or his or her words are far from logic and you will be able to talk and present ideas based on the learnings.

Once you have knowledge about a variety of things, you will be able to think and produce ideas and your thoughts will be clearly filtered from those naïve weird words and when you will talk people will want to listen and if you are a man or women of knowledge, most of the toxic people will filter away from you because your aura will be too different for them to get close and because of knowledge, things like stress and depression will stay away from you because you will hunt them you will know how to use those feelings and emotions to your benefit like if you look at stress, you can use it to break your limits if you know the correct mindset to use stress. (How to break your limits using stress?) Just like stress if you learn about the feeling of love and its reality which many people misunderstand and think differently about it then what it is, the real love is very close to logic and it is based on the humans, selfish behaviour and you can learn about True the emotional reality of love by clicking here.
It is all about knowledge and you will learn to talk to people and you will learn to discuss ideas as you will have ideas to discuss in the first place and only this time they will make people come close to you as they will need to pay attention to your words which is one of the key things for a person to come close the other and this will help you a lot in making not only friends but close friends.


8, Observe, Learn and Assume:
If you want to get close to someone, you should start observing the other person but make sure that’s not by continuously glaring at them because that will make you’re a creep which you don’t want to become so make sure to observe and learn about people by their walking, talking and their movements and then assume about their type and try to connect your personality with theirs by assuming the interests of the other person, which will make the other person like you because if both of you have many things to relate you will become best friends in no time, so make sure you observe others with a thought structure in mind which makes you learn about them and then predict what they might like or what they may not like and what are the things they love and based on that when you will assume and relate with them, you will be entering the close friend's zone is not time but make sure you don’t push on things because if you try hard on every person even if they don’t have anything in common with you and you can’t relate then it might get backfired and even friendship would become toxic because a completely opposite person from you might not like to stick with you or even if he or she does, it will have a pretty bad ending if it gets a true start in the first place.

Now if you want to observe and learn then this skill requires focus and if you don’t know how to focus then you are not going to observe someone in a way they don’t notice because if your skill of observation lacks focus then you will be good for nothing and the skill to focus is very important if you want to showcase attention and affection towards the other person and you learn this the skill of Focus by clicking here. These things might not look like they are going to help you focus but they sure will reflect your personality soon enough for you to be amazed by them as they are truly game-changer and you can learn to condition your body for general focus which helps in the skill of observation which you can learn by clicking here.

9, Put Trust In people:
So trust is the one thing that everyone knows is the most important in any kind of relationship and if you want someone to come close to you, just pour that bucket of trust in their heart and then they will truly want to be with you and trust you back and if two people or three or any amount of people trust each other, they will easily love each other and if you want to make someone your close friend, you will need to produce the feeling of love which have a connection with trust, so put trust in people and you can do that by telling them a secret and make sure you mention that you have only told this secret to they and that’s because they know they are trustworthy and aren’t feeling less beings to play with someone’s secret and in the start, you don’t really need to mention any sort of deep secret just something light, like you don’t like to eat with fork and spoon and things like that but make sure to assure them that you know how to eat with correct ethics and showcase that ethic while telling others what you like because if you are doing something correctly but tell others that you like it a bit different but because you don’t want to put them or the society in discomfort they prefer  eating with spoon and folk and something like that will strengthen the bond if you add the word secret to it.

Now don’t do the mistake of sharing some true secrets of your life or your insecurities too soon because maybe the other person is the toxic type and after some time or even at that moment they start to spread the word or laugh at you and share things that are very personal to you with others by requesting them not tell this to anyone else because these types of people exist in the world and you have to save yourself from this and if you are one of these, then make sure to leave this habit because people suffer from this.

Now if you use this trick nice and slow with balance, you will be able to make close friends and actually influence others very quickly and efficiently.

10, Don’t Lose Your Value:
Now if you are sharing your secrets and putting trust in people and telling them about your life or things you like or your ideas, then make sure that you don’t lose your value by talking about disgusting things about you or things that is offensive in the society because they might creep others out and you lose worth, so make sure to be slow, steady and balanced.

Now another way you lose your value is by your looks or your discipline or your basic ethics and things like that because if you dress in an unstable way then no one will like to talk to you, so exercise regularly and take care of your hygiene and learn to walk from YouTube and learn to talk from YouTube and that’s just a click away because if you are a person then your words will have less value but if you are the person then you will have more value and that’s why you should be well dressed and have a good shape of mind and body in order to get close to people and get them to like you.

I hope this was helpful for you and you were able to learn something from it but if you still have questions or requests feel free to ask me in comments.

Thank You

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