How To Reduce Stress? 14 Best Ways To Reduce Stress
On this day and age many people are falling victim of stress and have to deal with mental health issues, which would have not become serious issues if they were aware of certain things.
So before we get to the objective of reducing stress, we must ask ourselves one simple question.

What is Stress?

Stress is any kind of pressure on your brain; it can be some kind of demand or objective which looks hard to you or way too much for just you. It can be a situation in which people are counting on you or a lot of decision making is on your shoulders.

What Triggers Stress?

Stress is an emotion and an internal feeling. When you feel some kind of threat or pressure, your brain signals different parts of your body and your body produces adrenalin and cortisol which is a good thing because when these chemicals are added to your bloodstream, your body gets energy and become active giving you the power to do better in your job but it happens only when you have an outlet to exert your energy and that’s in the physical case but in today’s day and age we mostly encounter emotional stress which leads to more problems than benefits, because the body has nowhere to exert the power it holds.

So how do we take care of this stress?

How To Reduce Stress?
Once again we are on the same question but now we have knowledge about the “stress” itself.
So here are some 15 ways you can either reduce stress or use it for benefit and remember all emotions are very beneficial, we just have to learn the way to use that power.

1.Get Good Sleep:
Now days many people don’t take a good amount of sleep which is very bad for the health of both mind and body and can lead to many problems, one of which is stress. So make sure you get a good amount of sleep like 6-8 hours so your body can function properly.
Now only the increased time will not help if the quality is compromised, Sleep is a relaxing time of the body, so make sure you are out of noise and discomfort.
So make sure to sleep in a quiet relaxing place with a comfortable pillow and before sleeping rest, your eyes form a screen for a whole hour and have some glasses of water.
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2.Healthy Diet:
Healthy diet is a must to do things with sleep because without energy you will be as good as nothing no matter how much you sleep because energy is important and for that nutrition is very important for your body, so ensure that your body gets a good amount of nutrition from the diet you take every day. You can eat fruits and vegetables by setting up an eating schedule.
Eat light but effective fruits time after time according to the schedule you have set for yourself and make sure sleep with a light stomach to sleep better and wake up with sharp senses.

When it comes to exercise lots of people due to one reason or the other stop exercising which is the worst as in today’s day and age we need exercise on daily basis, so make sure to add a 5-10 minute run or walk in your schedule along with some stretching, so your muscles have space to breathe. Make sure to push yourself but in limits of your physical condition because it will increase your capacity to take the stress and make you use up your extra energy in a beneficial way.

4.Stop Using Nicotine or Tobacco Products:
So some people might disagree with me but this is the reality as these products favour us but the damage they give us in return is far more dangerous to consider the benefits, so make sure to leave drinking and smoking at all cost because it leads to many serious health issues, you might not like later on in life and you won’t even realize it, try it for a month and you will see extraordinary results. (If you have years of addiction, consult a doctor)

5.Make Rules In Life:
Making rules in life are very important because rules and regulations keep you in discipline and you stay in your zone with movements according to your expectations which is saves you from lots of stress and it also teaches you to say “No” to people in order to give yourself time to relax in comfort.

6.Prioritize Your Tasks:
You must learn to prioritize your difficult tasks first on the time when you are full of energy, which will make you feel relief and done for the day and when you have done all the difficult tasks of the day, you feel light and have a welcoming feeling towards the things you like.

7.Add Joy To Your Schedule:
Joy is very important in your day because it makes your happy and activates your senses so make sure to take breaks and do things you like, no matter how small they are but do practice them, so you can not only increase your productivity but make yourself stay stress-free all the time and if you are on work, you can add up a hobby in your day to give yourself some enjoyment.

8.Set High Goals With Realistic Expectations:
This is very important if you want to stay away from both depression and stress because if you will low goals you will still be imperfect and never grow but if you will set high goals and will work hard for them and will not be able to perfectly do them, you will grow a lot but you will fail to satisfy yourself and you will feel stressed and even depressed at some points which are obviously not good for your health and to get away from this issue, you must learn to set high goals but realistic expectation and work hard for the goal.
There is an ideal scene if you can implement it. You should set high aims and high expectations but learn to never give up hope and try different approaches and stay and optimist while making yourself better and not weeping by playing the blame game.

9.Invest In Yourself:
People often forget their own self when they are parents or working for someone because of various workloads and pressures which puts a stop a full stop in persons growth and only the stress level increases without the increase in the capacity leading to different problems in day to day life.
One must learn to invest in oneself by giving yourself a gift or making a good dinner for yourself or buying yourself something or learning something you like or practising some hobby etc...

10.Stop Over-Thinking:
Over thinking is something which gives you a lot of stress and makes you good for nothing leading towards even more stress, which can even result in emotional break down, so make sure to focus on what you are doing and stop yourself from getting thoughts of work or study or of similar stressful things in your life and give time to the work at hand by continuously reminding your brain to not think and talk about the work at hand with someone or with your own brain.
In simple words,  Learn To focus

11.Make Close Friends:
Some people stop making close friends as they grow older and that is the worst thing to do with yourself as human needs others and is a social animal. So make sure to make some friends on whom you can rely on in hard times and talk to them about different things to change your mind.
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12.Take Cold Showers:
Cold showers help a lot in the stress full situations and if you are practising them beforehand then it is going to be hard for you to get stressed as it strengthens both your will power and your physical health. So learn to take cold showers which will increase your capacity to handle stress and will make you both internally and externally strong.
Learn about cold showers and the proper way to start.

13.Be Grateful:
Learn to be grateful and thank full for what you have to yourself or your family or your friends or anyone around you, if you are a believer in God, be grateful to God and thank god for the blessings you have instead of stressing yourself for what others have and if you are a disbeliever, thank yourself and others to what you have given yourself or what someone else did for you.

Build a Relaxing Environment:
So it is vital to be in an environment which is relaxing at least in your personal space like your house or room and if you have a relaxing or positive environment you will lead a life which will have way more energy and more stress capacity and depression or frustration will be the things you will leave behind the door or your environment will kill them as the environment plays a vital part in your life and if you cannot always stay in a positive/relaxing environment then at least build one in your home or your room.
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15.See Doctor:
If everything fails then you have some very serious problem and you need to urgently see a doctor which is not something you should be ashamed of as it is just another disease that people have and it is nothing like being crazy or something like that. It is absolutely curable.

 I hope you learned something and it was helpful.

Thank You