What Is Love? True Emotional Reality Explained

So many people fall in love every other day, mostly young people. Now the problem arises when very soon after some days or months or even years, they break up for someone else or something else or for some other reason.
Now the question arises, that if they came into a relationship because they wanted it but even though it was their own choice, they still left. Why?
Why so many people separate every other day even though they told each other daily that they love one another.  This part is wrong that people get into a relationship and use the word love for each other.
Now, why is that wrong? Because:
If you go to a young man who is eating fish and ask him the reason for eating fish, you will hear him saying that he is eating fish because he loves fish. What?
If you look at it in a logical way, you will see that he is lying not to you but to himself, because the answer itself is wrong and illogical, because if that young man loved the fish, why would he take it out of the lake and cut it, sponge it with spices and boil it just to eat it. Now if you look at this equation, the young man didn’t love the fish but he loved himself and to fulfill his own desire to eat fish he caught it, spiced it, and ate it.

Today love is equal to this love which we can call “Fish Love” The need and want for someone, the desire can be emotional or physical but that is for oneself and people approach others just because they see them as that fish, which by their words “they love” because in the reality they don’t, it is just the un awareness of the meaning of the word love.

So now a young boy and young girl fall in love, what does that mean?
It means that this man saw in his women something which he felt that, she could provide him with all that emotional and physical needs and almost something similar is from the girls’ side.

Now this is what people think of love and fall in it, but actually what they are getting into is a vehicle which they need for some amount of time, you won’t sit in your car forever but you will use it for some time and later sell it or just buy a new one, just like the fish, no matter how much you love it you won’t eat it for the rest of the month not even for 10 days.
We are just doing it for self-love.

 What is Real Love?
An intelligent man once said “ The people make a serious mistake in thinking that you give to those whom you love” because you might give to a beggar on the street asking for help, you might help a needy, you don’t love them, you are doing for self-satisfaction, you do it because you want to satisfy yourself by telling your heart that I am a good giving person and if you aren’t an atheist, you might put it to God, that I am doing it for god, and most of the time people actually do it for god but in the end, just giving someone is not love.

Real love is giving for someone and that’s the love of God. You give because God commanded you to be generous. That is love.

Now the question remains about the people, what is love for them?
The real answer is “you love those whom you give” Now the point is that when you give to someone that is part of self-love, you invest in that person, and when you invest in the other person, the self-love which is already in you, given to you, now that is what you love, you love someone because there is a part of you which you have in someone you love.

  1. True love is the love of giving not the love of receiving
  2. True love is the love of investing not needing or wanting
  3. True love is the love of value that you added to someone 
    and now you love that value in that person

    That’s Love. 


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