11 Life Skills Essential For Everyone | Top 11 Must Have Life Skills
These 11 skills will give you success in life because these are common in all dominant successful people in the world today and even in history we know, so the best thing is that we should learn from the past and the present and add a bit of innovation to jump on the next level. 

11 Life Skills Essential For Everyone: 
  1. Communication Skills
  2. Social Life Skills.
  3. Time Management Skills
  4. Learning Through Observing
  5. Problem Solving Skill
  6. Leadership Skills 
  7. Skill to Focus 
  8. Decision Making 
  9. Emotional Control 
  10. Self-Belief 
  11. Skill of Balance

Communication Skills:
So in this world, if you look at the life skills of a normal person then communication is very important and if you are not good at it, it’s going to be pretty expensive for you and your surroundings because only “Good Luck” might save you if your communication is not on a good level and sometimes, you might require a miracle and trust me they do happen but you will have to for them for the rest of your life and if you can’t do that, then it’s best if you start learning the skill of communication from today and just to motivate you’re a bit, if you learn this skill of communication and get a pretty dope grip on it, you will have one ability of the leader but that’s not only good if you want to become a leader because you need a fair quality communicational skill to go around in your daily life with success too as it is an important skill for everyone.
If you want to learn the skill of communication, some basic things are to smile when talking to someone, show gratitude, be interested, don’t condemn or complain without a plan and be simple and easy while talking, make sure you understand and think before you speak and observe the environment but obviously to completely learn this skill, it’s best if you read a good book about communication. Here is my recommendation: “Active Listening Techniques: 30 Practical Tools to Hone Your Communication Skills” Buy Now! By clicking here. If you buy this from this link, you will not only help yourself but will help me get some commission too. So thanks in advance.

Social Life Skills:
So social skills are something which are dealing with many aspects of life and these will help you even more if you learn it with communication skill or after that because it will help you in controlling peoples interests to your benefit and make others genuinely interested in what you want them to be by using some bait and it will help you make people feel close to you and because of that you will be able to make people your close buddies and friends are a blessing in life, I hope you agree with that if not! At least close friends are very important and if you have none, it’s going to hard for you to survive so make sure to learn some social skills and make some close friends. Now social skills are based on again your communication skills but this time you will have to change with situation and time with respect to the person you are with. You must make others feel comfortable around you by being original, decent but not perfect and with that make sure to open up with truth and ask questions which are slightly private and then  slowly narrow the space between each other and this will help in making close friend and if you want to keep a distance but be socially correct make sure you have lots of general knowledge and you talk in soft but strong tone like you believe in yourself and add a little feeling to your words which will help you become socially correct but make sure to change a bit with respect to time and people around you and don’t be an emotional fool. If you want to learn the best ways to make close friends then click here: How To Make Close Friends? And this time it won't get me any commission and I am being honest because it isn’t an affiliate link. J

Time Management Skills: 
So time is something which everyone loves to have at least the people with ambitions, goals and dreams, though all three of them are same but it matters only to these type of people and if you are not one of the ambitious people, you are probably wasting your life and there is no significance in your life and if that’s true then read this article: How To Find The Purpose Of Your Life? And read this before you continue any further because if you don’t have a dream in life then you are going to become a labour boy or girl for someone and you won’t have a personal significance. 
So time management skill is something which helps you use your time in a way with which you can do a lot of things in a less amount of time or in a more specific way, you can do fun things and boring things more efficiently and you still will have time for yourself and your family and to think about your future plans or the issues of your society or yourself or your family and if you have the skill to manage time correctly, it is too another quality of successful people.
Now, what is this best way to manage your time? Well, first thing is your will because if you are a guy who is going to give up or think that just for 5 minutes or just this one time or a cheat time or day, then you are probably going to fail and fall because that’s how things work in this world inside the society of humans, so if you want to manage your time in a good way, start keeping a time table and up interesting, fun and bring stuff one after another, so your brain never behaves weird and you can do all the work in the given time. Now I have an amazing beginner tip for you, make sure you give each work the decided amount of time and if you haven’t completed it, just move to the next work and save time in the end for the first one, this will help you a lot in becoming more efficient and sticking to your time table, though it will be hard in the start and another thing that will help you increase your efficiency to stick to your time table and manage your time is to increase your sleep quality and if you do that you will be able to things way more efficiently.  Learn To Increase Your Sleep Quality. It will help you in your time managing skills. 
If you want to learn this skill in a more specific and in-depth way, I recommend you to read this book: Strategies and Tips for Time Management: Secrets to Organizing Yourself and Ending Procrastination (if you buy this book from this link, I will earn some commission, so thanks!)

Learning Through Observing: 
So this is a skill which needs two natural abilities at the same time; observation and learning. These two natural abilities are very important in life only if you are skilled at using them and are constantly increasing their quality. So first you need to start observing your surroundings and try to change perspectives from yours to others to third-party and once you get a slight grip on that, you can start to analyze those observations and try to analyze them and when you do that start to pick up things and write them separately and take a message from them and whatever you learn from your study keep in mind and on paper and try to practice this on daily or weekly basis if you have time and once you make it a habit you will see that soon your brain will start to observe and learn at the same time and as much as you try while keeping your senses alive you will become better and your sense of vision will increase and your view will be wider but still in focus. Once you do that, congratulations you have got a grip on some amazing skill and this skill will change not your only your life but the entire world for you, if you stay unbiased because if you don’t use this skill to its full extent you are not going to see a complete truth and you might have a great life but still there will be a black hole deep inside and you will never understand it, so stay unbiased and learn from everything and everybody and it’s not like you should ask for advice like you can’t ask an apple tree for advice but you can learn from it, just like that you don’t need people to give you advice all the time because what will a person who picks up garbage give you? Maybe something that he has and you don’t and he can’t give it to you because he himself doesn’t know about it but if you are an observer and learner you will learn from him and by this, you should also understand that no one and nothing is out there for no reason at least at your end they are not for nothing, so take them what you can by giving your best in the minimal of time and this is the best skill because if you have this then you can gain all. Here is a book which might help you and again I will get some commission if you buy this book from this link: Think Like Sherlock: Creatively Solve Problems, Think with Clarity, Make Insightful Observations & Deductions, and Develop Quick & Accurate Instincts (Think Smarter, Not Harder Book 3)  This book is not proofread or written in best quality but will give you some important observations. Thanks in advance if you buy it from the given link. :)    

Problem Solving Skill: 
So this is a skill which you can only acquire if you have the skill of observation and analyzing because who can solve a problem without that? None may be or possibly, so if you think about this skill will help you a lot in your personal and professional life and will increase the chances of your success in many branches of life. So if you want to become a problem solver, just make sure to gather information, analyze, think and calculate. Which will help you in solving problems but knowledge is the key because if you don’t have some knowledge about different problems and situations you are going to have to face problems as humans learn from each other with time. 
So read books about such topics and you will be able to become better at it with time and exposure to a different problem. If you gain this skill and the quality is above average yourself and market value will increase dramatically. 

Leadership Skills:
So all above-mentioned skills are required to become a leader and all skills mentioned below this one are also required to some good extent because anyone in life has to sit on the seat of leadership no matter where they are or where their situation takes them if they aren’t cowards and run away cats, they will have to lead in one way or the other, so it’s better to be prepared and learn the qualities and responsibilities of a leader. So you should be active, honest, trustworthy, promise keeper, ambitious, smart worker, hard worker, respectful, decent, confident, understanding and the man of knowledge and skill. These are some very important things that are available in the leader. If we look at responsibilities they are quite a few like problem solvers, influencing, planning, coaching, making the team show teamwork, decision making and some other based on time and situations and you should learn leadership skills to lead a successful life because leadership is very important at almost every tpoint in life. If there is no such point you need to lead your own life for sure, so learn these life skills to lead a better life. Buy this book after buying it from this link to understand and learn more depth of leader ship: 
Help! I Work with People: Getting Good at Influence, Leadership, and People Skills and again Thanks! For buying books from these links because it gets me commission which makes me happy.

Skill To Focus:
So many people are bad at focusing on a task at hand and their mind takes them to mars when they are drinking water and to Jupiter when they are working out and finally to another galaxy when they are listening to someone or doing some important piece of work or need to think or make a decision, which makes them a failure in life and that’s a very bad thing and its going to harder and harder to get away from as you grow in age because staying out of focus will become your thing and you will never be able to give anything your best which will make you nothing no matter how gifted or talented you are, so start by learning the life skill to focus in life so you can actually learn to give it your best and do things in the most efficient way possible. Read this article to learn about the techniques to focus because I have already written about it and this time I won’t earn a commission because you don’t have to pay to read this article: How To Focus?

Decision Making:
This is a skill which we need in every passing moment of our life and decision making is happening every second inside and outside of our body and there are some big and small decisions, some carry more and some carry less importance but the skill of decision making means that you are not scared of making decisions and you have the power to make them and they are conscious well thought decisions which are unbiased and you are not emotionally involved while making those because we often regret emotional decisions. So good decisions can only be made if you have knowledge, experience and you take suggestions to form a couple of strong brain and experienced decision-makers in that field because that’s some extra help and who doesn’t need extra help at such times, other than that knowledge is one of the most important thing that you must have at the time of decision making. 
Read this article to become better decision-makers: How To make Better Decisions?

Emotional Control: 
So emotions are something which I personally believe are the superpowers of humans because they can make you break your limits right in the moment, they give you an instant increase in will power and brain if you can learn how to use them correctly with the right mindset. The most common emotions that we have to deal with is anger and love. These are responsible for many good and bad things in our life, if used responsibly and with the correct mindset you can attain infinit amount of power (that’s my personal opinion) and your capacity can increase drastically. If you want to see a demonstration, see a lady before her marriage and children and after she is a mother and you will notice easily especially if that lady has a bad situation to face. 
Here is a link to learn more about emotional control from my site: Emotional Control
Here is a book you can read and again if you buy this book from this link it will get me some commission so thanks in advance:

So if you don’t believe in yourself, you cannot do anything as belief is important because if you can’t believe you can’t walk, it is going to be hard for you to even walk, you can take the example of a healthy kid you have started to walk but because he is scared to leave the table he gives himself a hard time while walking but once that belief comes, he walks like it wasn’t a problem. So try build believe in yourself and in your dreams if you want to become an accomplisher, because if you don’t you will never achieve anything and will never live your dream. 
There once was a man who went to a fake cleric and told him believing that he is a true favourite of God and a very knowledgeable person that he has to cross a river every day but most of the time he doesn’t have the money to get a boat or maybe there is no bridge or boat for his service, so what should he do? The fake cleric said that cross the river on foot and walk on water like you walk on land just remember to say “بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ” before you step on water and you will pass the river by walking on that water. The person went away happily and started to say the words and walked on the river and he even did that, whereas the fake cleric either forgot about it or thought he is dead, one day someone saw him and thought that what a great man who can walk on water and went to that fake cleric again and told him about it, sometime later after calling that walking on waterman and him refusing to believe that he is some sort of fascinating person, it was one day that he came and saw the fake cleric and when the fake cleric asked him about that walking on water incident, he told him that ever since you have given me the words I have been walking on water daily to work and I am so thankful to you ever since. 

So now I don’t know if it’s real or not but it’s a very old story but after the fake cleric was exposed because he couldn’t walk on water even after saying the words, the man who first used to cross the bridge by saying the words also lost belief and couldn’t walk either. Now the message is about the power of belief, if you believe you can do it and in today’s life use realistic measures to attain it, the world will move in your favour but if you give up in front of your situations or problems you will be able to do anything even if you have been given the golden pot. Self-belief is something which has made people like “Elon Musk” and  many others even from the darkest periods of their life they came with belief and became what they are or were, so you too can just believe and work smarter and harder with righteous.

Skill of Balance:
Now if you are a person who can’t balance between different aspects of life or between two people or two careers or between two friends or anything, you will always have to face depression and many other problem’s that become its cause, keep a journal or managing planer with you and manage everything with balance and don’t go overboard unless you have to and give it your all when you have the time. 
So the problem with us that we don’t understand the interconnection like there are three things which are in the need of balance which are; Self Time, Family Time and Work Time. Now these three things are connected to each other, the prime thing is “Self Time” because if you don’t give time to yourself and you don’t take care of yourself both mentally and physically you are going to be that old man who not even his son cares about and a deadweight for the family. (sorry for a bit hard language but it is needed) So if you are alive and active yourself you need to give attention to your family and work and here is the tricky part, most people can’t make that balance, some are so busy in work life that they are hero for the world but zero for the son or daughter because family requires attention and devotion and you get satisfaction out of it because it’s a natural process, a family is like a stress relief program if you have given them a good healthy time because that’s the relaxing place of a man or a women and that cannot change no matter how much we say because at a certain age we understand that we can’t rely on fake stuff and need reality and if we don’t we end up being in bad places at bad times and no matter how much money or fame we gather we are good for nothing and if we understand that the world is a good place for us. So make sure to live with strategy and plan things in a balanced way and stick with that balanced plan very strictly.  

So I hope this article was helpful for you and you were able to learn some amazing things out of this and my hard work was a success at least for both of us. If you want to be part of the team, subscribe for email updates and follow on social media. If you buy books from these links I gave, If you are rich enough buy some Merchandise. 

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