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So we have been through the hard year of 2020 and it was not something we have been through with ease, at least most of the humanity was not able to get through with fun because of obvious reasons that everyone knows but the point is that it gave us some very important things too, Whether it was covid-19 or a lockdown or hard times that came with both of them like the deficiency of money or food and that emotional stress at all time, it really was hard and no denying it people have been through a lot but now, what should we do? Should we just sit back and keep blaming the year or should we change our perspective and look for lessons and the importance of some values that it taught us? It’s obvious that we should look for some lessons to make our life better in the future and for that, there are some basic lessons that 2020 taught us, they might not be all but are some of the lessons which carry some good amount of importance.

5 Lessons That 2020 Taught Us:
  1. Importance of Hard Times
  2. Importance Of Self Belief
  3. Importance of Dreams
  4. Importance of Skills
  5. Importance of Environment

Importance of Hard Times:
So we often hate hard times but the truth is a bit out of our hatred because they are important if you don’t believe that look at your childhood and see yourself in the shoes of a little baby who was scared of walking and whenever you tried you fell down and sometimes you got injured but that made you stronger and braver as often it happened because now small bruises and rashes don’t hurt you much though you know more about the cure now, so hard time is just like that, they are small bruise or an injury which becomes a red light for you just like 2020 became in this time you should step back, sit down and take a breath and try to look at yourself and your past and your future plan and your weaknesses and stuff related to you and how it is going and how dependent you are, the problems you are facing and something similar to that and try to innovate and jump back strong, that’s why hard times carry importance because they are like small stations where your the train stops for you in long routes to let you feel a bit different air and experience a bit different environment and get some refreshments and then you move on, now its upon you to eat something or drink something or to not leave the train at all or to not hop on the train later on or to waste all the time in some worthless place doing some worthless thing rather than observing and learning or experiencing the different atmosphere and learning from it with respect to situation. So it’s all you and up to you, if you have that mindset of a weeping child you will never learn but if you can change your perspective a bit and try to look at things a bit differently you will understand that this stop that I am facing is hard but what is it giving me? What is the value that it has been gifting and I refuse to take it because my eyes are filled with drops of tears. Once you understand that you will be able to see things differently and become a better person and this is what 2020 gave us, it taught us that there will be times when problems will last for a very long time and you have to learn from them and carry them around by strengthening your will power rather than weeping like a child and not seeing the good in the bad. If you want to learn more about the importance of hard times read this article: Why Are Hard Times Important in Life? Hard Times Are Your Asset.

Importance of Self Belief:
Self-Belief is something of great importance and the people who had to face so many problems in 2020 but they still made it through smiling and with achievements had this in them and the people who broke their spirits and went crazy are the people who might have made it out of 2020 but are not fit to grow or work in a healthy way. So it is said that one must master Sell-belief if have the urge to grow in life, and that’s said by none other than by me, you favourite writer. (:
So self-belief is something which gives you confidence in your ability and in your capacity to handle things. Once you start to believe in yourself and  in your visions, you will see the world move to get your things done because it is all about belief, a man in the streets of Karachi (a city in the underdeveloped country “Pakistan”) saw a dream to help all the needy in the country when he used to sell clothes by walking in the streets and the world saw that man run the largest ambulance network in the whole world and do some other amazing things for humanity.
Now that is the power of self-belief. Learn More From Here: How To Believe in Yourself?
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Importance of Dreams:
In 2020 the people who were doing jobs like chores and had no dream and no vision were almost all out of jobs and had nothing on them but some savings which weren’t going to last very long, so from that we understood that dreams or visions or goals in life are very important because they let you do the work you love and you work hard for it you continuously grow no matter it’s the pandemic or whatever, you will always have a way forward or you already would have had a growth which will not require you to worry about money so much. Dream big, the greatest and greatest people of all time always had a dream and not only dream but a strong belief on that dream, that yes I will achieve it no matter what, they had a clear vision on what they are going to do with their life and there are countless examples in the world which you can read about or learn about like Arnold Schwarzenegger, his life will change your life too so you can read his book: Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story (I will get a commission if you buy from this link because it’s my affiliate link) Dreams are born in tough times and hope derives them while belief makes them into a reality.
“Dreams Are Born in Hardships, Are derived in struggles And Made Real By Belief”
    Original Words of MAS (please don’t laugh at aspiring writers) J

Importance of Skills:
So 2020 gave us another lesson about the importance of skills, in 2020 when core type jobs were off, it was time to use the skills to earn or become useful and many people did that to survive and some survived happily whereas people had no skill thus they were of no use and could not do anything in such time, so make sure to learn the basic life skills and then learn some professional skills which can directly help you earn even if you don’t have a job or your business is closed and as a bonus, they will become your hobby and you will have a thing or two to practice when you have the time to spare and if you become a good enough you can start a small company to earn more and your business will become a bit more than just a hobby.
Further skills help a lot in daily life if you know them and you are a less dependent person and if you have the skill to build things, then believe me when I say this; you are not going to need people to help you build stuff and everything you make is going to perfect and according to your demand while having creative freedom at all times.

Importance of Environment:
So this is something people have started to show interest from the past year and that’s a very good thing but still more than half of the world still doesn’t care about the environment or at least isn’t aware of the consequences but when 2020 came it showed us the beauty of the environment and worth of that clean oxygen and after that pandemic in or after the lockdown people had started to understand the worth of environment and the value of that fresh air which is important for our survival. So what you should do is very simple, try to keep the environment clean around yourself because it helps you think positive and calms your mind and body which will help you work more efficiently and you will get less amount of stress and depression in your daily life.
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