9 Best Tips To Make Sure You Keep Your New Year’s Resolution This Year | How To Keep Your New Year’s Resolution?
We always welcome the coming year with joy and happiness and set a new year’s resolution which can about our health, career or any sort of branch that’s connects to our life but it’s too often that we cannot keep it because of various reasons like laziness, workload, studies, demotivation and the list go on but what is the solution? How do we actually make a resolution and keep it? The first thing you should do is not to give up or feel worthless because you couldn’t do it the last time or the time before that or the time even before that because you might not have that much knowledge that time, you might not be ready at that time but this time it’s going to be different because I am going to help you gain knowledge and make you ready for your upcoming year’s resolution, so you live a happy successful year with confidence and pride.
No matter what you want, maybe you want to lose weight, gain muscle, pass an exam or get married or any other thing that you want to achieve is possible if you follow this plan.

1. Create Quantitative Goals.
So when you create a goal make sure it is something which is countable like it’s a game of 10 levels and you promised yourself that you will pass 5 levels this year or maybe you will complete the game this year. Make sure your goals have an attribute of measurement so you can actually count the progress because that will help you a lot in the process as it will give you a feel of small accomplishment, which will empower you and motivate you to push forward.

2. Plan Each Goal.
It’s better if you keep a single goal if you have been failing for a long time because you require more focus and its way better if your focus is not divided into multiple things. So when you make a goal, make sure to do some planning beforehand which can include the steps of the goal, for instance, if you want to lose 10kg weight, plan how you are going to lose that 1kg in how much time and using which techniques? And which time of the day you are going to give this process and how long you are going to exercise a day and which exercise you are going to do or which diet plan or which technique you are going to use? And when you do that you will have a structured plan using which you are going to achieve your goal and you can do that in any goal. because it helps a lot.

3. Add Convenience.
So if you set a goal and want to follow the plan make sure you make the good a habit which takes you to success more convenient than the bad habit which will eventually take you to failure hard, like if you want to leave your bad habit of eating chocolates or masturbation, keep chocolates away from you and if you go to the store don’t look at the place where chocolates are or just take less amount of money and buy only what you need, try not to go for window shopping or loitering a lot because as much as you make it hard and make it stay away from you, you will be able to suppress the need and if you want to make masturbation inconvenient, stop staying alone and turn on the lights when you are on your bed for sleeping and stay away from bed for the rest of the and wear undergarments all the time and make sure they are a bit tight and stop watching movies or serials which includes such stuff and make your life very busy. So whatever your goal is you can make the bad side harder to do and succeed by making the good side convenient.

4. Keep a Planner.
When you keep a planer with you, you will be able to see everyday task and when you are done with one step or all steps of the day, you can mark a tick in it and That will empower you to repeat it the next day and the day after that because that tick you mark at the end of your day on that date you have written on your planner will motivate you by giving you a feeling of accomplishment. You will already know the obstacles that are coming in your coming days and will be mentally prepared and no matter how hard the day was you will be able to complete the task of your goals for one day because you were mentally prepared and had already made a plan to overcome the obstacle or the problem in front.
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5. Fail and Improve.
So when you are trying to achieve something and in the process, it is not going to be all fairy tale and some days are going to be very hard in the start or in the mid or maybe for some people in the end for different reasons according to your situation and that’s what you need to understand before you dive into the process that you are going to face some red lights and if you stay calm and positive, it will turn green because the bigger the resolution the stronger the test is going to be and you can only pass it if you don’t give up and fight yourself till the end because it is most likely a war inside and then it’s a fight outside because if you can’t win from inside you can’t deal with what’s outside, so you will fall and when fall, get up by learning from that failure and avoid repeating those mistakes because that’s how humans works, they fail but they fail to improve and build up so many failures that they can pile them all up and reach that success and that pile is only useful if you are learning from each brick of failure in the pile.

6. Find a Companion.
So if you are doing something like building muscle or anything that can use some emotional or competition support you should go for it because if you have a companion, you will be able to perform better because humans are emotional creatures, we empower each other and together we achieve, you might have heard this phrase: “Union is strength” because that’s true. People help people grow so you should definitely not be a lone wolf and try to find a buddy with similar goal and you might make a bond which might help you a lot in many things in the future, so make sure to find a companion.

7. Keep Learning About Your Goal.
So you should build an echo system around yourself related to your goal, like if your new year’s resolution is to buy a new car, try to build an echo system around you like start reading about cars and watching content about cars and research on the ways you can buy a new car or just talk about it, think about it, reason about it, plan about it and firmly believe you are going to get it while you learn about it more and more, this will help you stay focused and raise your spirit which will keep you motivated and you will finally get a new car without giving up.

8. Celebrate Small Victories.
So when you are in the process and you complete the quarter of a goal, celebrate by giving yourself a gift or taking your family to dinner or treating yourself with something you like because that will motivate you even more and empower you to keep going and will give you time to reflect on past and see that how far you have come, which will make you stronger and happier. So keep this in mind because it helps a lot.

9. Believe In Yourself.
So this is the most important part because if you don’t believe that you can do it, you don’t trust in your capacity, then you are not going to make it because you have lost hope, you are full of doubts and when you can’t trust your own self, you can do nothing because belief is the core part of our life, belief is something which has changed the world for us, a belief Is something because of which we have aeroplanes today, it was that belief that countries were made, it was that belief that a local street sloth seller became the biggest humanist of the world and contributed by adding the biggest ambulance system of the entire world along with many other things because there was resolution and then a firm belief on it. So if you have a dream, believe in it like crazy, let people laugh, let the naysayers say whatever they want because that is what they do and people like you, people like us who have a dream, who have a resolution are unique and we can change how we are and how the world is because we have a dream, the only thing we need is belief and once we believe that we can do it and start to work hard and smart, there is no stopping us.

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