How To Convert Your Dreams Into Reality? 10 Helpful Tips To Benefit From The Power Of Dreams
You can dream because you are human and this is the difference between us and the other species in knowledge because we have that power to creatively think of something so big even if we have as much as nothing in our pocket and no power nor any social support to begin with but we still have the power to think big and if we can use it then we can change the world around us for sure. 
There was a man in 1996 who was a school teacher in the USA and he was in a discussion with the students about dreaming big and one of the students asked him that you tell us to think big and have humongous dreams, what is your dream? The teacher had a mug of black coffee in hand, he slammed it down in a passionate way and touched his chin and said with the firm belief that I will become the president of the USA and just then everyone laughed at him. Just some years later he became the prime minister of USA and not once but twice and that man was "Barack Obama" and one of the first few things he said after becoming the prime minister was that “Nothing Is Impossible In This World” 

So now You have two choices, either become a person to tell people “Nothing is Impossible in This World” or You can walk away from living a worthless life making fun of these words and play on with the blame game and live a life with no significance in it. The thing is that you will find two types of people in the same business; one will tell you that you should not come in this business because it's dead and other will be happy and full of life telling you how he made a fortune and lived his dream. Now you have the choice to choose your side. 

So think big and dream as high as you can because if can dream it, you can achieve it. So below are some helpful tips that will help you in your way of living your dream

Tips to Change Your Dreams Into Reality:
Short Term Goals
Long Term Goals
Take Small Initiatives
Experience Fall To Rise
Be Better Than Yesterday
Day Dream
Learn Skills/Gain Knowledge
Never Give Up!
Believe In Your Self
Short Term Goals: 
This is very important if you have a dream. Start off by setting up smaller easier goals in your life which you will achieve very soon, For instance, you must think about your achievements in next day or next month, that I will have done this thing by then and work on that. Make a plan according to the need of your short term goal and take it very seriously so you can accomplish what you had planned.

Long Term Goals: 
This must the ultimate goal of your life which you are building by accomplishing your short term goals and this is what your life is going to be described as but remember when you achieve your dream, then struggle for another dream and never stop. 
Take Small Initiatives: 
So you will see many people in life having some money or some skill and will try their best to start the biggest business or to find the biggest job and will face disappointment and then you will hear them say that their luck was the worst thing they had and that’s why they failed and kept on failing but the reality is different. In the real world, you must have big goals and dreams higher than the sky but your start should be from short term dreams and that should move forward to build the long term dream into a reality. That’s why if you have a dream build its structure and take small initiative, You have to dream big but start from a small initiative and work on it if it fails, change the way and start a new initiative if your initiative will be small you can try new things many times but if your initiative will be so big that you can’t afford a failure and you have everything on the line and nothing left then if you fail, there is a huge chance that you will have no learning from the failure or the process and you will have yourself destroyed, your spirit will be crushed. There is nothing impossible in this world but there are steps to do what is thought to be impossible, to change what is thought to be unchangeable! So take small steps and build-out of your small initiatives. 

Experience Fall To Rise: 
This is one of the most important things to learn if you want to become a dreamer and an achiever because without it you will be nothing. So read it twice or thrice if you have to but understand it. Now if you want to achieve something great you will fail not one time not two times but it may be hundreds or thousands of time because higher the goal, higher the risk, higher the rate of failure, harder the task. So you will have to fail many times but learn every time and if you can’t fail that means you can’t grow. If you can’t fall down you can never get up, if your parents had never let you experience fall then you would have never walked. So it is the core of success that you will fall but it should be to rise because if we look at the history people tried countless times to achieve what they wanted. The man who invented the bulb didn’t succeeded in the first try but tried 999 times and succeeded on the 1000th try. So what do we get? 
We understand that we will have to experience fall to experience rise. 

Be Better Than Yesterday: 
So if you are a human and now you have a dream. You must start learning to change yourself and become a different person, an improved person every other day. Your tomorrow should be better than your present-day and that’s when you look around you find your mistakes and search for their solutions, search to cover them up by using your brain or learning about others experience. If you want to become better than yesterday, wake up every morning and instead of going to your phone, take a shower and refresh yourself if you are a believer do your religious practices and sit down on the table with paper and pen and write down 5 mistakes or weaknesses that you found in yourself and write 5 ideas or ways to correct them or to strengthen those points. 

This may look weird but your every day should have the thought of your ultimate goal or your short term goal and every day must be filled with that time when you thought about that dream and tried to imagine yourself succeeding, living that dream and try to think of the process that you are going to go through while pursuing that dream and tell yourself that you are going to dos something about it and this about it or that about it. Only then you will experience change, the difference and if you face something which is harder to deal with, think about your dream and tell yourself that it’s all for that and move on face the problem and solve it. 
Remember if you have a dream and are passionate about it and think about it and tirelessly work for it with a plan. The whole world will move to make your dream come true. That’s the power of dream. 

So if you are a person who can’t find his dream or don’t know how to achieve his or her goals this is what you need to do. The simplest and the most important skills for a passionate dreamer are to know about the techniques to walk, sit, eat and especially talk because if you want to excel in life; giving respect is very important and if you are giving respect in a way which is making you look poor or creepy or greedy then it’s no use because you are not going to get anything out of that, from today, start to acquire skills of self-discipline because you might not know them now but they are going to be your strength in the future and everything else is going to be left behind other than these skills of decency. 

The other most important thing is the knowledge you have acquired skills with muscle memory but if you don’t have general knowledge about them or about your goals or aims you are good for nothing and even if you have no goal and you are trying to find one you should hunt for knowledge because that knowledge will give you your goals and skills will give you a better stronger approach over them and you will move faster towards your goals. 

Never Give Up:
This “never give up” phenomena is something which if you implement, success will be guaranteed to you and there hardly is a chance for your failure in the long because consistency and determination along with the bricks of failures makes that palace of glory which you can enjoy but to acquire that palace you must have a history of never giving up and a history of failure which crushed you but you faced them and pushed forward and sometimes in your life there will be problems rather failures which you will not be able to fight out of it but they will be attached to you and if you want to move forward you will have to lift them up and move forward with that immense pressure because if you want to acquire that palace of glory you must have the strength to control and this is your conditioning. If you keep this in mind no human force in this world can make you bend on your knees forever but only the failure shall strike you and success shall await you. 

Believe in Yourself: 
This just as important as the will to “never give up” because if you can’t believe in yourself, no one will believe in you and your subconscious will be very weak and your impacts will be every week and your life force will have no worth, your aura will be good for nothing and no matter what you do you will be working like a donkey and will never get to achieve anything. 
So how do you come to believe in yourself?
The first most practice using which you can believe in yourself is an accomplishment.
Now I just said you will have to face failure no I am telling you to accomplish. Yes, accomplishments are very important because they are the only things which will give you the belief that yes, I can do it! I am the best to do it. Now how do you get that? It’s simple and easy to start your day with accomplishments. Wake up in the morning and make your bed like you have never made before and continue with your work, now you have accomplished the first task of your day and this will derive you to accomplish more tasks then make a to-do list and ass up tasks and accomplish them in the best of your ability and learn more and do them better and faster and little by little because of those accomplishments you will have acquired self-belief and even if you have a very bad day, no matter what you tried you failed. You will come back to a bed that is made, you will come back to a house that is clean and it will empower you to try again. 
This is how self-belief works and you can watch motivational speeches and read about newton or other great people to get the motivation because they too had faced the very worst itself. 

Change Yourself: 
If you want to move forward in life with your dreams and achieve them, you must start by changing yourself. Yesterday I saw a question on “Quora” the person said that he wanted to be in good company but the bad company is obsessed with him and the good company doesn’t care about him, so what should I do? I replied with two words “Change Yourself” It is the most illogical thing to say that I want to be with good but have to be with bad because they want me because it’s like saying I am garbage why are flies obsessed with me and why butterflies hate me? So change yourself by changing the way you dress. Make it decent, change your way of talking, and make it decent. Stand out in class at work with good decent ideas and showcase yourself as a better-changed person with discipline and decency. You can do that by acquiring skills and gaining knowledge and controlling your emotions. Learn to control your emotions!

I hope this was helpful for you; if it was! chase your dreams and make them a reality and if you like my content and want to see more self-help type content, just subscribe for email updates and follow on social platforms. It’s my dream to make a global a community for a positive outcome with the people who live a life of self-discipline and with emotions controlled enough to not harm anyone but benefit from those because:
          “Emotions are Your Super Powers”

Thank You

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