So confusion in life is a very odd thing and often it is a type of personality. Confusion is sometimes infused in a personality which happens because of so many unclear logics, decisions or points in life. It is as though you have eyes with perfect sight but you are surrounded with so much fog that even with best eyes in the world you can’t see. Confusion is the absence of knowledge, just like the dark, darkness is nothing itself but the absence of light is called darkness.

If we keep that in our mind and try to make an equation out of confusion then confusion is nothing itself but it is the absence of knowledge, now there might be many cases in which you have an opinion about a situation or a case about which you think you have the knowledge and even in the reality you have but that knowledge is shallow knowledge and shallow knowledge is even worse than no knowledge at all because then you are standing between two phases.  

When you are in such process which is incomplete then you too are a person who wanted to cross a road and left the footpath but in the middle of the road he made himself believe that I have crossed the road. So right now if you are confused, you are an incomplete person who started to gain knowledge but only when you saw the books and that increased your observation, you decided to believe that you have gained knowledge but in reality, you had gained only what’s called a glance which increased your observation not your knowledge and you decided to give your opinion based on that glimpse of knowledge which made you a confused person.

It is as though you saw a glass which was filled by something orange and you thought that it might be orange juice without really giving it anything but a glance or without tasting, feeling or observing it or testing it and you made your opinion on that now if you look at possibilities it can be an orange juice, or a chemical or just some rust, maybe it is a mango juice or a flavoured water or it can be anything but you made your opinion on what you thought by giving it nothing more than a glance which resulted in you thinking that you have knowledge but you didn’t and that’s what made you a confused person.

When you are doing this in your life, you are just using that small glimpse to paint a picture using your different thoughts and opinions which results is a self-made the point which is not even clear to you and when you have to face it or really make use of it you find yourself in a confused person who fails to answer anything and if you are an egoistic person you will confuse the people wherever you go and I always recommend to stay away from such people because such people creates a leap of faith in a matter of seconds and are always a reason for confusion.

So if you want to get out of this issue of confusion start to gain knowledge and not just shallow knowledge but in-depth knowledge on a single subject and then move to another only then you will be able to understand things clearly and your brain will be able to utilize its ability to defog your vision and you will be able to see things more and more clearly resulting in your benefit.
If you want to get rid of confusion there is only one and only one way which is to gain knowledge and try to change your approach to things and even that can only be done if your knowledge and only then you can think differently and develop a skill to change your perspective and view the situations or things to make a better, well-informed decision in life and only then you will be able to talk and deliver what’s the right and what should be right because you have that knowledge which will give rise to skills if you are passionate but if you are a confused person because you lack self-belief then make sure to gain knowledge and learn the skill to believe in yourself because it will change not only your current life but your destiny.
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