We often feel the need of an idea for something we need to do or just to start things for ourselves but it is very unfortunate that we can’t really do that because we don’t have an idea nor an inspiration to derive an idea from which makes it hard for us to be good at anything, so to solve that problem here are 10 best ways to find inspiration.

10 Ways To Find An Inspiration:
Social Media
Follow People
Read Books
Buy Inspiration
Visual Inspiration
Change Your Environment
Read History
Watch Inspirational Content
Take a Look At Your Past
Social Media:
In this day and age, social media is one of the greatest ways to find an inspiration because people are often sharing their ideas here, one of the best ways are to use hashtags on Instagram and Pinterest mentioning the subject you want inspiration in and you will be able to get many and many ideas from there. Especially if you use Pinterest, you will find many rich ideas, you just have to make an account and tell the system about your interests and they will automatically lead you to the ideas from which you can find inspiration and start working or start exploring the right thing for yourself.

On the other hand, you will be able to use Instagram which will also lend you a lot of health just by using hashtags and searching for the fields and you will find many ideas there and you can find your inspiration with ease because they are full of stuff which inspires people and some are so good that you can derive many ideas from them and you won’t regret using this.

If you want more these are not all platforms available on the internet, there is Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and maybe even more which you can use to find awesome stuff which will lead you towards your inspiration and you will be able to get ideas and another specific way is to use Facebook or YouTube to watch videos or pictures from specific channels made for that certain field or a branch in that field and by watching them you can get ideas.

Follow People:
So this is another great way to get inspired, All you have to do is search for the best people doing the work you are thinking about and then follow them on their social media accounts and then you can take a look at their old things or upcoming ideas or plans or products and when you will be following the best, their work will be continuously inspiring you and if you can, you will probably find more people who might not be that famous but there work is worth getting inspired from and the longer you try the more amount of people you will be able to follow on different platforms to get an inspiration from.

Books are another great way to get inspiration because they have a treasure of knowledge and even if you read a single book about the field that interests you or even general novels, you will find so many things to derive an idea from because if you look at a book, often just its cover is ready to inspire you and give you an idea but if you read them there is a tremendous amount of knowledge and inspirations for you to avail which will help you a lot if you are truly looking for inspiration, if you ask me, I will tell you that even a single book holds so several ideas and several things to feel inspired from and sometimes the book is so good that you look at its readers work and get inspired.  

Buy Inspirational Stuff:
This might not look much of a deal for some people but if you understand it with the correct mindset you will easily be able to find inspiration. So we often go to stores or platforms which have stuff which doesn’t look much use of like in the platforms where de-cluttered things come and they clean then off to make them good decoration, at such places you will be able to find many inspirational stuff  if you correctly look for it and give the place its desired time and observe carefully because there are many things you can keep for some time and get ideas from and later you can get rid of them because many come cheap at such places and you can either through them away from or just de-clutter them for someone else to get an inspiration a bit different from yours.

Visual Inspiration:
This strongly depends on your observation, there people and things happening all around you and if you look correctly and try to find meanings in stuff you will be able to find loads and loads of things which will inspire you to generate a great idea from, it can be anything from a car accident to a mistake your wife did or anything in general which will help you not only learn but to find an idea, all you have to do is to try to look for it and you will find it in your visuals around you.

Change Your Environment:
So this has been practised a lot and if you look at history, you be able to see that most of the great people changed their environment, got out of their comfort zone and got thoughts and ideas which changed the world, so remember if you want an inspiration worthy enough to be called a master piece this change of environment will help you a lot. You can go to remote locations; you can visit different places and get back to nature. You can go places where it quite and beautiful or maybe you can go to a hotel room and stay for around a month and see if you can get an inspiration, you just have to look for inspiration and you will find it.

History is a great source of inspiration, because it gives you a lot of knowledge both visual and thoughtful which is a greatly inspiring material and if you read about the history of places and people and about the history of some lost civilizations and some doomed civilizations, they are things that will scare you and inspire you, which will help you a great deal if you are looking for an inspiration and just in a very short time you will be able to get ideas even if you only some short stories about the history of either humankind or some the field you are in.

Watch Inspiring Content:
This is very important if you want inspiration as mentioned earlier you should watch videos and stuff in your field or out of your field and look for an inspiration or an idea which can help you a great deal but if you watch content which is opposite to that of your field you can still find inspiration if you look for it in that content, it is just about your observation.

Brain Storm:
This is one of the greatest ways to find an idea or an inspiration, all you have to do is to talk to likeminded people and talk about a single subject and this will help you get more and more ideas which will later inspire you or you will be able to get many ideas at the spot and you can start working on them as quick as can.

Take a Look At Your Past:
If you are having a hard time finding an inspiration you should try and reflect your past, try to remember what you were like or what happened in your past and write if anything interesting comes in your head because our past is like a movie which can change as many times as we try to remember it and it will help you paint as many paintings as you want to and get as many inspirations as you can which will help you get ideas.

I hope this article was helpful for and if you are reading this there is a bonus tip for you if you want ideas or inspirations, there is tuff all around you, you just have to innovate it and make it yours. I hope you liked the content and if you did consider subscribing for email subscriptions for the latest updates.  You can follow on social media if you want to talk to me directly or something similar to that.

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