How To Find The Purpose Of Your Life?
This is a very important question and everyone should know its answer but it is very unfortunate that it is too often that people don’t even think about it. So if you don’t have a purpose in your life, you are like some animal just passing your life, just a breathing body with soul so dead that the only difference between you and a robot is that you can breathe and be lazy or unwell. So if you are that type of person, don’t mind me saying because it is the truth that you are a dead weight not only for this world but yourself because you have nothing to look forward to. 

Now if you want to know the purpose of your life, the simplest way is to look for it and you will find it but the thing is that it is very often that people don’t even look for it because if they had they would have found its basic raw idea just in their teenage. 

So How do you find the purpose? This is where religion comes in if you are not an atheist. Religion is that single thing which gives every person a the basic purpose in life and with their ability to dig in they find more and that’s why it creates a community because too many people have the same purpose with the same path but even if you are from religion or an atheist you still need to find that purpose because the problem is that everyone is helping others and they think that’s their purpose, to help others but if you are helping someone who is also doing nothing and has no vision no self-worth, no significance and no the broad aim then you are like those two people who judge if asks what were you doing? One will reply I was doing nothing and the other will say I was helping him, so if you are helping someone who is doing nothing then you are also doing nothing. So what do we get from that? If you are helping someone who has no sense of purpose him or herself then you are also living a purposeless life and have no significance and no value yourself and have a dead soul. So this is when religion comes in and says that this whole world wasn’t an accident and there is a purpose behind it and each of you has a purpose and if you don’t know it then investigate. So this is one of the answers to find the purpose of your life. Investigate your life, your surroundings, your world.

So now you have stepped on that first stair which leads to your purpose, but then you will get to another question about the investigation that what to investigate? The answer is simple and easy, just investigate your life and surroundings now to investigate you need some skills like observation and learning, if you want to become an observer, I will give you a very easy solution to develop observation, just wake up in the morning before the sunrise and take a shower or just wash your face 5-7 times and make a run for the view of sunrise and look around yourself at the clouds, feel the air try to look for the changes in the sky and light and the difference of feel of the atmosphere when the sun comes up, try to see how the sun changes colour for your eyes and do it for some days and write what you find each and every day and after some days you will be able to tell the story of the dawn. This will activate your observation skills and because you will be looking for the differences and changes while writing them down, you will also have developed the skill to learn from your observation and now you just have done some basic things like reading a different type of books or look at the problems in the world or try to look for your passion by observing your daily life and looking for what excites you the most and how good is it for you and for the world and chose the best thing for both you and the world and start working on it and now when you have started to look for the purpose of your the life you will find it and actually looking for the purpose of your life is finding the purpose of your life because if you have finally that thought in which you have found the value of purpose you have already broken out of that shell holding you back and now you will find it. 

So no matter you are a religious person or an atheist if you are looking for the purpose you will find it but make sure you don’t run after something which excites you but it is going to hurt the people around the globe or it is going to waste the time of the people around you because then you have a purpose but you are a toxic person and you are worse than dead weight because if people are going crazy for you then remember you have made people “crazy” which means you are wrong so make sure you chose a purpose in which people are going to understand something from you which doesn’t make them crazy but gives them sense and help they learn the purpose of their life. 

you can be a person who helps others but not to do nothing but this time help them finding the purpose of their life or have a purpose in which others will help you and you will directly just give them a purpose and that’s what will make you not a breathing robot but an alive soul having a mission in life because if you become someone who wakes up in the morning just to go o work and come back to eat, drink watch some content and drink some drinks or have some family life and that’s it. Then who are you? What are you? Why are you? That’s something even animals do, so why are you human? Why were you born? An accident or an error or a blunder, what were you? But what were you doesn’t matter until you have a better answer for what are you? 

So these are the steps you should follow to find the purpose of your life: 

  1. Look for the Purpose
  2. Investigate
  3. Observe
  4. Learn
  5. Read
  6. Feel.

You will find the purpose while you are looking for it in your life in yourself and in your surroundings. You may want to do something good for the environment; you might want to do something against wars. You might want to do something for unhealthy people, you might want to help others find the purpose of life, you might want to make others life easy, you might want to change the world, you can have any purpose but you should be passionate about it and it should be good for you as well as for the people and should not be something which would make you a rebel, you should be a friend for general people.  

Your purpose should have the values to ease, approve and acknowledge people rather harden, disapprove or hate people. Your purpose should not make people alien or weird or stupid or against nature but to make them one and unite. 

I hope you were able to learn something good from this article and if you want to improve yourself I have a passion, a purpose to help people become better then yesterday by improving themselves by controlling their emotions for something constructive or productive. I want to change the world by adding the value of self-discipline and unity with a community which doesn’t discriminate and gather everyone, bring people together with friendship and logic and get close and bring close others for a better future I am just a guy trying to make a global community and I seek knowledge. If you want to be a part of my community you can turn on email subscription to learn more from my articles or just comment below something you would like to say. 

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