How To Get Control Over Your Fear?
10 Best Ways To Get Control Over Your Fear
Fear is something which will give you a choice between two things, One is an advantage and the other is a disadvantage. Fear is not something you can eradicate nor should you try to cancel it because it is a feeling and this ability to have a feeling makes you human and believe it or not but this fear is your power and here we are talking about the natural feeling of fear. 

Types Of Fears
  1. Natural Fears 
  2. Self-Created Fears

Natural Fear
It is a type of fear which is within you when you were born and you can call it a built-in feature from your birth because of its importance. It is an important feature in human nature because it makes your senses quick and sensitive and helps you fell danger so you can react against it to survive. In normal daily life in this 21st century, you can understand it by an example of the feeling of danger before the danger occurred, for that demonstration you can look inside your past and by doing that you will see a fascinating time when you felt that fear and were able to save your day like, for instance, you left the house before your parents came to bust you or you stopped using the phone before your teacher came to check on you just because you felt something tingling inside you and that was fear. So this natural fear saves you a lot of times but there are some types of natural fears which you need to understand before you can control it to use for your benefit in more efficient ways. 
Types of Natural Fear

  1. Unable To Breath
  2. Sound
  3. Fall

If we put it in a nutshell, humans biggest natural fear drowning because you are not able to breathe and you are falling down and sound is five times faster in water because its good conductor which affects your health by giving you feelings like dizziness. 

Why Do We Fear Breathlessness?
We fear breath shortage because it is essential for our bodies functionality and without oxygen, we can’t survive because our organs will not get the fuel to run down there but that’s not the main reason. The main reason is due to the increase of CO2 when we don’t get oxygen the CO2 level increases which create anxiety, frustrations and panic attacks and we naturally fear that because it chemically changes our internal system. More importantly the internal rising of CO2 increases when you don’t breathe or if you don’t get oxygen which creates distortion inside and you feel anxiety and stuff which causes highest fears and it is natural. 

Why Do We Fear Sound?
We naturally fear loud noise from our childhood but later in life many of us get some control over it due to common exposure but if it’s too much we can get sick or have long-lasting or permanent damages. Many people feel fear when exposed to continues or shocking high sound because it creates distortion in the brain and higher the frequency higher the risks of stickiness. 

Why Do Fear Fall?
We fear falling down because it creates a risk of death and changes in the internal processes of our body and a study found that many people if exposed to an aeroplane crash dies in the fall because of fear rather after hitting the ground or water because they panic and can’t breathe.

How To Control Natural Fears?
We can control natural fears to some extent. If you want to control the fear of sound, just hear a lot of intensity sounds by increasing intensity bit by bit and after some days or months you will get some control over it but it is dangerous if you do it take it to extremes so I prefer that you see a doctor for the best advice. You can control the fear of falling by jumping from small places and increasing the height bit by bit or getting yourself mentally ready before any kind of fall and breathing. You can’t really get much control over the fear of breathlessness but you can try to increase the time of your ability to stop breathing and it will help to some extent. 

Now the real problem is self-created fears, which are the main problems for normal people as they don’t let you do normal things or perform normal tasks in life in a better way. 

What Are Self-Created Fears?
These fears are not self-created but are some fears which we get from this world and they are added in us because someone tried again and again to build a perception of fear about that subject or we read or watched about it and that content showed those things as something we should fear from like some parents to scare their kid from their grandma or from ghosts and the kid starts to fear from that particular person or thing. Some people watch so much content which directly or indirectly indicates the bad things that come from taking risks which again disables a person from taking risks in life and so on the list goes and all these type of fears are self-created and we get control over them if we try using the right techniques. 

Common Self- Created Fears
  • What Will People Say?
  • Fear of Failure
  • Fear of Becoming Poor
  • Fear of Animals
  • Fear of Loneliness
  • Fear of Death
There is no limit to such fears.

How To Get Control Over These Self-Created Fears?
Now you can’t really get rid of natural fear itself but you can control it and even use it for your benefit if you reach that stage but if are talking about the self-created fears, you might get rid of them but it all depends on you and how strong your will is or how strong you make it. 
So here are some techniques you can use to get control over self-created fears:

  1. Pain and Pleasure Principle
  2. Write and Burn
  3. Face it
  4. Learn About Its Advantages
  5. Learn About its Disadvantages
  6. Breathing practices
  7. Prepare For Worse
  8. Find Logical Reason
  9. Believe In Your Will
  10. Believe In Your God

1. Pain and Pleasure Principle
So this is a very easy technique all you have to do is to take a pen and paper, write about your fears and just after that write some pleasure you are going to give yourself if you were able to perform better next time you face your fear and if you don’t do that you will receive this torture instead. Like buying yourself your favourite chocolate or giving yourself a cold shower as torture. 

2. Write and Burn
In this technique, you have to write your fears down on the paper and just burn them, you will feel relaxation and practising this technique for some time will help you feel light about it and it will work way more than your recurrently thinking because it will help you feel light about that fear as you will see it burn and it is a natural reaction of a human to the thing that is burning down. 

3. Face Your Fear
] Now you have to face your fear, for instance, if you have a fear of talking to people get out of your comfort and confront people and again and every time prepare for some questions you are going to ask or look at yourself in the mirror and find the best pose to stand, smile and talk and just like this you can face all other fears and get yourself exposed to that fear which will help you get some control over that fear.

4. Learn Advantages
You must take a paper and think about the advantages of that fear and write them down and if you don’t know about any, just search about them and think about them in different situations and after you have written some down, just do yourself a favour and look in your life and see if these advantages have good enough to keep them and when you find that no you don’t need such value your the brain will be prepared better for the next time face them and you will have some control over that fear. 

5. Learn Disadvantages
So just like you wrote about the advantages and their value, you have to sit down and write about the disadvantages of your fears and once you have completed think about these disadvantages and there influence in your life and if you come up with an answer that they are bearable or not and if you think they are doing way too dangerous for your life, then your brain will be able to prepare more for those fears and you will have the mindset of fighting those fears which will ultimately help you get control over those fears. 

6. Breathing Practices 
if you want to fight fears it’s the best if you start to breathe well and learn the breathing techniques to reboot your brain or to strengthen your mind and body and increase the quality of your immune system because at the end of the day breathing will help you in the situation where you normally panic and end up making a wrong decision and when you will have better breathing you will be more confident and stronger overall to face your fears in a better more powerful way. 

7. Prepare For Worse
Now this is very important for control. You must think about the worst possible situation and feel it in your head and if you practice that you will be already be prepared for the upcoming situation and you will be able to handle it way better than you would have done prior to that situation and will be able to perform way better then you could have in the past which will help you get some control over your fears and excel forward in life.

8. Find Logical Reason
So if you want to get some control over your fears, you must start to learn about the logical reasons behind them and you can do that by learning about those fears and observing what triggers the most and finding the logical reason behind you fear and its effect on you and once you have done that you might get the answer about getting rid of that in process or at least have better control and if you are not able to understand it, least you can do it to get help from some professional and explain your problem and get some good advice.

9. Believe In Yourself
So if you don’t think you can do it, you can face it and you have the power. You are good for nothing so make your will stronger and know yourself in a better way, know that you can break through your limits because you are a human and you are not second to anyone and you have got it. You can change yourself and strengthen yourself. You can break your limits right in the scene and perform what’s unimaginable by the world because you are who you are and you are the best. If you doubt yourself you can never achieve anything in life and you can strengthen your will by reading books or articles which will tell you about the tails of the people who never gave up and fought till they achieved what they strived for and by reading and watching such content you will get help in strengthening your will and will be able to believe in yourself more than ever before.

10. Believe In Your God
If you believe in God. This is for you, just read your religious scriptures or listens to your leaders and believes in your God and the power of your God and if you can’t even benefit from your religion what else will you benefit from? So this is the resort for you if you are a believer and it might help you because natural human forms work better when they believe in something superior to themselves. 

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