How To Get Rid Of Laziness?  Never Feel Lazy Again
So the issue of feeling lazy is somewhat a barrier between you and your success and many people have to deal with it but if only if you can understand the right mindset and learn to keep that mindset, that mindset will never let you feel lazy ever again.

So lazy is the person who doesn’t like to do any productive work and is a work-shy person which you can give many names such as slothful, indolent, sluggish, inactive, shiftless or listless and many similar words can be presented to a lazy a person and all these words are related to each other and are neighbours of the word lazy and the person “lazy” and in words it’s just like that, there is a whole family of words in a field like if you look at abusive words, you will find abusive words relate to and close to each other and more importantly in an abusive person because the relationship bonds them together. 

The reality is that if you are a person or someone you know who is very lazy and laziness is not just sleeping all day but it can be given in an example like: There is a person who tries to work but ends but misbehaving or doing the wrong thing over and over again or fighting people while working because of frustration is also a lazy person because laziness is in finding excuses not to work. You will see a lazy person with excuses like “I don’t have any time” or “I can’t do any work” or “this job doesn’t suit me” or “this is not my sort of work”. There is another symbol you will be able to read in a lazy person which is to be goal less or to have a goal but no passion and that means you have a want to walk but you are a disabled person and can’t walk and you have the approach of cursing your life, you have a mindset of feeling pity that you can’t walk and you just want to walk but you think it’s impossible or you daydream that someday science will become good enough to help you or someone from sky will fall to help you so you can walk, so this is the lazy approach, The active the approach is in the solution if you can’t walk but have an urge to walk, you should look for the ways to solve your problem yourself and when you will have hope, you will have a passion to turn you want into reality and that is what we call a real deal goal because when you have a goal with strong urge laziness will fade away. So it’s about the mindset, you either can make excuses and daydream or you can face the world with whatever the problems you have to face and learn from each and change yourself with discipline, observation, experience and learning to ultimately change the world.  

So this is what makes a person lazy:

  1. Makes Excuses
  2. No Goal/Tiny Goal
  3. Requires Output Without Input

So if you want to get rid of laziness, you must have a goal, you must first find a goal, you must find your passion and till you are in the process of finding it, work so hard that your body is in the discomfort and you are using it beyond its limits because if you don’t torture yourself a bit, your addicted the lazy body will never ever give you the output, so the first step is to stop making excuses and if you have something in front of you, don’t think why? Or I can’t think how? Concerning time and when you will be under stress every day, your muscles will become active and then your brain will also start working and then give yourself sometime at night or whatever time you feel that you can think, read books and learn new things and in that process, you will find your passion and when you find that passion, that field you have to see what are the international standards of that field and what is happening, what are wrongs and rights and how you can bring a change for the better and acquire that power to practically give society a change, give yourself a chance, give yourself a change, give yourself the discomfort to do some productive work, if your senses don’t help you, wake up in the morning and give your body cold showers and give it some exercise and it will respond and work for it, change your approach of thought from wanting something to being passionate about something, throw yourself in practical and when you achieve something you will understand that it is the joy of the process that people strive not the joy of glory, glory is only going to be righteous if you have a struggle if you have that ability to control it because if you have no past and something is just given to you, you will never deserve it and will never be able to enjoy it and soon will get bored, depressed or frustrated because you are from the core a lazy, good for nothing person and if you want to change that, make sure you discipline yourself and control your emotions and fail and fail and face and face it but most importantly learn from that failure and proceed further. 

If you want to get rid of laziness you will have to get rid of your excuses and to get rid of excuses give yourself a big goal, find that aim, that vision to produce change and strive for it so hard that you work for it and then you will never feel laziness ever again and give yourself discomfort and torture yourself a bit and get your body out in that hard practical world to change it, read books and look at peoples struggles and listen to what the great people have to say, learn and observe from all the people, look at peoples struggles and their pities and find a way to help them, find a way to change and then you will never need rest, never want that laziness because you will have become one with your aim with your vision that nothing else will be important and only when you stand up and control yourself with a different approach than today. 

How To Get Rid Of Laziness:

  1. Change Your Though Approach
  2. Put Yourself In Discomfort
  3. Set High Goals
  4. Become One With Your Aim

Some amazing person said that if you want to change the world start off by making your bed because when you will make your bed, you will have completed that one and the first task in your day and it will empower you to complete every task but if you still have a bad day, you will come to a bed that is made and that will make your happy and will change your mind and will give you the power to complete another task and another task and so on.

So these are the secrets of getting rid of laziness and changing you for good. If you want to achieve something then stop wanting it and start doing it, stop wanting it and start needing it, stop wanting it and start struggling, stop wanting it and start making a plan for it, stop wanting it and make it your aim, your goal and remember all your goals are only steps you are going to jump on to move to the next one, but make an ultimate goal so big that people laugh at you because only then your goal is high enough and remember! that people have laughed at all great people of history but have applauded for the same. 

If you don’t agree, there was a teacher in an institution, he told the students that they must have a big aim and should dream of a big thing and asked them about their dreams after everyone has answered students asked the teacher about his dream and he said that I will become the president of our country and every one giggled but soon after some years he made it into the elections and became the prime minister for as long as the law allowed a single person to become the president again and again and that man was none other than Barack Obama and the first thing he said after making his dream a reality was that nothing is impossible in this world if you want it bad enough. So want something bad enough that you require it and work for it so hard that you give more than what’s best of your ability and fail then learn and try again and keep trying until you have succeeded but been at the right path, be righteous yourself, don’t change your path to evil doing if you fail because you will not be given something, you have to take it, you have to earn it and that requires struggle, the higher you want to go, the higher, more intense the struggle will be, the crucial the struggle, the more joy will success give to you. 

So get up take a cold shower to change your clothes and change your thinking forever and ever. 

I hope you have understood something and are walking away from a better person, so if you want to discipline yourself learn to control your emotions and conditions yourself and for that, you will find some material right here. If you liked the content consider subscribing to email updates for the latest articles. 

Thank You

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