How To Make Better Decisions? 4 Tips To Make Good Decisions
Decision making is one of the most vital things in our life as our life depends on it but it is not just that. If you look around in your past you will have played a blame game in which you would have blamed someone else for the problem you are facing because that person made the decision. 
Now, what do we understand by that? 
We got that you will make decisions in life which will have a direct or an indirect effect on you and people associated with you. Now if you don’t want to be blamed or don’t want others to fall in life because of your wrong decision you must become a better decision-maker.

Now How Do You Become a Better Decision Maker?
  1. Use Knowledge and Logic.
  2. Say No To Emotional Decisions.
  3. Acknowledge Your Weaknesses.
  4. Make Close Friends.
1.Use Knowledge and Logic: 
If you want to become a better decision-maker you must stick with logic based on knowledge which is not wrong or knowledge which hosts less amount of chance to be wrong and the question is which type of knowledge? It’s simple, the knowledge regarding your field of decision making like you are thinking of buying a car and your budget is $9000 and now want to make a decision, and you have heard that you must make decision-based on knowledge. 
Now in this situation, you must learn about the specs of each car and learn about the quality of those specs and watch or read the reviews of your previous users of that car, company or specs and make sure you write down your needs and then you can decide easily by looking at two or three papers and resultantly choosing what’s best for you. 
This is a decision with knowledge and logic but you don’t have to make decisions on cars right? 
So what do we do? You must start reading books or watching videos which talks about the things connected to you and gather knowledge about general subjects which will later help you while making decisions. Whenever you are in the situation which requires you to make a decision always search about that situation, read autobiographies and learn about it and after you have all that knowledge then take a decision and hopefully, it will be a good decision.

2.Say No To Emotional Decisions:
 When you are in an emotional state you cannot think straight and when that is the case, it is a very unfortunate thing to say but 95 per\cent of the time your decisions are wrong and you live to regret those decisions as there is a 98% chance that you will have made a wrong decision and that is because humans have looked at their past and we have found out that decisions made by us are always wrong or most of the time are wrong if their foundation is emotional. 
So make sure you never make a decision when you are in an emotional state, especially when you are in the state of anger and second to that is the state of love, these two are the states in which humans have a hard time making a correct decision because they are just too vulnerable or too hot-headed to make a decision based on reality as they are in the zone of a perception which is way too far from reality. So never ever make a decision when you are in the state of emotion. 
You can practice that easily by staying silent in the state of anger and learn to control your anger and learn to channelize your anger and in the area of love, you need to learn the true emotional reality of love. In the area of love, it is hard to stay silent but you can try and always give your mind a message of staying alert, so you have that mindset when you are in the state of love and you will perform better in the emotional state of love. 

3.Acknowledge Your Weaknesses: 
So this is very important not only in the area of decision making but in general human growth, You will need to acknowledge your weaknesses because if you have done a mistake in the past and you regret what happened but not acknowledge your mistakes in that and just play the blame game, you will end up in a tunnel which has collapsed because if you are perfect you can’t grow and people too often don’t get exposure to growth because they just are perfect in their head and settle on never growing. If you are like that change yourself today and make sure to take time and take a look at your mistakes and when you have done that you will yourself develop resisting forces and you can learn about the solutions to your weaknesses by doing some research.

4.Make Close Friends: 
So this is a very underrated way but the discussion is very important and if you have someone you 100% trust then you will be able to talk to them get their views and then make a decision but make sure you have a trustworthy person who also have knowledge and experience because without that there is not much use and you are better off not getting the suggestions from such people. 

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If you are looking forwards to make good decisions make sure, you learn to control your emotions and believe in yourself and take some risks because they are important to learn as you can’t grow without fall. Now let’s hope you make better decisions in the future to come and if you like my content then consider subscribing for email updates and giving a follow on social media platforms. 


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