How To Stop Getting Angry? The Best Way To Tame Your Anger
So anger is a feeling, it is an emotion and you cannot cancel your emotions because having emotions make you a human because if you didn’t have emotions or were able to delete them you either wouldn’t be human or some science experiment in the lab of some evil scientist and if you are not a robot or a science experiment then having emotions like anger is excellent but what’s not excellent is your bad control on your emotion or anger to be specific and it can take you to places you don’t want to even if you get angry on things or people or animals whom can do no harm to you because feeling angry is not bad for health but reacting immaturely to that feeling is bad for your health. 

Phases Of Anger

  1. Feeling Anger
  2. Reaction To Anger
  3. Resentment 
Now to understand it better, you must learn that there are three phases of anger. One is you getting angry because something sad, something bad happened to you or someone did something bad to you which is completely normal because its common sense to feel angry on some unfair happening, the second phase is your reaction to that feeling and to what happened to you which is called rage and rage is something in which you lose your senses and become a fool and it is bad for you and third the phase is in which you hold on to anger like for 2 days, 20 days or 22 years which is called resentment which again is a foolish act. 
How To Never Get Angry Again
  1. Feeling Anger is Normal. 
  2. Keep an anger journal.
  3. Add thought before Reacting.
  4. Don't let someone live inside you for free.
If someone does something bad to you that means they don’t have a sense of justice and are senseless and because they are senseless it would be very senseless to take revenge on someone who is senseless because you are gifted with sense so you should have pity on the other person and you don’t get angry on someone who you took pity on because these two emotions don’t get along. So once you understand this you don’t need to react to your anger because there won’t be the rage for a person who is pitiful for you. 

Now if we look at the third phase in which you hold on to the anger which is called resentment.
So if you want to understand it in a very easy way. Look if you own a house and someone whom you dislike comes to you and stays in your house without paying any rent, will you let that happen? No! You would never let that happen. So if someone who did something which was unfair and now you hate him but you still keep an enemy in your head to hurt you by using your own energy for free. You certainly if are a sensible person would never let anyone whom he or she hates stay in their place without paying rent. 

So controlling the reaction of anger is actually the hardest part of this whole situation because 
at that point in time we stop thinking and explode from our mouth but what’s the solution?
You should keep an anger journal and at the end of the night when you read about your days reactions to different unfair or offensive actions, you should give it a thought and ask yourself this question: Was it the best thing to do in that situation? Or could it have been better? 
I am a human the best specie there is, the most intelligent being there is to knowledge, can’t I do better, can’t I think better, can’t I have a better thoughtful reaction, No I am not that less!
So when you will ask yourself such questions, your self-respect will discipline you and next time when you get angry you just have to try and trigger that thought and once it’s triggered you will think better and will not react to a fool by becoming a fool. You will learn to let go.

So once you understand these phases and the mindset to control then you will never get have to get angry again and you will become a better person with more thought in your head and with this technique, you will observe that your decision making ability has also seen growth. 
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