It has become too often for us to fail whenever we are trying to make a point in front of some individual or a group of people no matter how important and significant that point is and in some cases it has also been observed that, the same point that you were trying to make is misunderstood or not given value by anyone but just after a minute or sometimes another person makes the same point which is not only acknowledged by everyone but that person experiences a good amount of appreciation which you deserved.

So first we need to understand the problems in us and to do that we need to ask some questions to our own self, so we actually understand the actual problem or the issue in us.

Is my point logical? Is my point understandable? Am I presenting my point in the right way? Am I qualified to talk? Am significant enough in these people or for these people?

So once you have asked these questions to yourself, you might have gotten an idea of your problem but you can look for further information to completely understand your problem and get a solution.  

Is my point logical?
If someone is not understanding the point that you are trying to make, then try to analyze your point and think about it by putting yourself in the shoes of another person and see, if it is logical for a person other than you or not? like a person who is only hearing your words but can’t see the context behind those words and its better if you carry a small notebook in the start and write down your point and then quickly analyze it, so you can change it to more logical terms for another person which is certainly not you.

Am I presenting the point in the right way?
So sometimes we have all the knowledge in the world and we know about each and everything but the problem due to which we fail to make our point in a way in which it stands out is because we do not know the correct way to present it. This is a very common problem in the people of the 21st century. You can think of your words as a dish which is very tasty and even its first bite will take the taste buds of a person in heaven but if it looks awkward or has a look which people are not comfortable with or to be precise, it has a dirty look for the eyes of people, then no one will dare to taste it, so if your sentences and words in them are just like that, no matter how you’re your message is and how much value lies in it, if you are someone who is presenting it is a bad way, you will not make it in the world, at least not in a way in which logical and decent people will understand you. What you can do about it is very simple and easy, all you have to do is to learn the skill of communication and more specifically the rules of the presentation which you might find for free on many websites on the internet and you will be good to go.  

Am I qualified to talk?
So this is very important if you are in a group of people who are either older than you or are from a branch different than yours and you know that these are not some people who welcome suggestions from someone out of their league in any section, so it’s better if you don’t try push in and ignore them but if you want to make a point due to some private reasons then you should make a written statement which talks about logic and reasons and how you got this idea as fast but as precise and short as possible and send it to them and this will give you a huge chance of recognition or at least the recognition of your point and if you are in a meeting, just carry a small notebook with you and write your point down and give it to the person who can read it aloud and people will hear him with ease but make sure to add your name and be in front people while giving it so none steals your place or words.

Am significant enough in these people or for these people?
So the truth is that no one wants to listen to just anyone called nobody because everyone is in their zone and not curious enough to hear from “whoever” people. So if you want people to give attention to your point then make sure to be a nice and intelligent person over all in your life which means that have a good personality and a good sense of dressing while having recognition for someone who is known and recognizable.

Just take an instance of a restaurant where some people came to meet new people and you are also there, someone comes and sits beside you and tells you that he will make a sun float in his hand by making a small glove-like device and things like he wants to go to Venus and this is how he is going to do it. Now how much attention and recognition will you give him? Not much right?

Now, what if Elon Musk does the same thing? He comes to a restaurant sits beside you and talks about his plans for roads and space and floating sun. Who will have more attention and recognition? Yes, Elon Musk.

So what we get is that it is always easier for a recognized person to make a point then to a “nobody” because people don’t trust much. So make sure you have recognition if not, the at-least wear simple but good clothes while having a decent body shape which will give you an edge in the people or when you are in-front of a person.
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