In our life we often have to deal with hard times and many people can’t cross them because they give up and settle down and that’s not it because some people even think about giving up life and some practically do that which is no doubt, the way of a coward because life is a gift and hard times are your assets to become great in life. 

It has often been observed that people tend to give up in hard times without even understanding the meaning of hard times and that’s the worst thing to do in this life because you are losing the significance in your life and that’s a loss of self-worth which takes you towards the death of your soul which ultimately makes you a dead soul with a breathing body which is obviously of no use and of no value.

If you want to get over your hard times you must understand the importance of hard times which you cannot just understand by the meaning of word “hard” or word “times” nor by the contextual meaning but the best way to understand the meaning and importance of “Hard Times” is by studying the great peoples past and if you do that you will see that almost all great people have been through a very hard time and after having to face many difficulties they were able to experience that glory.

Now you should look around you in the world observe the great peoples past and when you do that you will see that the greatest of the greatest people has seen times so difficult that you can’t even imagine yourself in their shoes because you know how weak you are, you will understand one thing and that’s: The great people often come from poor and hard backgrounds, great thinkers have faced unthinkable situations, Greater Visions have been born in the toughest of times and Biggest of dreams are always seen by the smallest people.

If you try to understand that and look around you, you will see that the people who are blessed with everything are not that big of dreamers then those thoughtful people who were in situations where dreaming is a no go area but they defied these evil rules, saw that dream, had that vision, believed in it, worked for it and yes they achieved it. If you don’t know who to look, look Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was a village boy who was going to be a farmer or some worker in a small factory but he saw a dream and become one of the greatest of all times.

There was a man in the streets of Karachi, a city in an Asian country named Pakistan. He used to sell clothes in the streets and one day due to some hard situations he saw gave away all the clothes because he thought that someone else needed them more and that day was the day when he saw a dream which made him a person who founded a Brand “Edhi” it is the biggest ambulance system in the entire world and he did many great things for humanity. Think about where he saw a dream? He saw a dream in the hardest of his times when his mother was paralyzed, his father was dead and he had nowhere to go and no one to save him or help him but he still saw a dream and his belief made it into a reality.  Read This Book “Hard Times Create Strong Men” You will understand the power of hard times.  

There thousands of people who did great things and their dream was born in very hard times and people used to laugh at them, so what do we get from all of this? Those hard times create strong people. If you look at history’s most influential personality, he was a person who used to starve for numerous days and at sometimes people threw stones at him and even his own family tried to kill him but he became a leader that no one was able to beat, that no one was able to change and still, no one is at his level or even below him. Buy His Life Story From Here:
Muhammad (PBUH) Life Story

So anyone who was able to do anything in this world had to face enormous amount of difficulties and because of that they were able to change their life and the life of the people around them. The struggle is the training to control the glory because a non-deserving person will ruin that glorious seat of greatness and you have examples all around you.

So what do we get? We understand that hard times are part of our life and they are only our training sessions to help us grow stronger and stronger. Remember some problems in life will come to stay and you will have to lift them on your back and move forward but they will only make your stronger and it is a universal fact that sometimes some problems will not go away no matter how much you fight back but they will stick, so all you have to do is to change your strategy and lift them on your back and move forward while trying to figure their solution out and if you want an example you have the story of Stephen Hawking, who was completely disabled but still he is one of the greatest scientist of the century. Buy his story to be amazed from here: Stephen Hawking: An Unfettered Mind

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