Your habits play a vital role in your life, if you know nothing about habits in this day and age then it’s probably the best time to learn about them. In general life, there are many habits which help you giving a rise to your personality and you might not know that or feel that very soon but after some time you will directly or indirectly help you change your life.

It is said that a human can’t change the future and is going to fall, victim, to its destiny but there is only one thing which can fight the destiny and change the future and that are your habits. Remember if you have habits which are not a good representation of decency your future is written and you are not going to like it no matter how much you justify for yourself, So change your habits today to experience their power.

5 Habits to Change Your Life:

  1. Start Talking Decently
  2. Start Appreciating
  3. Start Smiling
  4. Start thinking
  5. Dress Well

1. Start Talking Decently:
When we think about this it is something most people think they do but they use certain words in their language like “Abuses” “Swearing” or some indecent words which are against the laws of decency and some people use a tone which reflects anger or frustration or desperation or attitude which kills the should of people around them and then even if you have 100 people around you babbling they love you, that’s a lie because when the time harder then their comfort will come and they will have a choice to make a run for it they will and you will be good for nothing, so today now be lively and passionate when you talk and add up softness in your words, add respect in your words, according to who you are talking and even if you are frank with someone, you must show some amount of respect according to the situation and person type and this habit will help you decide your future to be full of success and joy or to be full of doom and failure.

2. Start Appreciating:

So often people don’t appreciate others on what they have done, they are thank less, they feel that they will lose value if they appreciate someone or if they let anyone win a compliment from their words, often when people taste success they become like that and they experience fall in their success because there is nothing to keep them alive because making others happy will make you happy, making others proud will make you proud, making others smile will give your life and giving honour to others will gain you respect and when you compliment someone it makes them smile, it makes them happy, it makes them proud and it gives them a feeling of being alive and if you give someone that you yourself will be able to experience the true meaning of peace.
So start appreciating and start complimenting.

3. Start Smiling:
This is a core thing which you should carry on your face because it is just not good for others but a therapy for you which gives you many and many advantages like strengthens your immune system, makes your skin better and so many more, try to Google it after you are done reading this and you will learn its benefits in detail and be shocked because it’s a natural gift.
Now if we talk about the people around you, give your past a push and try to remember the times when you saw someone smiling in a decent way when someone looked at you and smiled or when you smiled at someone and that person smiled back, it gives a feeling of self-Belief, self-confidence, it gives a feeling to peace and so many other feelings and when you give to others and see that in others it reflects at you and gives you more happiness and people look at you with respect, they think of you as a decent nice person. Which makes you a better person who is carrying a decent personality and in the long run you will directly or indirectly greatly benefit from it.

4. Start thinking:
We often do certain things in our daily life which are bad for us but because we don’t think about them, we are good for nothing and we do those and keep spoiling ourselves. Now the simple solution is to start thinking about what you are doing and think twice before you speak, think 10 times before you make a decision, think even more when you judge someone or something and if you think then try to change your approach of thinking. You can do that by thinking about the situation in one way and then try to change your perspective by giving a situation different view which you negate but try to consider it and think about that perspective and keep on doing that until you yourself think that you have covered all the perspectives and now you can decide because often we are looking from the wrong angle or our angle is just too narrow and we need to change it to look for the truth or the best. So developing this habit will help you greatly if you want to excel in life and change your future for good.

5. Dress Well:
Now this is one of the most important things in this world from which people have started to turn away from and those people are paying for it. If you dress in a way which makes you an alien, you are being stupid, if you dress in a way which makes you a mess, people are going to stay away from you in the long run and new ones are not going to like you and if you wear clean clothes close to humanities sense of decency. If you look at the top leaders of the world right now you will see that all of them wear clothes so decent to look at them and feel fresh. Now it is not about wearing clothes too expensive for your pay or pocket money or earning but to wear such clothes which are clean and decent while being minimalistic and are not making people secretly stare at you or look at you and think about you as a wrong person or to specify you with a group which might have haters. So be open to people and you can do that by dressing well and clean.

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