How To Not Hate Your Job? Why Do We Hate Our Job?
So about 80% of the people in our world, today hate their job and most of the people are in that state because they do what they do  as a chore, because they never gave a thought to their passion or to what they liked or what they were interested in and just started to go with the flow and followed the trends of their time and of their society, thus ended up in a place where they didn’t want to be but now when they are in that place, in that job they are like a fish trying to climb a tree, because they were never interested in it, they just did it as a chore and now when they have to do it practically every day and ever weak and every year they have started to face frustration and they are tired of what they do and want to break out of it and that’s because they are sick of it as they have money but no peace, no urge to perform their task as they were never passionate about this job.

This problem is common around the globe and it is something we face because we never think about our interest, we never think of our dream, we never look for our purpose in life and that’s why when we follow the vision of our family and friends which is not our vision but their vision we ultimately have no scope in it, some people do things even though they have an interest in a particular thing and their parents do not force them but they don’t do it because they are scared of many things like they fear failure, they fear lack of money, they fear not getting the job, they fear to get less amount of respect from the society, they fear lack of praise, they fear hatred and they fear many things of such type and sometimes these fears save us from doing something which is truthfully destructive for us but that’s rare.

The reality is that we hate our job because we didn’t have a clear vision of our future, we never had a dream, we had no idea of where we were going thus, we moved left and right, here and there and ended up nowhere, we ended up just working at a place to get money so we can feed our children, we can feed our family and live our life but trust me when I say this; you are not living your life but your life is living you and if you understand that you have understood the meaning of this whole article.

If you want to be someone who has control over his or her own life if you do not want to hate your job, if you do not want your life to control you but you want to be the commander of your own destiny, then make sure you have a dream, you have a vision, you have a clear sense of direction of where you are going and you know, what you are going to do with this life and that gives you a feeling of success , that makes you happy, that thing creates an urge in you and if that things make you move forward then you should chase it and forget what people are saying and work hard and smart for your dream.

It is never too late, if you are young you have time, gather knowledge about your path and if you think this path is right and you are not doing something wrong with your life and with the life of others, go for it but make sure your path is not something which is bad for your surroundings or for the people and if not, follow your path and achieve what you want.

If you are old and have to work then start the job you love in your free time as a hobby and hustle for that and because you are interested in it and you never give up, soon it will start to pay off and very soon after that you will not need that job full of stress because your needs and wants
will be easily satisfied with your visionary work.

We hate our job because we don’t like it because we listened to those naysayers and got demotivated and got negative thoughts and we let them say, remember if you have a big dream then narrow-minded people will tell you that you are a fool and it can’t be done but you have to hold on and ignore them, if they say NO you have to hear yes thus you will not have to hate what you are doing.

Many people don’t do what they are passionate about because they think they will be laughed at and people will make fun of them and that is because there will is weak, if you stop hearing people, if you start ignoring them, these people will be the same people who are going to come to you and praise you and look up to you when you are successful, so don’t listen to these naysayers and do what you are passionate about, maybe you lose interest in the thing you thought you were passionate about but this will be a turning point as you will be able to move towards your real passion as you will have learned from past but remember following passion is not a fairy tale but a path full of struggles in the start so if you are a " I give up" type person forget it. 

Napoleon said that everything is impossible till it’s done, so you can either go with the flow and hate your job or change your path mid-way and secure a happy successful future which in today's world your society is yelling that your dream is impossible to make a reality. Even if you are doing something you hate, then don’t leave it, because you need money but start a side hustle which will grow as you work hard and smart and it will grow because you are passionate about it because this is your reality and you were meant to do this. 

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