So this is a problem which is faced by every other person because if all of us humans start to achieve whatever we want then this world would be a perfect one but that would be practically impossible. So the first thing you want to understand is that you are not good at everything and you are not made for everything but there are going to be multiple windows of opportunities for you to find your purpose and achieve the goal you are made for and live a life full of happiness.
So there are some common things in people whom have to face a very hard time accomplishing any sort of task or achieving any sort of goal which we are going to understand and then look for a realistic and practical solution.

Here Are 9 Reasons Because Of Which Most People Don’t Achieve Their Goals:
1. They Give Up!
Now when we talk about giving up, there are two types of giving up one is the most common one, in which people just leave their task because they think it’s too big for them or because they get experience demotivation or some people make fun of them and hits them hard and they just stop struggling for their goal. This is one major reason because of which people don’t achieve their goals.
Some people work very hard but then they don’t see the results and end up lacking consistency because they couldn’t see themselves on top of the mountains but then one day they watch a motivational video which motivates them and they start to work hard again but after some time they lose consistency again, it’s like giving up your belief because of which you lose consistency, so for that you have to learn the skill of consistency and work behaviour which will help you get up and complete your days’ work no matter how bad or broken your mood is and these small quits make a person fall behind.
If this is a major problem in your life or you want to study in-depth, I recommend you to read this book: Keep Going!: How not to give up on your dreams when it’s hard.

2. They Don’t Have a Plan.
So some people work a lot and stay consistent but they lack a plan and because of that they are like a horse or a donkey working from dawn tonight but still not much of progress which despite their effort becomes a hurdle between them and their goal, so the best the policy is to have a measured plan before starting to work on your goal, it’s like having an action plan with a structure. Planning is very important in most aspects of life and if you want to achieve a goal, it should be the core part of your practical policy. If this is a major problem in your life or you want to study in-depth, I recommend you to read this book: Designing Your Life: Goal Setting: How to Create an Action Plan and Achieve Your Goals (Work smart)

3. They Lack Knowledge.
So there are many people out there who fail to achieve their goals because they lack knowledge in that area and because of that, they can’t get things straight because no matter what they follow they are on a mistake in some way and that leads them to continuous failure, so you should try to gain knowledge about your aim and its process and add that in your plan and continue to learn and evolve through-out the process to become better and that will increase your chances to obtain success.

 4. They Lack Motivation.
Some people do everything but when it comes to work they lack motivation and because there is no feeling or no the spirit behind the goal, it ends up straight in the gutter and because there is no motivation they never try to get it out and clean it to move forward, so continuous motivation is important which you can get from people and books but there will be times when you will lack motivation no matter what you do and at such times you must have the skill of consistency and you must have that discipline which will help you in completing the job no matter what happens.
For motivation I would recommend you to read this book: Think And Grow Rich.

5. The Stakes Are Too Low.
Sometimes the stakes are too low like you want to achieve a goal but why? What if you fail? What if you can’t do it? So if there is value, there is no risk, there is nothing to fear if there is no driving force behind you to make you work hard for it either it is for your family or friend or anything that you have set-up for the goal, you might need a look more consistency and motivation to complete the task and achieve the goals so make sure the stakes and high and they are high enough to pump you up, so ultimately you can give it your 200%.

6. They Lack Self Belief.
Some people can never achieve their goal they don’t have self-belief and they highly doubt their goal or if they are going to achieve it or not because there is no self-confidence in them, they don’t have confidence in their own abilities or qualities and when they have this issue they end up being stressed and depressed all the time and can never achieve any goal.
So if you have this problem start believing in yourself and if don’t know-how or want to get in-depth knowledge about self-belief to read this book: Unstoppable Self Confidence: How to create the indestructible, natural confidence of the 1% who achieve their goals, create success on-demand and live life on their terms

7. They Fear Failure.
This is one of the most common fears which is the reason for many problems especially if we talk about becoming an entrepreneur and adding an amount of risk in the work, some people start to tremble because they are not familiar with this kind of fear at such high stakes thus, they end up never starting the struggle and never achieve what they wanted to achieve. So we should learn that fear of failure is just a force which makes us work harder and smarter and makes us find and use every possible the solution to gain success. If you want to get rid of this issue or study the best ways read this book: Be Fearless: 5 Principles for a Life of Breakthroughs and Purpose.

8. They Fear People.
So some people never accomplish their goal because they are scared of people in their surroundings. They are scared of what will people say? How will they torture me with words when I will struggle or what will I do when they will laugh at me and mock me? These questions and insecurities turn people into bombs of negativity and they never are able to pursue their dream thus, never achieve their goal. So if you want to do something with your life stop listening to the nay Sayers and let them say whatever they want because they will not let you experience growth as they are going to be failures themselves, so make sure you push your way through and never give up. If you think that you need to understand and eradicate this problem completely but having a hard time yourself I would recommend you to read this book:
Fearless Social Confidence: Strategies to Live Without Insecurity, Speak Without Fear, Beat Social Anxiety, and Stop Caring What Others Think

9. They Lack Focus On Their Goal.
Some people are never able to become an “accomplisher” because they lack the skill to focus and when they can’t focus on their task, they just go round and round the bush and never grab the gold in the centre because they couldn’t see it as they were a way to busy looking at the sky and the beautiful surroundings. So if you want to learn the skill to focus read this article: How To Focus? 9 Practices To Increase Focus. If you are rich and you want to support the author just buy this book for more depth and knowledge on focus: Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life.

What Is The Solution For You?
So if you truly want to succeed whenever you set a goal, you should understand that everything will never go perfect. So you need to set a goal and think about the questions like why are you doing it? How will it benefit you or the people? When you will ask yourself these and similar questions you will understand why you want to do it and after you are done with that make sure to learn about your goal and the required process and then write down a plan and divide the process to each day and when you start to practically do it focus more on the day then on the entire task itself because if you will directly look at the mountain, it might overwhelm you depending upon your will power obviously. You can set a goal and follow all the steps but if you don’t believe in yourself and your abilities or qualities then everything will be for no good because self-belief is a must-have thing, (how to believe in yourself?) Once you believe in yourself, it will be easy for you to ignore the naysayers and hear yes when they say no but never stop fearing failure but use that power of fear to empower your efficiency and give it, your 200% so you don’t have the regret that you could do better but never stop learning and yes you will still fail or might fail but that’s a learning experience for you and you must learn from it and give it another try and if you have done it right you will achieve it.
One of the most important thing which I personally want to share with you is destiny. There are people who say that you can change your destiny and I am one of them but there are certain limitations which not all people can break so I will recommend you to experiment with different goals but make sure you look at the reality of the things and reflect yourself in them and see if you are truly the person who is made for this area or is it something you are doing because you are just following the trends and you are not passionate about it at all but it is just something you started to have interest in because you saw people doing it and being happy.

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