In our life from start to finish, we all have things that we are interested about, things that we like and things that we do not like and from them, people tend to make their interests, their hobbies and among them there is something which they like so much that they are obsessed with it and that obsession is so huge that they feel like they can do that for the rest of their life but when the time of making a choice comes they earn money by choosing a different career and set their passion aside because of many reasons and most of them will be discussed below and at the end there will be an advice for you, that what should you do in your life regarding this subject.
Here Are 10 Reasons Why Most People Don’t Follow Their Passion:
1. They Don’t Know What They Are Passionate About.
So there are too many people whom don’t even know what they are passionate about because they never thought about anything seriously or they never tried anything and that’s why when the time is right and they have to choose they don’t know what is their passion, some people don’t even have a hobby and nothing fascinates them because they never tried knowledge or any sort of exposure to widen their view thus they don’t follow their passion because they never tried to look for it and they go with the flow and become what others are becoming and these people mostly don’t even know what they are good at they always remain average or below average because their hard work was interest less and that’s because they never knew about their passion.

2. They Don’t Know The Difference Between Passion and Hobby.
So there some people who don’t know the difference between their hobbies, general interests and passion because they don’t feel that urge for anything thus, they are never sure about a true passion which confuses them and they never find their path and at such times you should try to learn about those things a little and go for the thing in which you enjoy the process.

3. They Fear Failure.
So a big reason behind not following the passion is the fear of failure. Passion is something which always comes with risk and struggle and when people think about following their passion and practically plan for them, they see that there are many points in the process where they can fail and everything can be for nothing at any point in time but when they compare it to 9 to 5 job which every other person is doing, they feel secure in that path thus fear makes them leave their passion behind. If fear of failure is a major issue in your life then I would recommend you to read this book: Be Fearless: 5 Principles for a Life of Breakthroughs and Purpose

4. They Fear People.
The people who chose not to follow their passions go with the flow of trends without interest often fear losing the praise of people or being laughed at or lacking the support of people around them and sometimes getting bullied by the people, which makes them not follow their passion as they don’t see their surroundings being happy with their passion, thus chose not to follow their passion. If this is an issue which is a major one in your life and your social and professional life is greatly affected by it then I recommend you to read this book so you can understand everything and become better in this area of life: Fearless Social Confidence: Strategies to Live Without Insecurity, Speak Without Fear, Beat Social Anxiety, and Stop Caring What Others Think

5. They Delay.
They always wait for the right time and right circumstances thus they are the people who keep delaying and never follow their passion because there is no such thing as the perfect time. You will hear such people saying “once I become a financially stable I will start my favourite business” There is no doubt that about 90% of such people never do what they actually want to do because they will keep delaying till they make not following their passion a regret and they are the people who will die with regret or regrets.

6. They Don’t Know What To Do.
So there some people who think they are passionate about something but when it comes to following their passion in terms of making money they have no idea what to do. This looks like not being possible but in reality, there is a big amount of people who are stuck with this problem and then they end up not following their passion. So you should just look at the people who are following a passion similar to yours and ask them how to start or read a book about it or you can go to a counsellor.

7. What if I lost Interest?
Some people have this insecurity in which they question themselves saying “What if I lost interest?” So there answer to this is yes you will lose interest and if at those times your good habits and consistent behaviors will lead you forward, so you can pass such times and if you lose your interest you should have the habits and behaviours of successful entrepreneurs to keep going and if you think that you can’t continue then you will surely have found another path which will lead you to success of happiness.

8. Passion Doesn’t Pay Enough.
Some people think that if they follow their passion they will not be able to make a handsome amount of money which is a myth because no matter what you do in your life, you will be paid only according to your worth and the value that you give, yes there can be situational difference but if you are truly passionate about something you can study and find ways to become better and turn your passion into profit.

9. I Am Not Good At It.
Some people don’t follow their passion because they think that they are not good at it and for that reason they end up leaving their passion for the trends of the time which is insane because if you have a passion, you will work hard and smart to become good at it even if you have 0 talent and that has been proved by thousands of people in the history. Only passion is required and if you are sure you can achieve success.

10. I Am Way Too Busy.
Some people don’t follow their passion just because they think that they can’t, as they don’t have time to invest in their passion just like some students have this point of view or a man or women with family say something like this. Which is correct to some extent but if you want to be happy then you have to give it your over time even if you are already at it because some glories are easy and some are tough as they depend on the quality of their fruits.

What Should You Do?
The best advice for you if you are still young is that you start to experiment by setting a big goal but starting with a small initiative so you don’t have to fear failure that much and learn never to give up and learn from your mistakes. If you lack the that is not the h so make sure you learn to manage time and you can read this book for such problem: 5 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management: The Productivity Habits of 7 Billionaires, 13 Olympic Athletes, 29 Straight-A Students, and 239 Entrepreneurs
If you want to know about the power of passion and how to become successful this book might help you: Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance
If you are an adult your life must be really busy and full of responsibilities so taking a direct risk can be a problem so you should run for savings and act smart but at the end of the day you will have to take some amount of risk but if you want to succeed the best policy is to gather as much knowledge and experience as possible and then take that risk.

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