Why Should You Have Purpose In Your Life? Significant Reasons Why? 

So it’s a common question that is often asked by people who are told to look for a purpose in life because there some people who don’t find “purpose” important in life and that can be because of many reasons but most of the times it is because of age and lack of knowledge.

So the first reason to define the importance of purpose in life is importance itself because what is life good for?  what is the importance of your life? What is the significance in your life?
no, nothing because you don’t have a purpose. Do you think waking up in the morning going to school, college or work and coming back to sit on your sofa and drink 6 cans of drinks, eat some pizza and watch Netflix and sleeping is importance? There is no value in such life, there is no excitement in such life, there is no worth in such life and soon the driver of such life will be eaten by the depression or wrong habits that he or she will have created for themselves to fall victim for and that will make then unhealthy and unwise because they have to urge to grasp, no aim to achieve and no shell to break as they are in the people who never experience growth and the slightest taste of it because it is far away from them as they do not seek what’s great.

So no 1, you don’t have a reason to live which will take you to depression and make you no different from animals.

You should have a purpose in your life because you want your life to be valuable, to be worth a lot at least for yourself, you should have a purpose to add value in your life. It is that invested value that pays you back in the form of joy and happiness and if you have invested what is nothing that your life has no worth and soon you will realize it but it is very unfortunate to say but that soon will be a time when you will be so worthless that your realization will cost you even more bad than it will cost you good.  So realize it now before it’s too late.

You should have a purpose in life because it gives you a direction to move towards and if you know where to go, you will be different, you will be a person who will love to walk, work or run because that work is making him or her to get closer and closer to his or her directions prize. Knowing where you are going gives you a sense of identification, a sense of value which gives you courage and empowers you to live and move forward to see the end of your direction, to live that glory that lives right at the end of your path.

You should have a purpose in your life to stay alive, if you don’t have a purpose, you lose significance of your life, you become a person who has no value for life, your life becomes something which is driving you and you are not the commander and when you are not the commander of your own car, it means that you are out of control and a person who has lost control is dangerous for not only himself but for others around him. So save yourself from that torture and find a purpose in your life.

You should have a purpose in your life, to live a healthy, happy life full of joy and satisfaction because a life with no purpose doesn’t know why to work for health? Doesn’t know what is happiness and never experience true joy because a true joy lies in the struggle which makes you wonder, which derives you towards health, sense of happiness and satisfies you, which gives you a sense of peace.

You should find a purpose in your life to live a successful life, because if you have no purpose, you will be anyone, without identity, without any significance because you will have nothing hustle for, nothing to work hard for, nothing to plan for, nothing to struggle for and nothingness derives a person crazy and a lunatic is not a successful person and when you are not successful that means happiness lives beyond you and when happiness lives beyond you, negativity finds a way inside you and when that happens you become nothing but a monster for yourself and a weight for others.

You should find a purpose in life to do something that you can do for the rest of your life, like your job or career because it’s too common in America and Europe and Asia that a huge majority of the people hate what they are doing in their life and have to face depression and hypertension every other day because they do not life what they are doing as they do it as a chore, as a load, as a compulsion because they never had a person and they went with the flow of the world and how everyone else was going and did what all the sheep were doing but the only problem was that they were not part of the sheep company, they were humans and had a different talent with which they were born with or had found after some time but they overlooked it because for them there was no significance of purpose in life and now they hate their job and they hate their life because they are tired of working for so many hours a day and doing something they do not like at all or truthfully speaking they hate it.

So change yourself today while you have the time before it’s too late for you to look for a purpose as you grow older and time slips away from your hand.

How to find a purpose in life?

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