Why Should You Not Listen To Nay-Sayers?
So when we start our journey in life and think about doing something and dream of something or come up with an idea, we always find hurdles in our path and some hurdles are physical whereas some hurdles are psychological, some hurdles are self-created and some are created by the people around us, one of those hurdles that is created by the people who are around us, in our surroundings is related to the influence of their views on our dreams and goals that we have set or thought about and when they hear about them or when they see our direction towards that path that our vision had derived, they often express their views, some of those influencers have great uplifting and motivating views whereas there are a huge number of people who express their views and their views are insulting, demotivating and most likely laughing. They make fun of our ideas, our dreams and our path because they think it’s impossible or tougher than our skin and they just ridicule us and bully us for the sake of their satisfaction and such people being a negative influence in our life for that path we have chosen for ourselves especially if it is a positive one, they are called Nay-Sayers.

They are those people who are going to make fun of you and laugh at you, while telling you that what you seek is impossible for you or ahead of you and if you listen to all that junk that is being said by them, then you are doomed because if you listen to them you are going to lose the sight of your future and wander around in the dark and once you become a person of that type, you will be a confused soul with a weak body and a lost future, In future you will be just like those people who hate their job and hate their boss and hate whatever they do and are always frustrated, their kids don’t like them, their wife or husband is fed up of them and they have become the Nay-Sayers or negative thinkers themselves. So if you don’t want to become that then make sure you give your passion, your goal or your dream a try because it is always worth an experiment but make sure you plan everything and then go for it.

If you listen to those Nay-Sayers and will let the sight of passion go and will throw away the opportunity life has given you and betray the voice of your soul, you will live to regret.
You will think like, the door was right there, the passion was overflowing, the time was with me, the health was amazing and the opportunity was waiting for me and only if I had stepped up and moved forward in my life at that time, I would have been a different person, more likely to be a happier person and believe me when I say this because I am saying this with all my heart and feeling that happiness is an actual success, even if you have less money and you can’t afford foreign trips every now and then, even if you can’t eat your favourite food  every day,  if you are doing something that you are passionate about you will be happy and that happiness will be like a flame igniting from that satisfaction inside your soul.

Remember if you are following your passion and you have closed your ears for Nay-Sayers you will also earn well because it is impossible that you are doing something with all your heart and leaning about it and becoming better and better and you can’t even earn money because your interest and passion makes you the best and the best can get as much money as he or she wants to because if you are the best, if you are worthy then the world will wow for you, the world will run for you and the money will chase you but if you hate what you do and are bad at what you do because there is no focus, no interest at what you do then you will be just the person chasing money and happiness and it will never come close to you, in fact, you will always see it running away and away from you which will infuriate you and frustrate you but at that, you will either regret or cigarette, meaning you will try to relax by indulging yourself in different bad habits which are again bad for you.

So Again Why Should You Not Listen To Nay-Sayers?
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Why Should You Not Listen To Nay-Sayers?

  • For Your Future
  • For Your Life
  • For Your Happiness
  • For Your Goal
  • For Your Dream
  • For Your Success 
  • To Not Hate Your Job
  • To Not Hate Your Life
  • To Stay Positive 
  • To Not Become Nay-Sayer Yourself
  • To Not Become A Demotivater Yourself. 
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