Depression is something which affects many of us and it has effects beyond normal understandings. According to WHO, there are 300 million people of all ages facing depression. Depression is a sneaky thing; people come to know of it when there are already deep in its grasp which isn’t something you want to be in. Depression makes people feel hopeless, sad and demotivated along with many other things. Depression doesn’t only take away your motivation and makes you sad but it also affects your physical health makes decision making hard for you. Those people who are in this state of depression do the things which are again bad for them. So here are 10 things we do when we are depressed.

1. Isolation.
People with depression just feel like they don’t need to socialize and isolate themselves. These individuals feel overwhelmed by people and feel like staying alone in their house or even in their room and this can go on for a day or two and in some swear cases such individuals continue to stay away in isolation for weeks and there is nothing helping them. In some cases, the person with depression feels so much self-hatred that they feel like they don’t deserve to be around people thus isolation is better.

2. Disorganization.
In depression, you feel like your energy is just sucked away from your body by a Dracula or vampire and you are good for nothing and can do nothing which makes you a disorganized person and you just leave everything out of place or sometimes even on the floor and because of that place called your room which I piled with dirt, dust and junk makes you go even deeper in depression as you had gathered the negative energy all around you by letting the things stay here and there making it hard to even walk-in the place.

3. Poor Hygiene.
When an individual is depressed they feel too tired or lazy to get up and clean their body thus they stink and produce the bad smell and that’s because they feel so unimportant and so unattractive that they just give up cleaning themselves. Those without depression may feel like it is being lazy but what do they know? Because when all the energy feels to be zapped just getting out of bed feels impossible, so going to brush your teeth and get a shower look impossible for the person at the time and some even feel pain doing so.

4. Sleeping Struggle.
People in depression just sleep a lot or don’t sleep. When it comes to sleeping depression affects it a lot, there are different people with different sleeping struggles when in depression. Some sleep so long that it feels almost scary for the non-depressed person and some can’t even sleep but even if the person who sleeps a lot wakes up just to feel exhausted and tired which again doesn’t help but that sleep makes the person even worse.

5. Negative Emotions.
The individual in depression thinks nothing but negative as they feel that their life alone faces all bad and everything happening is just going to turn out against them and that’s why they see everything as a negative thing. When some good may come to them, they distance themselves from it thinking that it will somehow change into worse. These people start hating their life and try making logical reasons from events to believe that it’s their life that is miserable and bad and they don’t have a reason to live, they don’t have a purpose in life and they are just some mistake in life.

6. Bad Eating Habits.
Some people in depression eat a lot and some just feel disgusted even if they are offered the world’s most delicious food. Some try to eat out that hole that they feel inside them and some just try to shrink that hole without using hunger but obviously no extreme condition works and that takes more into depression even if it gives peace for the time being as it is not the permanent solution.

7. Lack of Motivation.
People in depression just feel so strained and stressed out that they don’t feel like doing a thing which results in staying in bed. Depression zaps out all the motivation from a person and even a high on energy person just feels hopeless and helpless.  This lack of motivation makes a person busy in dizzy.

8. Ignoring Problems.
The people who are facing depression just go on and ignore all the problems that are around them and stop the thought process which leads to the solutions of problems in-fact they just leave everything to pile up till they are under the rocks of work deep in the pressure which is extremely bad for a normal person.

9. Self-Hatred.
When a person is in the state of depression and does nothing about it, they feel self-pity and self-hatred. They think every odd and evens are against them and they are the ones who made all the mistakes and everything is bad because of them which even leads to so much of the self-hatred that in some cases people scar themselves or even worse.

10. Living in Fear.
Depression is something which makes a person go deep in fear and they just hide from the world and stay away from each and everything which sometimes causes serious issues in life like making a good situation turn into bad and doing something which makes a person look like a fool or makes a person stay away from the fun of life and makes a person hide in the dark or behind a mask.

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