Depression is an emotional state where people feel sad and hopeless. Some try to deal with it alone whereas some get help, so here are 5 effective ways for you to help yourself.

1. Write a Journal.
You might be surprised when I tell you the big impact that it can have but guess what? It’s true. In fact, many studies show that writing a journal gives very promising results. Journaling helps you reflex and get things off your chest, the things that you can’t say to anyone or the things that you don’t want to tell anyone or the things that you want to tell people, maybe close people but you can’t because you fear some backlash. So here is a solution for you just get yourself a nice looking Journal which appeals you to let the inner explosion out and what’s better than: Let That Sh*t Go (Zen as F*ck Journals) get this one and write on them to help yourself in the depressed state.

2. Reconnect With Friend.
Even if you don’t have a reason or any sort of interest in getting up and talking to a friend, it’s okay but you still should give this connection a try because researchers have listed it as one of the most effective things to get rid of depression and calm yourself as social life is very beneficial in such situations as you know that humans are social animals and we need a community of some kind to live.

3. Comfort Food.
Food is an amazing thing; it doesn’t just function as an energy provider but also helps when you feel sad or depressed. Many people just eat a lot when they are depressed to get this bad feeling off and guess what? It always works. Now you have two choices; you can choose to go super healthy which obviously helps to calm and energize your state of mind but the other choice is going to be surprising as chocolates, coffee and tea are also amazing anti-depressants and you can not only get rid of depression but actually enjoy the deliciousness.

4. Laugh Out Loud.  
Yes, it may look weird or even crazy to some but laughing really helps in the state of depression. Some people even call laughter as the best medicine and to be very honest, it isn’t that far from reality either because if you watch a comedy show, a movie or maybe a standup comedy that will provide you with something called humour which is actually very useful for laughing and if you will laugh because of a joke, the endorphins will be released which are anti-stress and helps in the state of depression along with many other health benefits and guess what? Here is a movie recommendation for you: Playing With Fire.

5. Physical Exercise.
Physical exercises are good for many things and for your sake they added depression help in those goods to, so get up and start your daily exercises because when you exercise your body like always release endorphins and just by a chance they are natural to feel good chemicals and they help you boost up your energy and make you feel happy and if you are a regular exerciser then you will be able to feel happy and charged up all the time and naturally after a good workout when you will see that amazing body of yours, you will naturally get happy about it and don’t worry if you don’t have an amazing body yet because 6 to 12 months are more than enough to get a real good body for a normal person.

These are all for your help and you can practice these tips and they actually might help you in making your life better and the best thing about them is that they are self-care tactics which are great for a person like you.

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