Parents often face this problem whenever they decide to send their child to the kindergarten because the little boy or girl had never spent any time without their loving parents which make it hard for them to leave them and they end up, weeping like crazy on their first day at school, some kids even do more than just weeping and some even react with rage and the list goes on, now the question is simple, How do you make your child happy about going to school?

How do you make your child want to go to school? How do you make your child feel interesting about school? How to make your child happy about going to school?

Develop Interest.

The answer is simple, just develop the feeling of interest in your child and that will make your boy or girl want to go to school because when the child wants it him or herself, they will be happier then you are to run towards the school without weeping or getting angry on you or maybe feel betrayed and as always the list goes on because negative feelings don’t have much of an end.

How do you make your child feel interesting about school?
So now you know that you must develop an interest in your child if you want a happy kid going to school but how to actually do that because you might have tried everything in your power or have tried to convince your boy or girl to be happy about going to school but nothing worked, so how do you develop an interest in your child for school?
You have to do nothing but go to school you are going to send your child to and ask them about the activities they are going to be making the kids do in the school time and once you know, just come back home and decide which kid of activity is possible for you to do at home and which one is the best for your kid or even you at your situation but make sure you don’t just go on and start playing with your kids doing all those hand paintings and stuff with your the child because that’s not the right way and if you do that, your child will not want to go to school but want to be with you doing those activities which will again not help you out.
So what do you do?

What is the procedure of interest development, if you want your child to be happy about going to school?
The activity that you select should be performed in front of your kid but not by telling him or her about it but just doing it like it’s a fun thing you do with the family but the kid is not too young to be participating, in the book of Dale Carnegie, “How To Win Friends And Influence People” he mentions that, One day when he came back home, his kid child came to him telling him that's why and how he didn’t want to go to school and was being childish and making him angry with his noise, now he thought that he is tired and needs rest, so there are two ways to go; either he grounds the kid to his room by yelling at him or he finds a way to develop interest for school in his kid, he decided to develop interest in his kid and told the child that it is okay if he doesn’t want to go to school, because he won’t have to. Hearing that from the father, the kid was now happy, after that he went to his wife and his older son and told them about the plan he had thought, After a while the three family members excluding the child, who didn’t want to go to school were found gathering water paint and a huge painting page and the little boy was watching the happenings, Now the the family started to have fun with those colors by putting their hands in the colour and then putting the same hand back to the painting page, now the colors and hand painting was very interesting for the child, so he came running towards everyone as he wanted to participate but just when he asked to participate everyone was shocked and said what? You can’t participate like you have not yet learnt the art of hand painting, so leave it to us and you can just watch. They continued to do their painting and kid started to lose it and kept on asking and then Dale told the child that you can’t do it unless you learn it from the professionals, to which the kid replied “I want to learn” The father said “You could have learnt it but you refused to go to school and that is the only place to learn hand painting, for now, you can just watch. The kid became interested and when the next day Dale Woke up and went out into the living the room he saw his kid ready to go to school waking up before everyone and wearing the best clothes he had and just waiting for his dad to drop him off to the school and upon asking by his father he replied “I don’t want to be late on my first day at school” Which made the father happy.

Now you can do the same and use your kids' interests to develop curiosity and love for school, this is one of the best ways to make your child happy about going to school as painting as itself is one of the best ways to bond with your child. If you want to learn the best ways to handle people and influence them you can read the book by Dale Carnegie: How to Win Friends and Influence People

How To Make Your Child Happy About Going To School?
1. Develop Interest
2. Use an Activity
3. Play an act during activity performance.
4. Exclude the child from performing activity.
5. Tell the child to first learn from school.

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