If you are a person who is looking for success, there are some things which you will have to either leave behind or put inside bars because they are not going to let you move forward if you do nothing about them. Your environment is made up of the people around you and if you have the people around you with 6 of these mindsets, then you better leave them behind or if that isn’t a possibility at least stay in distance from them or they will take everything and send you to the deepest parts of poverty.

1. Hopeless People
Some people are hopeless, they have their spirits broken and they have everything named after negative and when you are with them it will be as you are with a naysayer topped with poor spirit. These people will always tell you that your dream is impossible and you can’t do it and it is not your piece to take as you are too far behind from that dream and you weren’t born rich enough to become that. These kinds of sentences and emotions which indicate the lack of hope can lead you straight to gutter and I am sure you don’t want to go there, so gear yourself up from knowledge and change your mindset and if you don’t know how? Read this bestselling book: Think and Grow Rich and leave the people behind whom are adding up hopelessness in your life.

2. Lack of Self Love
If there is someone in your life who hates themselves then yes they are bad news for you because they are going to transfer that problem to you in no time and then you are going to be sitting ducks in a deserted mind of yours thinking that your life is the worst thing ever made. So if you see someone who doesn’t care about their physical attributes, their outlook or their neatness things which makes a person gentle and decent then they are probably going to make you that way or at least send their type of thoughts down your head and heart to think about them and slowdown in your life.

3. Lack of Wisdom
First thing that you want to know is an equation; wisdom ≠ knowledge. That is a thing that most people don’t know about because they think that the person who is dumb but speaking about a couple of things is a guy of wisdom and most of the times they are just over-exaggerated drama kings or queens who just have to shout out loud about everything. Wisdom is something which gives you an understanding of when and when not to use your knowledge and how to implement it onto yourself in practical life and I promise you that it isn’t the other way around. Now how do you get wisdom? Read a lot of books or my articles and implement in your life little by little that will make your thought process go through a change and give you some amount of wisdom.

4. Poor Character
You will see people with poor character who cheat, lie, break promises, smoke and lose their mind and similar things like that around you today or at some point in time and at that time you have to quickly get out of there and stay out and leave those people behind and change your way because they are bad news and they are never going to let you grow as they are a big problem in the zone of success and a person who seeks success you have nothing to do around them.

5. Poor in Habits
Some people think that looking dirty and disorganized is a cool thing to do and having habits like being crazy all the time and not caring for others or what’s happening around them and letting the problems drop here and there without solving them and similar things like these few are in the people who own a personality of poor habits and those things take you to the depths of darkness and after a while, you go mad, so make sure you are not one of them and not even around one of them and that if you want to be someone in your life. If you want to go here and there and come around the same spot you left every other year and still not learn a thing then you can become either them or stay around them you are welcome. If you want to improve your habits read this amazing book: Atomic Habits.

6. Poor in Attitude
now attitude is something which makes you something good or bad; it is the basic stuff that half of the world ignores. Attitude has types and there are many types of attitudes some are soft some are hard, some are destructive some are constructive and the list goes on. You need to pick up the right set of attitude for yourself in different situations because if you get an attitude, for instance, an attitude of destruction then you are probably going to find yourself in a dark hole where nothing is clear enough to see and that is not because you can’t see but because nothing is around to see because you destroyed everything. Now if you don’t want to become that chose the right set of attitude. Book Recommendation: Developing a Winning Attitude.

so now you know what are the things that you want to adopt are and what are the things that you want to throw up and throw away. Just relax read some books and calm your mind and implement your knowledge onto yourself and become wise.

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