There is a difference between chasing money and wanting to be rich. Stretch your thought process and think big, if you want to become rich first believe that you are worth it and then change your destiny by following the steps mentioned below.

7 Steps To Develop a Millionaires Mindset:
1. Change Thought Process.
2. Have Vision.
3. Learn To Be Rich.
4. Learn To Be Rich.
5. Learn To Be Rich.
6. Be Patient.
7. Learn From Failure.

1. Change Thought Process.
We are never taught how to be rich instead we are always taught how to live happily in poverty which takes our mind into negativity and we start thinking that for us born poor, it is impossible to be rich and then our thoughts are always negative and we accept that our current exterior value is our interiors worth. This makes us poor both from inside and outside, when that happens we are unable to move forward. There was a book written by Napoleon Hills; Think and Grow Rich.
To write this book the author met the people who were born poor but became rich and when he interviewed them, he tried to find the similarities between all of those people and then wrote them in his book; Think and Grow Rich. Now we can’t go to meet each of those people because no one will let us enter but what we can do is to read that book. So we can understand the mindset of people who were like us or even below and how did they changed their life? The first problem between us and our riches is that we don’t think big, we don’t believe in our worth and that because of our negative and harmful thought process and we can’t change that thought process unless we see an example but the examples are out of our reach so what do we do? The answer is simple we read this book of Napoleon Hills and change our thought process.
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2. Have Vision.
After you have changed your thought process you must have a clear vision because if you don’t have an idea about your direction, you are going to move around the bush and return to where you started if you are lucky, if not you are going to be in a far worse place. So vision is the key if you want to become a millionaire. Now how do you grasp onto the vision? You get a vision when you are inspired by people like Arnold Schwarzenegger; he formed a vision by getting inspired by a world-class bodybuilder, so you too can get inspired by reading about the biographies of great people like Bill Gates or Elon Musk and you will find your vision.

3. Learn To Be Rich.
Now you have a positive strong thought process and you believe that you have greater worth and you are worth millions and you even have a vision. Now, what do you do? You have all that in mind but how will you apply all that? Well, half of your work is done but the rest of that is also not the easiest because now you have to learn about the practical side.
So now you must learn the skills that you require to live your vision like you want to become a marketer and open a marketing agency, how do you learn marketing? Do you go to a university and get a degree in marketing? No! you just read a couple of books about marketing like  Marketing Made Simple-by Donald Miller if you want to become a blogger read an amazing book like How to Blog. All you have to do is to read a couple of books about a topic and hit your start button.

4. Believe That You Can Do It.
If you don’t believe in yourself you can do something that is called nothing. So no matter how hard life is, no matter how bad the problems are and no matter how poor you are there is always one thing you can do and that is for free, you can believe in yourself that you can move forward towards success and you will do it just make up your mind that it is for you and you have the worth hidden inside you to change your current condition and convert it into the condition your dream and if you don’t know how to believe in yourself that here is one of my article on this topic ready to help you: How To Believe In Yourself? 7 Tactics To Build Self Belief

5. Gather Information.
Information or knowledge is the key to success as without knowledge you are zero and good for nothing. So no matter how much you know that is always less, so when you are in the process of doing something just keep-on grasping for more and more knowledge and never stop the learning process for example if you have read two books on blogging then that’s not the end there are more just find good books about your topic and read them to become better and closer to achieving your goal.

6. Be Patient.
So patience is the key to success. If you want to learn blogging and you start on a technology niche today and tomorrow you change your mind and start another niche like health and the day after that you decide you want to write about business, just imagine your growth after 2 years. You will be good for nothing and reach nowhere because you will be like a mountain climber who climbs 100 meter of every mountain but never climbs above and then cries on the fact that he is unlucky because he was never able to reach the top of any mountain. So if you continue to change the things you will never succeed on anything, try one thing and become a master and if you think that that’s not working for you and there is 0 percent chance of success only then change the space if you have another thing that you have started to be passionate about but remember there is a difference between passion and interest.

7. Learn From Failure.
If you work on something and you fail, then it is not the end but it is a learning experience so analyze your failure and try to learn from it by improving on the areas that turned you into a failure in that situation and with new ideas and more knowledge try again and you might succeed, so never give up learn from the failures in your life because that is the way of a millionaire or even a potential billionaire.

So now you know the ways and the steps if you want to become a millionaire or even potential billionaire but everything depends upon you if you have a strong will you will be able to face the challenges, gather knowledge and apply it and by moving through from the entire process you will be able to make progress and live your dreams. 

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