Parents spend their most amount of time working and just come home to tell their children what to do, which creates a black hole between them and their children, there should be times every once in a while where you give up being an instructor and be a companion or a friend, just be with your children as you are there to enjoy them and enjoy with them, try to stop being a dictator to make the best product and start trying to connect with your children by using these following ways.

1. Fix a family time.
We often put all our efforts in managing our daily work or home seclude but mostly forget to squeeze everything and give some space to that family time where you just stop by and talk to your family and connect with them by sharing, listening and doing different activities, so make sure you fix a family time which has the quality to be important and worth the excitement for your children.

2. Fix a storytime.
Stories are one of the oldest but greatest ways to connect with other people and make friends and if you just wait and think about kids, kids have a natural curious personality and they love to hear stories and it would be great if you would pick up a storybook for your kids and every day before night time or in the evening after dinner you would read them one full story or a chapter of a longer story to make them happy yet curious for more.
If you want lots of short stories then I would recommend you to get this: 52 classic stories from all around the world
If you have older kids and you want one long story here is a great one: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.

3. Make Something Together.
Try making things together with your children, like make cookies or bake a cake and if you think your kid likes to build stuff, try and buy a chair or a new table and assemble it with your child and if you think your kid is more of an engineer, try using Lego to build things with your children which is one of the best ways to bond with your children because it helps both the parents and the kids work for one goal and it is fun for both parent and the child, so I would recommend you to buy this:
LEGO Architecture 21045 Trafalgar Square Building Kit

4. Go on long walks.
Try to go out with your children at night or in the morning on walks and observe the surroundings with them, talk to them and share your lives fun experiences with your children and ask them if they have something to tell you or any fantasy they would like to share and in those talks try and give them some advice in an intriguing way, so they don’t feel like you are their commander.

5. Fix a one-on-one date.
Sometimes you should stop the everyday chores and step aside from that hectic life and give a whole evening or a whole day if possible and spend with your children by taking them out eating lunch with them and talking to them, doing fun stuff with like in a Disney land or bowling with them and then come home and read stories with them or again indulge in different activities like painting or building Lego buildings with them, just being there with them for the whole day. It will help greatly in bonding with your child.

6. Throw a before sleep party.
Sometimes your kids need that surprise in life, so make sure to throw a before sleep party every once In a while by going in their room or calling them in your room and watching a nice series like Illumination Presents: 3-Movie Collection and eat ice cream or maybe popcorn, whatever you like and this is best for a bond development with your children.

7. Talk about your past self.
Sometimes it is best to talk about your failures and your success in past and lessons that you were able to learn and when you will tell your children about your past like a story, it will be interesting for them and you will be able to teach them a good lesson too as you will not only be telling them a story but a lesson with it and when it will be about you, it will help a lot in the development of a strong bond.

8. Go on road trips.
Every once in some months, it’s just great to wake up in the morning fill up that basket with food and stuff and take your car and go on some remote location with your children and eat the stuff you brought or make it on the spot and have fun by playing board games or some other games and just stop for a while and talk about different things with your children and connect with them, this will help you bond closely with your kids.

9. Listen to their stories.
In our age of twenties or thirties when we have kids, we think that we are the people of knowledge and experience and we are the when who are going to be playing the speakers and our children’s are going to be the audience and that is not very wrong but sometimes it is better to connect with your children by listening to them and hearing them to know about the feelings of your children and what they think of the world and of everything around them and then counsel them according to their stories.

Tell me something you have tried to bond with your child in the comments.

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