6 Tips to Become a Good Listener

If you are able to become a good listener, you will be able to have greater self-esteem and will be able to give a better reply thus, it will help you become a better friend and hold stronger relationships with people as you will be able to understand people more accurately. Your focus will increase and you will be able to remember every part of the talk. This somewhat improves your memory too. Your great attention will make the other person happy and people will have a better opinion of you. This skill is common in the most successful people of the worlds like successful entrepreneurs and Great leaders.

There are 6 tips for you that will help acquire the skill of listening. Each tip will help you in one way or other but their effect depends upon your belief and concentration while reading and your level of understanding. You will have to patiently practice these tips to see results because each tip will take some time before it completely mixes as the component of your personality.

1. Eye Contact
Keeping eye contact is a great way to make the other person feel you and your words and keep their attention and showcase yourself to the other person. It will show that your complete attention is just for the one speaking, which is a great impression. When we put our eyes where our ears are we are able to understand stuff more easily as we give an extra strength of sense to a task which then improves the capacity of understanding.
Now how do you keep eye contact with someone? I know that it is in-fact very difficult for some people but here is a trick for you; just keep your eyes on the forehead of the other person and he would think you are attentively listening to him and it will also create a great impression and will increase the quality of your relationship.

There is a problem in this, some people weird out when you make eye contact depending upon the situations. Now you just have to tilt a bit to the speaker and look into the environment and then listen to them but make sure to re-tilt and look back and forth on their face or in their direction.

2. Listen carefully and then Reply
The human brain can understand and respond faster than a person can speak and this speed of consuming words from another person is twice as fast than that of speaking. So you should stop speaking in between or to divert your attention from the speaker and just listen with all the focus you have because you can then give the best reply possible using all your thinking power.
If you speak in between or start thinking in between the talk, trust me you will be doing nothing but making the other person uncomfortable and you will not be able to understand anything that was said thus, you will have given a half-baked reply.

3. Ignore Distractions
When you are listening to someone there might come times when there is a lot of distractions around you and you can’t
focus on what is being said, which isn’t a good thing if you want to become a good listener. There are times when multiple people are speaking at the same time or someone calls your name or you are in a market place. There are countless scenarios but I am sure you got my point.
 Now the question is; how do you keep on being a good listener? So there is a very simple practice that you can start doing today to ignore those distractions. When you are in a market place or when multiple people are speaking simultaneously, intentionally ignore one sound or one persona, in the start, it might look hard or awkward but once you get hang of it, it will become your habit and you will be able to
focus on that one sound in all those sounds while ignoring every other sound. This will help you stay in the influence of one person at a time and you will be able to understand each word and come up with a great reply.

4. 3 Minute Silence
This is also a practice. You ever wondered what will happen if you stop doing everything and stopped thinking anything. Maybe or maybe not, well if you take your time and go to the quietest place possible and make a promise to yourself or a commitment to yourself that for the next three minutes I will not be thinking or paying
attention to anything. Once you start doing this, you will feel that thought resisting even for three minutes is near impossible but if you will keep doing it, you will see results and you will be able to concentrate and listen to a person with a calm head and your horses will not try to leave the mouth anymore and you will be able to make sure that you remain calm in the situations where you want to shout and cut the other person in between.

5. Concentrate on Sound Details
This is a technique that is used by many people who are very much fond of sound. You try to hear the noise of something like a machine or an animal or nature and try to hear the minutest details of those sounds and try to find the rhythm in those sounds and believe me when I say this, I have tried it and it is amazing. Sometimes when I think I can’t exercise anymore I just pick up a small water bottle and constantly squeeze it a bit, it creates an amazing sound and I forget my tired body and start exercising listening to the soothing sound, trying to get the pattern. This technique should be used only in environments where you don’t get yourself hit by a car because some people truly forget the world that lives around them.

6. Make Small Appreciations
When you are talking to someone and you know that it’s a bit long, then it is best to showcase that you are attentive by giving them small appreciative sentences or expressions or even sounds like when I am talking to someone, I give impressions and small sounds of hmm and ohm. Sometimes I laugh or say OMG on different occasions, this habit will help you strengthen the relationship with the other person as it will hit their brain a lot because they will feel satisfied after talking to you and next time they will want to share and talk to you. This will definitely help you in your friends, family and business meetings.

In this world becoming a good listener is an amazing thing to be, just make sure you don’t overdo it because some people will try to own you if you lean a bit too much. So make sure to keep that proper balance between being a good listener and a good responder. I recommend you to read this book if you want becomes a better listener:
Listen Well, Lead Better: Becoming the Leader People Want to Follow

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