We often hear people saying that concentrate if you want to do it right but none ever told us how to concentrate and that’s why we are always distracted very easily as we have never been taught the rule of concentration. Concentration is like a feature of your body and not just any feature a very flexible feature and you can increase its quality and quantity by following these ways below:

How To Grow Concentration?
1. Program Your Brain.
2. Practice Attention.

1. Program Your Brain
Our brain is just like a computer with just one difference, without programming a computer can’t work but our brain does anything that sees or feels easy doing so but that isn’t always a good thing for our own self. So what you have to do from now on is to start programming your brain but the real question is how do you program your brain?

There are many ways to program your brain for concentration but I will let you in on the one I had used in my past and still do to make “highly motivated” a good a suitable word for me. Imagine you are going on a highway and there are mountains and rivers around you filled with enormous beauty and you are loving them, but you are sitting in with 3 people in the back seat along with lots of stuff, so what will you do after a while? You will get tired and frustrated form that entire situation and take out your phone or sleep and that’s because there were too many distractions. What you need to realize about your life is that where do you sit in the vehicle of your life? Do you sit in the space compromised backseat with a thousand distractions or do you sit in the driver’s seat with most amount of comfort and control? That is a question for you. We in our daily life make other people or things get in control of our life and that leads us right into the gutter without us realizing and by controlling I don’t mean that things or people tell you what to do but it means that you take direct influence from them and your moods and your strives and based on their influence which is a state called influential distraction. You need to wake up every morning and ask yourself a simple question, am I in the driver’s seat? If the answer is no then you need to keep on telling your brain to ignore the things which influence your and for that, you should buy a journal Let That Sh*t Go and practice writing in the thoughts, things and people that are becoming distractions and after that, you need to remind your brain again and again that you need to ignore the influence of these people and you should try hard to ignore the influence and shake it away.

 2. Practice Attention
Concentration seeks the practice of attention if you look into your life you will see that you are good at those things which you have been practising for a long time and you can do them pretty well. Now take this practice equation and look into your life for practice of distraction and you have my word for it that if you have a hard time concentrating you have been practising distraction for a long time, which has resulted in your being a person of distraction there is no particular rule to not practice distraction but there is only one thing to do and that is to do the otherwise which means to practice concentration. Now the real question is how do you practice attention?

The answer is simple you take the things that you have written in your journal and send them away while you sit in the sacred place of studying or anything requiring concentration and then whenever your brain goes divert, you hit it with your toe and tell it to get back and that is going to need some will power but there is nothing you can’t do if you put your mind to it. The real trick to do this is to set the stakes high and break the goal into chunks for instance you want to concentrate on a task for 45 minutes you set a timer and say that for 10 minutes I am not moving my brain or body form this task and you might fail and recover a few time but if you keep on practising 10 minutes of concentration will become a piece of cake for you and then you can keep on increasing the time as you will be increasing the quality of your will power and you will be practising concentration rather than distraction.

Now if you will follow these for the next month or so you will see your concentration grow exponentially because now you will be practising so much concentration that you will become a concentration addict and that isn’t bad because you needed and wanted it which should make you happy and you should be saying thank you in the comments. If you think you need some habits to adopt concentration the buy this book to read it: 10-Minute Focus: 25 Habits for Mastering Your Concentration and Eliminating Distractions

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