So vlogging is something which attracts many people and almost everyone can do it, so there is a huge amount of people trying it but many of them are not seeing any success and there are two reasons behind this failure. One is luck and one is a skill of vlogging. You cannot do anything about luck and things connected to it but you can do something about your skill.

Now the first thing you want to do is to understand the basic rules of story. Vlog is a story of your life and if you want to make it interesting you will have to understand the way story works. You need to showcase your story in an interesting way, which you can only do it if you direct it and try to make a small short movie every day using your daily life by making a story out of your every day and displaying it like an interesting thing to watch.

Here Are 3 Secrets to Make an Interesting Video Log
1. Setting.
2. Process.
3. Resolution.

1. Setting
So you need to start your vlog from a place and showcase your situation and give a wide view of your place and let them know about what you have to do and things that could go wrong. Now we know that there isn’t much that could happen or go wrong but if you want to make an interesting vlog, you will have to make it like a story and by that what I mean is to exaggerate the situation realistically.

2. Process
Now once you have set up a plot, all you have to do is showcase the process and take them through all the happenings around you and try to do everything like the stakes are too high for everything. Showcase everything like a problem and solve it and show them the process of the solution and failure and tries and then finally complete your day after so many risks. Now you don’t have to have an interesting day but you have to take an interesting thing out of your day to showcase to the audience using this manner.

3. Resolution
Now after the process you have to show that this is the new norm and the past is behind but you somehow completed everything and now it is the time to rest or to move forward towards another day but remember showcases a future to end it interestingly.

A Short Vlog For Your Understanding
You wake up in the morning and realized that there is no eggs and no bread and you are getting late from the office or school and you can totally ignore the breakfast but your wife or your little sister or mother can’t go out without breakfast and you are the only one good enough to save breakfast for them. Now you move out of the house facing all the trouble like not being able to find eggs from the nearest store or just being hit by a car and something like that but after all the struggle and that rush situation and that morning time you bought the things and now you are going back home and you have saved the day for everyone and the future holds a happy ending like your mom or wife or little sister smiling because you were able to fetch them food.

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