This is a question which almost asked by every renowned company person who is going to be interviewing you. Most of the time people can’t even answer or if they can understand it in the wrong way. Imagine you applied for a job and anxiously waited for the call and when you were called to attend an interview, you woke up excited early in the morning feeling happy about the future but then when you sit in front of the interviewer, you screw up and can’t even bring out a reply and if you do, it feels like a joke to him. You don’t want to do that or be that person and that’s why you need to understand this question and its situational difference.

When you sit in that hot seat and you know that you are going to be asked questions, you should also make sure that your brain knows that you are here to get a job and they want to give the job but only to the person who can provide them with the value they want, so they care about your life or you only when it is related to their company. They are not interested in you or your life or what you do at home or in your free time, they don’t give a damn about your girlfriend or your hobbies or your pain and suffering, what they care about is only the value that you can provide to their company and how you can provide that value and how passionate are you about providing that value to their company?

If you read that and got nothing read it thrice or even more till you completely understand it because it is the core of this article and if you have understood its meaning then that means you now have an understanding about the want of the company.

Now if they ask you; tell me about yourself you don’t have to tell them what your life is or what are its hobbies. You need to tell them about the parts of your life whom are related to that value which you are going to provide them, for instance, if you apply for a marketing job, you need to tell them how you got interested in marketing and how you got your expertise and a small tale of your experience and achievement and then how you became so passionate about marketing.

When you will tell them this story about your marketing world or any world that you are there for, make sure it is about the job, the skill, the company and your passion for that and that’s about it. You bait the hook by using what the company wants from you and you got the right answer and apparently the job too.

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