The first impression is very important and if the basic first impression that sits in another individuals head is something that repels you then that’s not a good thing as you should have a positive vibe instead of a negative vibe because you want another person to think nice of you rather than the opposite. So here are 4 steps you need to follow if you want to win a good first impression.

4 Steps To Win a Good First Impression

1. Your Name
So when you meet someone, you should say hi, my name is Cielo. Now how do you say that? That is the real thing that you should learn. First, stand straight and look into the eyes of the other person gently like it’s a no big deal and say hi then take a bit of pause and with firm tone say your name. That is the right and effective way to introduce your name to someone else.

2. Hand Shake.
Handshake is a great way to bond with someone and after you are doing saying your name you should take your hand forward and say how are you doing today? Now here is the tricky part some people move there hand too fast and when it is time to shake hand they just don’t grip fully or are too quick in taking away the hand which takes away the spirit and it even feels odd.
So you must be gentle and your hand should move in a firm motion and take the other persons hand completely with grip and shake twice and if you feel like it touch with your other on the shoulder of the person in front of you.

3. Be Gentle and Steady.
So in all process, you must stay gentle and stand steady with a straight posture and open 80% of your eyes and look either straight in the eyes of the other person or look at their head but whatever you do be gentle and steady in every process.

4. Question of Situation.
This is the thing that you need to learn only if you want to talk further because if you don’t like the person or don’t want to move the meet up further, what you have said is enough just move ahead saying that, I hope to see you again and something like that but what if you want to talk more?
Well, if that is the case just ask a question, like what makes your visit here? Or how is the place? Or did you came to meet someone? And things like that. Just ask something casual that is directly or indirectly related to the situation.

So these are these 4 basic steps that will help you introduce yourself better in front of other people if you want to learn more about public speaking just buy this book: Talk Like Ted; 9 public-speaking secrets of the world’s top minds. This is quick go through and there are a lot of huge deal people recommending this book as it is a quick yet amazing tool to learn public speaking and implement in life for a quick upgrade in life.

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