So if you run a website or an online business or even a random blog, you just want to rank number one or in first few on Google because you know very well that the first three to four search results get most of the traffic and most people just click on those but there a many people writing about the same topic how are you going to get yourself enough traffic? So for that, there are some basic tips and tricks that helped me and I am going to share those with you today but one thing is for sure that these are not some magic tricks! There working depends upon your content and its quality.

1. Title:
The title of your article or post is very important, it must be common but unique, it must not be the same or way too similar to others who are way above your league because then your post will not rank in like first ten at least because no matter how good your content is if your the title is not attractive and unique and in your league then you are not going to stand a chance even on the first page so make your title more attractive and the keywords should be unique so they can stand out and Rank.

2. Description:
The description is also very important because the audience read it at the second glance and if that is attractive then it is obvious that the audience will click on it and you will get a visitor to your site or article and that is going to be a good first impression which is very important for your site to rank at number one.

3. Content:
Now if we start talking about the content it is going to be a very long debate but the most important thing if I define it in some words then I will say that content is the King and if your content is third-rated then no one is going to read it and obviously leave your site and if the audience retention is bad at your site then you are going to get nowhere with that site of yours because it is not even going to rank in first 30 posts and you are going to get no traffic. So here are some tips that you can follow for making attractive content.
Make your content to the point but detailed and interesting, because if your content will be straight forward and will constantly talk about what the audience is interested in, the audience will read it completely and will stay for a good amount of time and that’s what will hit your content’s quality and your ranking on the search engine.

4. Length:

The length of your post is very important and you must check your rivals for that and if there post length is like 500 words then write equal or more than that so your audience retention is more than theirs and your post gets ranked above them and maybe even on the first so that is the whole point of the story to get ranked but don’t push the length if you think that the topic doesn’t require this much longer because there is a risk of backlash. If you have an understanding of the topic, you just have to convey the required message and stop. This will help you get that ranking you love.

5. Share:
Google will not just start ranking your website with 0 views in the start so share your every post on social media like Facebook, Instagram and many other platforms which are available on the internet and these will give you a boost of views and Google will know about its quality and will rank it according to the values I mentioned above.

Final Verdict:
So, in the end, I will just tell you to keep writing and don’t stop and follow these rules and learn to find more of and because quality, quantity and attraction is going to give you that break in success in this particular field and many fields like these!
Remember That!

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