English is one of the few important languages out there which aren’t very bad to learn and comes with advantages. So when people tend to learn it as a new language it is hard for them. The trick to learn a language is just as simple as eating a cake in the evening with tea but remember when you were a kid you had to learn the skill of eating a cake and you weren’t able to eat it properly you had no manners and you were struggling and wasting the thing but your parents let you do that and kept teaching you the right way and here you are today you can eat a cake and drink tea without spilling or spoiling everything.

The English language is just like that, you are going to be bad at it, you are going to spoil it and speak it weirdly almost laughable but once you get the hang of it by keeping that steady learning pace you are going to be applauded by yourself and once step ahead of your past self.
So here are 4 tips for you to learn the English language and speak as fluently as I can because god knows how fluent I am, sometimes I slip on my tongue just because of that English coming way too smooth.

4. Tips to Improve English Speaking

These are the steps that I learned from my past as English is my 3rd language and they helped me quite a lot and now I can talk in English and sometimes even walk an English.

1. Read and Read Out Loud

When you want to speak English fluently first you will have to consider reading books or novels in the English language like a book called “How to Win Friends & Influence People” and if you want to read a novel I would definitely recommend you to read “The Project” and when you are reading these books make sure to read out loud because doing so will increase your fluency and smoothen your tongue with the English language.

2. Hear English
So if you want to speak English fluently, you should try and hear English as much as possible, make friends with someone who speaks English and if that is not possible then watch videos in English and try to understand them and if that is way too hard for you then spend some money and buy this season Gemini Man. This is interesting and fun to watch and you will be able to hear a lot of English and have fun on your couch. If that isn’t possible just watch programs on YouTube or anywhere on the internet and that will help you boost your fluency.

3. Learn 5 Words Everyday
So it isn’t easy to speak English fluently if you are short on words so, make sure that you keep on learning new words and when you set a goal, it will be easier and faster for you. So go around slow according to your capacity start from 5 and build your vocabularies military base or you can even start from 5 and then move to 10 words per day but if that is too much don’t stress it just go a bit down and learn 3 words per day but always push yourself forward because if that isn’t something in your personality, you will be in trouble.

4. Speak a Lot

When you learn English and hear it a lot and you are all over the place learning new words reading books ad watching English programs, it will be only worth it if you speak it because without the practice you can’t even walk, so make sure of one thing, that you don’t give a damn about how your accent sounds or how big of a fool you are speaking English in such a weird way because now your parents aren’t around and the world is going to judge you, so don’t care about the people if you want to speak English fluently and speak as much as you can.

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